F u n d y - M e n t a l - L i s t s

The following image was grabbed right off the "Statement of Faith" page of a large organization's (I hesitate to say "church") PDF circular.

Comments in RED are just a few of my observations that point out that this "Statement of Faith" seems to be in contradiction to the "infallible, complete, testaments" - they extol in their 1st statement of said 'faith'.

The purpose of this expose' is not to belittle the ancient texts or the foundation for a genuine relationship with Yahweh; -- But to point out that there are a plentitude of groups who will quite willingly lead anyone off in a direction of hypocrisy. 

Furthermore, we'll not become like them by dictating to you what to "believe".  If you seek truth, then you will seek it & treat every man as a potential enemy of it until proven true.  People who want to know what the Scriptures testify to, should perhaps - actually read them...