How long did you secretly suffer before discovering g0ys?

It's a fair question - a brutally fair question. See, some of our members hurt secretly for decades -without any substantive answers.  Read our mail & you'll see that some guys were suicidal before finding the g0ys site/s.  Outside of the "G0Y paradigm", -many guys are simply at a loss to find peace-giving resolution.  And the G0YS movement was made to open the eyes of men to many other paradigms & the caveats of socially-promoted deceptions as well.  We are quite unlike any other movement to hit the planet within the last 800 years!  And we need your help because most guys who read this appeal will blow it off. Please don't be like that!


Helping out is as simple as Free

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Those who help us out via GreenDot will receive some inside information -- private links not generally known to casual visitors to the g0ys websites.  Most guys appreciate the "Easter-Eggs" that will reveal parts of the g0ys site reserved for those who help & those who are very prudent!  

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