GL!TQETC - is a War Against Masculinity?
We'll lay out the evidence & 0ur argument throughout this site & let you decide...

Like most wars, this one was started by a false religion steeped so deeply in corruption, hypocrisy, & political whoredom that only people completely brainwashed & owned by it would have anything to do with the remnant of it. And this long history of willful ignorance & blind loyalty to evil explains the current global situation & the Matrix of lies that society is so easily ensnared by.

So, while it may seem odd to say that the "GL!TQ...thingus" was indirectly created by the Roman Catholic Church (& her progeny of Protestant whores); - Indeed it was! And should we be surprised - when a movement bent on denying human sexuality becomes the focus of headlines in endless child abuse scandals? And Scripture isn't silent about this!

Of course - such allegations require proof & there is plenty of that (not that this matters to the mass of mindless minions of faithless followers)! And I say "FAITHLESS" because whatever these groups are following - is NOT Scriptural Judaic-Christianity! The Scriptures themselves repeatedly admonish men to behave in the exact opposite manner than most of these fraudulent religions do! I.E: Repeatedly the Brit Ha D'sha (New Testament) establishes that a Church elder, deacon & bishop MUST be MARRIED to (1) Wife.  What about the charlatan called the "Pope"; -Some might ask? Many Catholics will erroneously tell you that the Apostle Peter (a/k/a "Simon") was the 1st "Pope". However - the Scripture records that Jesus healed Peter's Mother-in-Law (meaning that Peter had at least (1) wife)! And one only needs to read Matthew chapter 23 to put a number of nails in the likes of Catholicism's coffin.  But better than any vampire - demonic things that should be dead & buried - keep stinking up the planet with evil steeped in the hypocrisy of self-professed righteousness!

And - part of the evil has been a long trend of mistranslating the Scriptures to control people. And it was this systematic mistranslation of the root texts that CREATED THE PSEUDO-SIN THAT IS CALLED "HOMOSEXUALITY"! 

For an exhaustive analysis of this evil alchemy with the texts, see the "GOD HATES" section of this website. This expose will completely exonerate anyone who happens to be same-gender-attracted & living under the religious terrorism of edicts prefaced by the words, "The Bible says:"! G0YS will prove that it does NOT! And we'll show you what it DOES say & as importantly - WHY (the "WHY" massively matters)!

"One of society's biggest long term catastrophic problems has been when people who lack moral fortitude & critical thinking skills are placed into positions that absolutely require such attributes." - g0ys


Did you know it's possible to be 99% healthy & still dead? Unfortunately, this analogy isn't far from the truth about the GLITQETC movement. While it is true that many people have found a sense of acceptance & community in the movement of ever-growing letters; - There is a disturbing component within the movement that seeks to force an androgynous paradigm upon society in general - that has no factual backing and is deceptive & dangerous. G0YS assert it's also: Deadly (which is why G0YS do not consider ourselves to be "part" of the GLITQETC "thingus")!

The SEVERE problem within the GLITQETC thingus is the lack of healthy discernment. In a "rush" to accept every diverse sexual proclivity, - that alphabet-soup community has incorporated groups that are dangerous, callous & even CRIMINAL - all in the name of "diversity". G0YS want NOTHING to do with the likes of NAMBLA! G0YS want NOTHING to do with men who want to dip the whole world in SH!T & call it "gay-sex". G0YS is the result of having an IQ high enough to see the difference & the ethics to know that it matters (because morality is not an abstract concept but can be plainly discerned from the outcomes of actions)!

Furthermore, over the last few decades, a subculture of leftists frauds have gained traction into university systems & firehosed the student body with endless mantras of irrational foolishness & laughable pseudo-research that has spread like gangrene. This garbage has been labeled with lofty sounding titles such as "Gender Studies" & "Critical Race Theory". And it has morphed into such unfiltered absurdity that those pushing this curriculum-of-fools cannot even tell when parody & mockery are introduced with a straight face! Click here for a side-splitting example! Perhaps courses such as "Fundamental Logic" & "Critical Thinking Theory" should be universally required academic prerequisites!

Anyone who has spent any time reading what g0ys write soon realize that g0ys have no issue with the gender-composition of a couple (a fact that completely chaps the proverbial asses of people who want to accuse g0ys of being "homophobic")! What we accept is simply what civilized cultures have accepted for MILLENNIA: Men can and often do love other men. This is called "FRIENDSHIP" and when you are a man who appreciates the aesthetics of masculinity (as defined by those characteristics brought about by the effects of high testosterone) - then "Bromances" complete with shared sexuality - are the RULE (not the exception). THIS is the MAJORITY MALE EXPERIENCE well documented by Kinsey as far back as 1948 in scientific research and as far back as 1000 BC in Greek art (for example)!

What G0YS reject are actions that spring from the flawed notion that "liking your own gender means that you want to be the other". G0YS know that this lie and all of the bizarre x-gender activities that come from it are NOT what it is to be a man who loves masculinity - but the exact opposite! Men who want to "transition", insert dildo's up their "manginas" or want to role-model their sisters, aunts or great grandmothers - are in NO POSITION to provide commentary on MASCULINITY. They lose by forfeit! And AnalSex is not only a declaration of war on masculinity, but biological warfare against humanity in general!

The "Disgust Factor":  Male/male intimacy has been marred in the media for decades by showcasing gender-NONconforming "men" as if they were representatives, spokesmen & "typical" of what it is to be a guy who loves guys. And that gigantic lie is told so often that normal, gender-conforming, masculine men (who happen to love men/too) cannot attach a term that describes the disgust & offense we feel when the fem-freaks with dildo's stuffed up their powdered "manginas" are paraded across the predominant media & held out to represent anything whatsoever about who same-gender-attracted men are (or Who I am). And these grotesqueries of humanity generate that same feeling of disgust in most people. For decades, these chicks-with-d!cks have been demanding that society not feel that disgust as they showcase their bizarre behaviors that try to replace testosterone with estrogen. However, disgust is the proper set of feelings toward these analsex pushing, amoral, disease & death-spreading man-fails. I feel that way about them and I'm a 6 on Kinsey's scale! They comprise the entirety of the ass-clown stereotypes that normal men (who happen to love men/too) have needed to shun for our entire adult lives. Men who behave in such shameful ways are why g0ys want nothing to do with the GLITQETC association with semiviri!

In Singapore, it is an offensive punishable with a fine to engage in intimate physical expression (such as deep kissing "snogging") IN PUBLIC. The gender-composition of the couple is irrelevant.  I would suggest that the people of Singapore have the correct attitude. They have a keen understanding that such behavior should not be in the public's face. In the west, such shameless displays have been accepted for so long that the collective public conscious has been hardened to the private nature of such acts. It's actually quite easy to trigger the same disgust reaction in so-called "straight" people using "straight people". Imagine a mixed-gender couple in their late 80's making out "snogging" non-stop in public. Feeling "it" yet? Not a very aesthetically pleasing mental-image? The proper time & place is NEVER on the public way - regardless of WHO the couple consists of. Those in the East (where IQ's generally ride 10+ points higher on average than the West) have figured this out long ago. Michangelo's "David" is stunning art because "David" is a sculpture of a man in peak masculine aesthetic beauty. "David" would not be nearly as renown if the sculpture was of a squat, middle-age man in any state of undress! Aesthetics matter! And the "gay" community has not figured this out yet or is desperately trying to redefine what is beautiful by telling people to disbelieve their own eyes & gut feelings. They are psychotic.

However, when the general public (at large) sees demonstrations of casual affection between men - especially masculine, handsome men - they are generally not offended ESPECIALLY IF they are reassured: "These men would NEVER engage in AnalSex". Why? Because AnalSex is a TORT. It has ALWAYS BEEN A TORT. It will ALWAYS BE A TORT (Because it ALWAYS causes injury). And men of sound character NEVER engage in that perilous behavior. This is why I can showcase the image to the right and people will generally NOT find it offensive when I say that these BEST FRIENDS would never engage in AnalSex! And that is the very heart of the g0ys movement! "If I (as a man) love your son/brother/father/nephew; - I will NEVER subject him to peril, injury or disgrace and I will give my own life to protect his". We are the G0YS. See the difference between "us" vs. the group showcased in the image above?       

G0YS is an ancient philosophy that strongly resonates among men who revel in the virtues of the masculine - such as military, 1st responders, athletes & such! And our positive feedback has been extensive - the best can be read here (& the sentiment is always the same): "after seeing how many different men are adhering to this philosophy and seeing that all you really have to do is liking the fact that you are a guy, being an appreciator of true manhood, wanting to create true, deep and meaningful friendships with other guys and most of all, not doing anal, I thought to myself: Well, maybe this is the right thing for me since I was never really a fan of the stereotypes associated with the Alphabet Soup Community, I have always praised true manhood with values such as strength, compassion, honesty, respect and many other values I have always associated with true manhood and most of all, I have always hated anal, just the smallest thought of it makes me sick and it really sickens me and disgusts me how the Alphabet Soup Community is constantly failing to realize how bad that thing is and that's just the tip of the iceberg, that whole community is completely messed up top to bottom."!

"If you add a drop of fine wine to a barrel of sewage; -You get sewage. If you add a drop of sewage to a barrel of fine-wine; - You get sewage."

You see, g0ys are men who seek other men of such positive character (physique being a component) that they're willing to share their lives with such (& give it up if necessary). And g0ys wish to be such men as well - to the best of 0ur ability. And evil people hate us & fear us (Isn't that right Jezebel)!