On the following, there are over 8000 thumbnail images that must load -many per page. This takes a few 'moments' -even on fast connections. Please be patient and wait for all the images to become available before clicking on any.  Otherwise, you may simply see a blank.

G0YS is a movement about friendship & respect.  We don't see other guys as "meat".  It may be a revelation to some people; -But adult imagery does not need to be dirty, profane or showcase violations.  In other words: Beautiful nudity & affection does not need to be pornographic.  The two concepts are NOT synonymous.  We don't promote images that violate that theme, either.  

Any model that appears in one of our images is simply a model.  The display of his image does not in any way endorse the model's philosophies, -nor disqualify him as deserving continual respect a person;  -Nor does the display of a model suggest anything about that model's sexuality other than explicitly noticed.  We also are aware of the fact that some models in some images also appear in other images elsewhere -that may be explicitly NON-g0y in theme.  Our wish is simply that such men & producers of such material - would come to their good senses.

Also, -keep in mind that these images have been submitted by many people and we have done our best to cull out those that violate g0ys principles. However, -if you stumble across an image that you find contrary to g0y themes or problematic in any other way -- please send us a message with the name of the offending file included.

Please enjoy the following. We hope that it helps, motivates & increases your empathy & altruism for other men, too.

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