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The extreme irony that exists within the so-called "GAY CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY" is that they tolerate violence & call it "acceptance" -& they expect everyone else to tolerate too. If you don't tolerate their callous, undiscerning "GAY" version of violence --you get labeled as "UnLoving".

You see, AnalSex is ALWAYS a VIOLENT ACT. ALWAYS. And did I mention that it's VIOLENT 100% of the time?  The FACT (say "FACT") is that the human rectum (whether male or female) is NOT designed to be used as a dick - dock.  AnalSex always injures the recipient in some fashion as well as creating a conduit for disease that is some +5000% more contagious than even 0ralSex (according to the CDC & World Health 0rganization).  It's +5000% MORE CONTAGIOUS on top (pun) of ALWAYS being INJURIOUS to the physical structures in the recipient!  At this juncture I'll need to point out that AssFuckers will belittle and try to dismiss this major point.  They will DENY that they are causing physical injury to each other via this act. That denial is part of a pathological lying nature of self deception. It is medically undisputable that AssFucking is physically perilous. And yet - AssFuckers will try to dispute it. That's how depraved these sociopaths are. They'll jump up and down red-faced while screaming that the truth is a lie!  

G0YS know these things by instinct. We KNOW that it's disgusting & wrong for a guy to AssFuck another person because of the perils connected to the act. And we also know that those who promote the AssFuck are criminally minded because they are promoting a "tort". Those who promote TOLERATING IT are CRIMINALLY MINDED (the legal term is "COMPLICIT").

GAYS argue that it's all just "sex". But, the FACTS (say "FACTS") prove (say "PROVE") otherwise. AnalSex is ALWAYS an act of violence as EVIDENCED (say "EVIDENCED") by decades of well documented FACTS about physical injuries caused DIRECTLY by that act.  Explosive disease spreading is only part of the issue. Physical injury is the other and a FACT (say "FACT") that AssFuckers want to ignore, demean, disregard & dismiss.  But FACTS don't go away, and if even a billion people call the MOON a star, --it does not make it so.  Likewise, --trying to position the AssFuck on par with other acts of intimacy does not make it so.

And this analysis, by extension, condemns so-called "churches" that do not draw a distinction between actions that cause harm vs. those that are inherently benign. Churches like the MCC that defend all things GLIBTQETC... without using discernment that would protect their members from the perils of injury & sexually transmitted diseases. The Scripture is crystal CLEAR that those who eat/drink at the communion table of the lord without making these critical discernments eat & drink DAMNATION upon themselves! By failing to carefully investigate the Scriptures - they actually push the lies found in sloppy translations of the Bible! G0YS describe these corrupted Bible translations in-depth HERE.

And this MINDSET (say "MINDSET" ... and say it again) is a primary distinction between g0ys vs. gAys.  G0YS know that LOVE WORKS NO ILL.  The gAy male community -by "tolerating everything" -by admission disregards that simple TRUTH (say "TRUTH"), and by default -embraces a LIE that pretends that doing what is EVIL (say "EVIL") can somehow result in good. Gay sentiment sounds like this:  "I fukk'd his arse out over a long period of time - forcing incontinence & the need for rectal-surgery - because I love him..."!  And that insanity is tolerated as "par" within the so-called "enlightened minds" of the GLIB community. I say they're fools, criminals & sociopaths. And "churches" that tolerate such civic malevolence are apostate!

I'm being Harsh? Why not be harsh on Fools, Criminals & Sociopaths? They push a DEATHstyle under the guise of "tolerance".  What they tolerate are the life destroying acts of Criminals & Fools. I choose not to. I choose to love with a philosophy that says that "LOVE WORKS NO ILL."; -& I'll put my philosophy up against the Ass-ripp'n gay-mantra any day.  This issue is NOT about sexual orientation! This issue is about actions that routinely maim & kill other men!

You see, -I know what it's like to comfort a man who has been incapacitated & AssFuck'd.  I know what it's like to comfort a buddy as he tells about his experience of being turned into a pseudo-bitch & expresses the emotional pain about being so completely disrespected & injured.  It happens all the time because society "tolerates" the AssFuck.  And why is it that the same guy all busted up about being AssFuck'd can be relaxed in the extended hug & cuddle of another guy -share tears with that same guy & sleep with that same tendering guy? Oh yeah: It's because his buddy's N0T an Arse-Fukker & seeks to do N0 violence against him.  He won't wake up with a bleeding rectum or an STD! The ability to be NAKED & WITHOUT SHAME is the most fundamental expression of balanced intimacy wrapped in love and is the ground-state of friendship that most men know by instinct.

But, who is it again who LOUDLY promote the injurious & disease-spreading act of the Arse-Fuck on a regular & chronic basis? Oh yeah: "GAYS".  Gays call their media that glorifies AnalSex with "unwilling" guys to be just a "sexual fantasy" ,--but what it really is -are the maiming & murderous rape fantasies of the criminally minded & sociopathic. Say "Sociopath".  Promote the AnalSex thing & you'll become one of them:  Consciences seared ... morally bankrupt. Bad company really does corrupt good character. G0YS don't fit in whatsoever with such an abusive mindset!  

Throughout my life, I've been with a number of awesome guys: ALWAYS STRAIGHT - IDENTIFIED.  Always with RESPECT, FRIENDSHIP, AFFECTION & EMPATHY, --Lots of "straight" guys discover that they can bond so solidly with another guy that they'll share nakedness, extended physical-contact, frottage & even fellatio -all encapsulated in a level of shared intimacy that society wants to label as "GAY".  But, "GAY" is a term that now promotes routine violence by "tolerating everything" and making the AssFuck = "Defining Gay Sex Act".   G0YS don't want to march in "gay-pride" parades; --We don't want to be associated with Ass-Fuckers!

Guys with a moral-center & respect for masculinity want nothing to do with "GAY".  However, --many (+50%) of those same guys -have a part of their psyche that is open to being genuinely loved & respected by another guy who puts friendship first & know instinctively that "Love works no ill". It's NOT a MINORITY NEED as the gay-mantra asserts.  It's the MAJORITY MALE experience.  G0YS simply recognize that fact & reject the predominant gay claims about M2M intimacy.  GAY has become a term not unlike cancer.  It wants to crowd into healthy cells of humanity & marginalize them while spreading a deadly message throughout society.  And cancer is so dangerous because there is something about it that convinces the body to "tolerate it".  And g0ys simply point out that the curse of "GAY" is not the affection for one's own gender, --but the mindset of disrespect & disregard for what is so self-evident about perilous acts like AnalSex! And "gays" can't seem to understand this simple Fuck'n message - which is why they endlessly try to distort what g0ys believe.  

But what is the mechanism that makes "GAY-CANCER" so prolific? It's a combination of something very good and common to lots of people: Same-Gender-Attraction; -Mixed with something very bad: The notion that "AnalSex" is "ok" & a message that promotes "tolerating" it (& everything else); -hence divorcing the term "gay" from the notion of healthy moral restraint.  

The dynamic this sets up is that LOTS of people (+63%) living under the shame promoted by corrupt right-wing philosophies (driven by bad religion -that purports that Same Gender Affections are a "sin") -they will at some time in their life come to the conclusion that bad-religion is the actual "sin" & that their natural affections for their own gender are not inherently evil.  However, there to greet these people once they come to that epiphany, -is the "tolerate everything" mantra of the "gay" community that will proceed to deceive many of those people into "tolerating" the most dangerous perverse-sexual-fetish ever to hit the planet: AnalSex.  

You see, "EVIL" plays all sides except the truth.  The "conservative right" & "liberal left" are merely poles on the same diabolical magnet that would capture all within it's lethal field of deceptions.  Even Yeshua (Jesus) himself identified the religious "experts" of his day as being offspring of the Devil (who do you think it was who set him up to be crucified)!  So on one side, -you had Satan's proverbial offspring representing themselves as the very ambassadors of God (HELLO...). On the other side, --you had the pagan nations who knew nothing of God & were continually destroying themselves with cult practices that spread plagues across whole continents.  
And between the two evil-extremes, Christianity began - that preached a message of repentance from acts that lead to death; -& instead - to love one another (love works no ill). 
Today, the dynamic is the same -- just the player's names have changed somewhat.  The "Religious reicht" consists of those hypocirtical & lying Imps who claim expert legal-knowledge on what the Scriptures allow & forbid.  Such are embodied in countless personalities like Dr. Laura Slushslinger, CBN/TBN, Anthony Falzflatass'o, Focus-on-Your-Family, NARTH'n, etc. (say "ETC").  On the other side you have the Porn-Pushers, Planned-Barrenhood & Act-Up, etc.  And in between this deadly evil lying morass, --the g0ys movement was formed that takes the message of 1st Century Christianity & simply applies it to human intimacy without regard to gender (See Gal 3:28): "Reject acts that lead to death; -& love one another (work no ill).".  The more things change ...

Are G0YS exaggerating the "gAy" perspective.  Are "gAy" men that into Anal? Let's ask G00GLE.  Upon typing "gay sex explained" into the search engine -the very top listing out of over 75-fuck'n-million subject matches is shown above.  And keep in mind that such a position in the listing is directly related to the number of clicks the link gets relative to other links that are clicked more or less.  

Since G0YS reject anything to do with the "Top/Bottom" AnalSex paradigm, G0YS reject the very subject matter that "gAys" esteem the highest! GAYS are MEN WHO FUKK ARSE.  G00GLE exposes that the GAYS themselves say so. G0YS REJECT THE "GAY" PARADIGM. CLEAR?

Why don't g0ys even try to "fit in" at all? Well, it's about empathy.  G0YS highly esteem empathy. Empathy is about seeing from the perspective of another person and trying to model one's behaviors so that the other person would be built-up in whatever dimension/s that the interaction/s involve.  Sexually speaking, --empathy is the mindset that desires the other guy's experience to be a good one, too.  Empathy does not derive pleasure in putting others in pain, peril or in need of pall-bearing.

Empathy is inherently incompatible with AnalSex (The risk, pain, smell, humiliation & self-deprecation).  You see, G0YS feel that AnalSex is the staple of PrisonSex stories. G0YS believe that it is the very epitome of a mindset bent on abusing another person. It is ALWAYS a violent act because it ALWAYS inflicts injury on the recipient. Say "Always".

Butt, how do the "gAys" explain why some men who love men do not engage in AnalSex (about 20% of men who openly-identify as "GAY" don't do the ButtNasty - and generally identify with g0ys when they hear that such a group now exists).  By clicking on that very G00GLE-link shown (upper right) ... there was another that went to a page that explained the reason -with this hypothesis:
According to Raymon J, "
Anal penetration is one of our closest physical connections. Many prefer there be feelings associated with that level of closeness. So, some men abstain from anal unless they have an emotional connection with their partner."!

Huh? G0YS say it's just the opposite! AnalSex is the result of a LACK of emotional connection (lack of empathy); --  Because it's ALWAYS an act of ASSault.  

Judge for yourself: What form does "GAY PORN" most often take? ANAL -nearly 100% of it.  Is this because "GAY PORN" is so emotionally compelling?  Women - who also have arses, -occasionally find themselves being asked to do the buttnasty.  Do most women feel that AnalSex is their "closest physical connection"? Perhaps some do (which explains where most lawyers come from); --But I strongly suspect the majority don't. Can you see the couple on their honeymoon now? What does the bride say when the groom explains: "I love you so much, -that I'm going to fukk you up the arse!"?  Raymon J. thinks it happens 25% of the time (as opposed to the 75% he thinks do it outside of the marriage-commitment). He probably thinks that it's the woman's idea, too. Besides being Fukk'd in the arse, --Raymon J. seems Fukk'd in the head!  And every guy with a healthy sense of self-esteem knows it.   I think Raymon is a self-justifying, delusional arse-pounder; -Butt hey: you say.  See, sex is about genitals, not arses.  Men who think the arse is a genital organ only demonstrate that they keep their head up one.

Understanding masculine EMPATHY is where the Ramons of the world are emotionally bankrupt (which is why they emulate shemales by pushing penetration up their 'manginas').  Being a guy who truly loves guys, I see arse-pounders as a group of pseudo-men that other men (especially young, questioning, impressionable & naive men) need to be shielded from both physically & socially.  The reason we care is because G0YS have genuine emotional empathy & concern for those men who may be deceived & victimized by the gigantic lies told by the AssClowns who spread over 95% of all the diseases in the M2M community.  Yeah - that's another little factoid that Raymon left out: His AnalSex'd RumpRanger buddies spread over 95% of the STD's within the so-called "gay" community via AnalSex.  And they want our kids to follow their deadly lead by trying to soften the statistics.  Butt, the fact that "GAYS" are so preoccupied with AnalSex is why a man who claims the title of "GAY" is at least +4000% more likely to have a serious STD than the population at large!  Yeah: OVER FOUR THOUSAND FUKK'N PERCENT! Say: "GAY PLAGUE". 

According to the FDA, men who have had sex with other men represent under 10 percent of the U.S. population, yet accounted for at least 60 percent of all new HIV infections in the U.S. in 2010. Hello!

My sources for these statistics are the CDC, WHO & Red Cross. This is why the ban on "GAY" blood donations is still in place. As one official noted: "That anyone dares suggest lifting this policy and intentionally exposing Americans to a dramatically increased risk of potentially fatal diseases is evidence of a politically correct insanity that borders on criminal negligence," said Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan. Glenn cited statistics that affirm that sexually active male homosexuals have HIV infection rates far higher than the general population. According to the Centers for Disease control, the rate of new HIV diagnosis among gay males is more than 44 times (+4400%) that of other men! "We strongly support the (committee) vote to maintain the ban and marvel only that there were any votes at all to lift it and knowingly expose Americans to greater risk of infection," Glenn said.  

There's a certain relaxed atmosphere of friendship that exists in telling a buddy that he has a nice backside & having it clearly understood that you are offering a genuine compliment & not veiling some perversion that wants to climb inside his arse!  G0YS understand the hard-line of the male-mindset on proper behavior. GAYS don't.  

And that same mindset can offer a sense of self-esteem when talking in favorable terms to a guy about his other physical features.  So-called "straight" guys are not afraid of intimacy with another guy as long as they know that the other guy doesn't want to arse-fukk them.  G0YS know this by instinct. GAYS don't.

Several years ago, I made friends with a amateur male model from another country.  Early on in our conversation, he mentioned how often he was harassed by guys who wanted to fukk him, & it really pissed him off.  I agreed wholeheartedly with him and although I'm a Kinsey-6, -nothing about my mannerisms suggest that I'm attracted to guys, -so the tone was immediately set that I wasn't interested in what the "GAYS" were. And it's true. I put friendship 1st and I prefer to build them with beautiful men as an empathetic peer with their interests at heart.  The guy stayed at my residence for a couple of weeks and I took photos & built a portfolio for him. I shot many pictures -but made it clear that frontal nudes were not necessary because they're so difficult to do tastefully; -Although backside nudes, swimwear & dress clothes were part of the mix. I gave the guy a number of full-body massages after workouts in which I'd comment of muscle development, symmetry observations & the astonishing calf, & foot development the guy had.  Some guys have stunning bone & musculature on their legs & this guy's lower legs & feet were perfect in symmetry & thick-structure.  By the time his stay was over --we were good friends & the same guy who didn't like "fag-aggression" was sleeping with me in the raw & beginning to spring wood every time I'd massage him. So did I take this opportunity to liberate his A-rated semen? No. You see, -he had originally contacted me because of an ad I'd  placed for business and I explained that I hadn't placed the ad in hopes of scoring with a hott guy, -so to do that would color the tone of my true intentions -which had been advertised as business related.  I told him that I'd gotten waaaay attached to him & hoped that he'd visit my country again; --but that I wasn't going to let any doubt enter the friendship as to my original intentions.  6 months later, he booked a return trip & that's another chapter.  However, -by keeping the friendship on the professional side during his 1st trip --there left no doubt as to my sincerity when I complimented his physique (including a stunning, uncut penis that naturally hung thick & long keeping his foreskin perfectly snug to it).  Man - what a package the guys was!  A year later, -a modeling agency picked him up & sent him to Asia & that began a great career for him. Think he appreciated the career help? Think he learned something about the nature of friendship? 

Because the mindset of G0YS differs, so is the nature of our relationships. I wasn't his "gay lover"; --I was his friend who loved him. Semantics? He'd tell you it goes way beyond mere semantics. See, the modeling industry has no shortage of "GAYS" in every dimension of it.  Finding a guy who loves his male friends as men without the need to rubber-stamp the excesses or drama of flamers under the amoral banner of unconditional tolerance -is a rarity.  How rare? A guy who loves guys & shuns AnalSex is among less than 25% of the gay population. And when the same guy actually stands against the practice or tolerance of it -he has just alienated himself from term "GAY"  completely.  G0YS see it this way: To merely stand together because of some sexual proclivity without demanding moral-restraint against perilous acts; -That's like a pack of dogs that all stick together -despite the fact that some are fukk'n-killing the others. Why "tolerate" that!

One of my earliest experiences was with a guy named Johann -who had come to our School from an eastern country.  He was quiet, athletic, friendly & appalled at (2) things:

1) How the "Gay" community tainted the perception of close male friendships.
2) How forming the types of friendships that were commonplace in his home country were eyed suspiciously because of "GAY" stereotypes & the innuendos around them.

Let me explain this seeming contradiction: His home country has a high percentage of Muslim people. AnalSex is a capitol crime (prison or death) & interfemoral sex (between the thighs) is criminal in many places. Why? Because the law prohibits men from using men in the place of a woman and both anal & interfemoral contact are considered violating that principle (the former as a direct assault & the latter as having a mindset that would like to do so -but stops just short).  Homo-repressive? No. And here's why:

Because men know that the law is so harsh regarding those (2) ACTS, --men generally feel confident that another man is not scoping them to proxy them as a woman.  As a result, nobody considers closer male/male contact as a threat. The boundary line between moral & immoral is clearly drawn by defining specific ACTS as the crime.  Close contact, skin against skin & emotional bonding are not seen as immoral --just very private.  And lots of maturing guys can bond, explore & love each other as the very best of friends without the stigmas of "GAY SEX" being implied for merely being extremely closely bonded.

Johann explained that in many non-Muslim locations --the concept of intimate male friendships had been contaminated by the implication that AnalSex was somehow acceptable and part of those same relationships.  To him, that notion was appalling (as it is to ALL g0ys).  He said that many of the guys back home had their "best friends" and shared a level of acceptance & physical love for each other that he could not imagine living without.  But, "GAYS" spread a message - that "tolerated" acts that should not be tolerated, & thus threatened it all. He went on to say that what was beginning to happen was that a form of Islam was arising that was critical of all close male friendships -as a knee-jerk reaction to what "GAY SEX (Anal)" implied.  Hello!

Johann was clear that someday he wanted to get married & have kids. He was also open about the fact that he thought some men were beautiful & desirable for friendship & physical release as well.  But he would never use a man in place of a woman by even considering penetration -as that would be very disrespectful.  

He was apprehensive at first & then relieved when I invited him to stay over that 1st weekend and then put my arm around him while watching TV in my room.  After a few minutes of not moving a muscle, -he rolled toward my side -wrapping his left arm around me as he relaxed into the nape of my neck sliding his left leg over my right.  I applied a gentle squeeze to his upper body as I planted a light kiss on the top of his head.  He sighed in appreciation as I began to use my knuckles to softly tenderize his back.  I worked on him for about 5 minutes or so & then told him I was going to turn the light out & get "ready for bed" (in other words "undress") - & he could sleep with me if he wanted & I'd keep "hammering" on him (thumping him gently with the hand I was rubbing him with as I made the offer). 

After I turned the main light out, he undressed -completely. Not to make him feel awkward, I followed suit (birthday-suit that is).  I slid under the covers and Johann crawled right up beside me -pushing his knee between mine & forcing me over onto my back. Then he crawled on top of me -pec2pec, rod2rod with his knees resting on the mattress between my slightly spread legs.  All that little dark, muscular, handsome dude wanted to do was cuddle & cumm balls2balls -all night long.  For such a quiet dude, -he was unusually high-energy -even for a teenage guy.  Over the course of an 8 hour night, he shot 12 times! The little machine didn't even roll off me between sets.  For the 1st half of the night, -he was losing his nutt about once every 30 to 45 minutes -which grew to longer refractory periods toward the end.  He told me that the way I kept my body-hair stubbly on my chest & lower abs - abraded his nipples & dickhead making them crazy with "sex hunger" -which is why he was grinding his bod continuously on top of me all night.  Having that virile muscled guy bodd of his passionately writhing around -& then every half-hour or so - finally stiffen all over -& pant deeply frantic sounding lungfulls of air as he jizzed; --That made my nipples & dick-head just a little bit 'luv-hungry' for him, too.

By morning -- I wasn't sure how, -but I was gonna see if I could adopt him or something (his parents would understand -right?)!  To say that we became "tight" as friends would be an understatement.  The following 3 day weekend, he stayed over again & due to a week of brutal athletic drills --he was massively sore.

So over the weekend he received a lot of massages -all with happy endings (sometimes all night long - repeatedly). To Johann, -this is simply how best friends bonded.  The notion that it was a "strange thing" called "gay" was simply preposterous.  It was generally the viewpoint held by all where he came from.  The way M2M relationships were portrayed in the west was astigmatic in his eyes.  And having been enlightened by him, -I agree.  "GAY" culture took what was a natural & widespread inclination, -and skewed it into a dirty, undiscerning freak-show promoted by gigantic lies.

Once a guy realizes that having lots of empathy for other guys is the norm, -then the social spectacle of "gaydom" loses it's credibility completely & becomes exposed for the giant folly of fools that it is.  Johann was among the 1st, -but certainly not the last of my best-male friendships.  And the simple viewpoint he opened my eyes to was the same that I used to relax every one of my best-buds into my extended hug.  "GAY" is a circus-tent of side-show distractions. "G0Y" is where natural affection finds genuine respect & acceptance.