You've been lied to!

FACT:  ~63 out of every 100 guys like guys. However, ~53 out of those 63 also like women to some degree; -Some lots & some not so much...

Most guys have been led to believe that it's a minority of people who like their own gender. And that's a giant, fuck'n lie! +63% is N0 minority!

And if you're from a Christian/Jewish home - you've probably been told that Moses wrote that there's something wrong with loving your own gender. And THAT is a bigger fuck'n lie - so giant because it has corrupted the translations of the Scriptures themselves!  This site will show you how to easily the truth is found out!

This all means about 85% of the guys who like guys can (& often do) play the "straight card"! And about half of those guys - the ones playing it "straight", would rather be with a guy...even if they have a girl hanging off their arm (/or kids at their feet)! 

Which means that there is an +85% chance that virtually nobody knows that you like guys/too - even if you have a girl hanging off your arm, etc. Hmmm...

Yes, - I'm saying that MOST (say "most") guys are not "totally straight" and most guys lie their asses off about that fact because: Most guys do not relate whatsoever with the social movement that calls itself "GAY" & do not want to be associated with the "media-spectre of gay culture".

The fact is that many men get uncomfortable around men whom they discover are "gay" - because they suspect that such a man may want to anally violate them (because that is the message from the gay-male community).

Despite decades of pressure to be "politically correct", -most men find the gender-bending analsex-centric social movement called "GAY" to be offensive to their masculine identity (even among men who love men too); -& rightly so...

And, then there's THIS...

"... the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, & Jonathan loved him as himself."
- I Sam 18:1Bible

You're depressed because you've been deceived...
(G0YS can fix that with the truth)...

Many of the guys who click into this page have been or currently are contemplating self termination.  Consider this:

The most common feeling is that there is no way out of a situation that seems to have no light of goodness at the end of the tunnel. Know what I'm saying?  It's almost a universal feeling.

The most common set of toxic thoughts that generate bad feeling can usually be summed up like this: "I like guys and that's seriously messed up, and since I can't stop liking guys - this weakness will eventually destroy my life and all of the friendships/relationships I currently have." -OR- "Someone has found out that I like guys and once that news gets around - I'll be destroyed by it."

How close did I nail it?

And, if you are like most guys, -- you absolutely do NOT relate to the "Pride-Parade'esque" presentation that the "GAY" male community makes of itself.  You don't relate to gender-bending nor transexual mannerisms and you're absolutely NOT interested in analsex (probably repulsed by the notion of it). Right?

Congrats: You're a psychologically NORMAL guy!
(Especially if you happen to think that fit men are attractive...)

What you're going to soon find out if you spend some quality time on this site is the complete mind-job society via the many, many fools that provide real-time lying-commentary has pulled on you (& virtually ALL of the population)! 

Now might be a good time to read the frame to the left...

Many men can't initially wrap their minds around the fact that: Most men love men/too (to some degree) and are concealing it. But when you finally realize that fact - it's a massive relief because you'll also realize that you're not part of some fringe minority nor do you need to associate yourself with the bizarre culture that calls itself "GAY" and has a strange preoccupation with lumping together abbreviations I.E: GLIBTQ in order to amass more numbers to their collective causes -seemingly bent on morphing genders while denying the natural affects of androgens on the human body.  The reality is that about +33% of the male population has had an experience with another guy that much resembles "Brokeback without the butt-sex". And there's almost the same number who would have liked to!  Roll those facts over in your head for a while.

If you're a "Sam" who likes "Steve" but doesn't want to be a "Susan" NOR pretend that "Steve" is a "Susan" -- then you're statistically "normal" (whether or not you like "Susan"). That is where most guys are at, -statistically. So, be at peace! G0YS are simply "normal" guys who happen to love guys/too and we represent the MAJORITY (suprise!) of the male population. Say "NORMAL".

Please read the G0YS website before you make any rash decisions regarding your continued existence.  You will be sooo glad that you did & sooo pissed at the enormity & number of lies you've been told about what being a guy is supposed to "feel" like.  Like guys but don't relate to "GAYS"? We understand completely! 

You're depressed because you've been abused...
(You need to grasp how serious this actually is)...

Most of the guys who discover G0YS have not been "outed" -in the sense that generally, nobody except you knows that you like guys/too.  However - regardless of that fact - you have likely been pelted daily for years about how "awful" it is to be a person who likes their own gender in the intimate sense.  Despite what appears to be growing "tolerance", - most places still harbor extreme groups of people who express (now often subdued) extreme malevolence toward same gender attracted people. And you are in earshot of comments made by those people and the large numbers of people around them that express the same sentiment when the topic arises. This is especially true in places where "religious fundamentalists" constitute a large section of the population. When those people also happen to constitute family-members - the abuse escalates by magnitudes. However - the amazing fact is that most people have no idea that their negative comments impact YOU because you have erected such good survival camouflage (& in many cases - this is matter of survival itself) that nobody has a clue.  To make matters worse - you've seen the "gays" long enough to know that you do NOT associate your attitudes with a culture that wants to casually stir in gender-bending, AnalSex & x-dressing with sexuality. Congrats for having an IQ high enough to see the distinctions and the moral fortitude to reject the mantra of fucktards who want you to join with them simply because you happen to share a common trait.  However - with sanity being a scarce commodity - this constant noise of religio-hate on one side and the whining of mancunts on the other - has likely done a mind job on you psychologically.  Lots of guys have many of the mental injuries that appear in soldiers who suffer PTSD. And this mental-pain will often find a way to ooze out of you in ways that are generally problem-causing: Depression, chemical-abuse, unhealthy sexual relationships (often engaged in while intoxicated), guilt, anxiety, fits of rage, feelings of hopeless, feelings of universal-rejection, resentment, confusion, anger at God, suicidal-ideations,  etc.  Think I've been there? 
Understanding the G0YS perspective can rapidly undo the confusion and taking the time to check out the theological arguments/essays will rapidly prove to you that +98% of religious "leaders" are not worthy of their positions - lacking critical thinking skills & devoid of the ambition to study their own Scriptural original-language-source-documents themselves.  Some of the material in the "God-hates" section of this website was penned by a PhD who uses the Scriptures & so completely discredits & disgraces those who promote the anti "Adam & Steve" agenda, - that when you're done taking it in, - you'll realize that those who have inflicted the abuse at you in the "name of God", are - by the standards set within their own Scriptural documents - worthy of same punishment they've been calling out for others. I'm not exaggerating.  That's how serious this abuse you've suffered is when done by clerics invoking divine references (in Judeo-Christian circles).  I make this point strongly because "God" is cited so often as the "authority" on this matter & why religious zealots want to condemn people who love their own genders/too.  And when most men see that the TRANSLATIONS of the Scriptures have been perverted (provably MIStranslated) to create their lie - then the #1 reason causing the related low self-esteem vanishes! You've been abused. And if you've been "outed" - if people know your "secret" - then the abuse has probably been magnitudes worse - especially if you're g0y (thus have an ethical center) and don't feel unity with the overall "gay" community and their mantras of genderfuck and bizarre thinking patterns.  It's time that you stop considering the notion that YOU are the "problem".

You have been abused by liars & those who repeat the lies. YOU are NOT the "PROBLEM".
G0YS is the movement for ethical men who love masculinity -but- don't relate to "Spectre of Gay culture".

So - stick around. Things can get so much better once you get your perspective! The best revenge is to live well! 

Yeah, G0YS know what guys are up to & not talking about:

It's Totally Normal: Most men don't admit to having done it. They shun the "GAY" label.