Some probably think I'm merely being vulgar with my use of the term on the opening of this page -at the top.  Actually, I'm being quite TECHNICAL.  Spread throughout this website & particularly in this section, -great effort has been taken to show that:

  • The Scriptures do not condemn same-sex affections (not even Romans 1 - although that chapter is often misread or mistranslated - as Peter warned)!

  • What IS condemned - quite specifically - are acts that hurt others (Specifically: AnalSex - an act that spreads disease explosively whether male/male or male/female & is notorious for causing physical injury)!

In a nutshell: "Love works no ill toward its neighbor; - therefore love is the fulfillment of the Law."  If what you do in love doesn't tend to harm - then there is NO LAW AGAINST IT

But, for those who insist on ignoring the HUGE amount of textual & contextual evidence for this posturing: A warning...

"If a false witness makes a statement against a man, saying that he has done wrong, Then the two men, between whom the argument has taken place, are to come before the Lord, before the priests and judges who are then in power; And the judges will have the question looked into with care: and if the witness is seen to be false and to have made a false statement against his brother, Then do to him what it was his purpose to do to his brother: and so put away the evil from among you. And the rest of the people, hearing of it, will be full of fear, and never again do such evil among you. Have no pity; let life be given for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot." - Moses | Dt. 19:16-21

See the text in the box? I made this easy to follow: Read the bright highlighted text - unbroken.  If you've been pointing your finger at people who were in same gender relationships (or who merely had those types of feelings) - calling them "abominations" & making a charge against them  based on Scriptures like Leviticus 20:13 - merely because of their gender; Then you are the false witness that the passage speaks of!
"A false witness is an ABOMINATION to the LORD." - Solomon 
The text in the box above says that the false witness is to suffer the SAME FATE as would have befallen the one falsely accused by them.  Now who's the "abomination"? Now who's "worthy of death"? Now who's "G0D-DAMNED"? I refer your attention momentarily back to the page top.

The Apostle John said it like this:

"If a man says, I have love for God, and has hate for his brother, his words are false: for how is the man who has no love for his brother whom he has seen, able to have love for God whom he has not seen?" - 1Jo 4:20

According to the principles within the Scripture - most people who find themselves attending Westboro Baptist & it's spiritual affiliates are so trapped by REPROBATE thinking that the possibility of repentance is nearly nil.  I'm posting this essay as a mere formality for those who might; --But more so as a comfort to those who have have been unjustly accused & tormented by the likes of Fred & his minions. Their failure to rightfully divide the Word on this issue - coupled with false-accusations based on their lazy, wicked apologetics classifies them as a "G0D-DAMNED RELIGION". Quite astonishingly (& predictably), it is a common practice among those who practice AnalSex to label the g0ys movement with the same breath they accuse Westboro Baptist. Ironically, this is because men who practice AnalSex make the EXACT SAME ERROR that is promoted by the likes of Westboro Baptist Church: They both presume that men who love men MUST practice AnalSex! And, because the g0ys stand starkly against that deadly practice, -many "gay" men bizarrely ASSume that g0ys are somehow opposed to men who love men. As g0ys have pointed out for many years: There are liars on the left & on the right that promote the exact same lie! G0YS denounce the LIE & by doing so - make an enemy of those who promote the lie! And it happens that the liars are those who promote the lie that AnalSex is how men traditionally love men (hence g0ys are no friend of the likes of Westboro Baptist, NOR the likes of the current gay-male-community)!   

"Do not all be teachers, my brothers, because we teachers will be judged more harshly than others." - Jam 3:1

One of the most astonishing observations I have made is how biased Scripture translators have become in their willingness to use words - that are not even hinted at in the text.  The most well known FABRICATION in scholarly circles is a phrase in the King James found in 1 John 5:7-8.  "in the heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit, and these--the three--are one; -and three are who are testifying in the earth".  Modalists without a footnote explaining the insertion, have found this phrase difficult to deal with. No wonder - considering it's nowhere in the original Greek source texts! Yes, there are some OUTRIGHT LIES in the Bible; - Things men added to the original Scriptures in order to give the appearance of legitimacy to gigantic lies!  

And now: Look at what certain modern translator's did: "Likewise, Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities near them, which like them committed sexual sins and engaged in homosexual activities, serve as an example of the punishment of eternal fire." In the original Greek - the term which is rendered by the previous translator as "homosexual" comes from the Greek terms "eteras sarx". Literally: "DIFFERENT FLESH". Notice the term "eteras". This is the term used to derive the prefix "hetero" in English ... as in "HETEROsexual". "HETERO" is the precise opposite of "HOMO" (BOTH ARE GREEK TERMS)! 

So how does the translator derive "homo" from it's antonym!?  The choice of a translation style would have been better rendered: "Likewise, Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities near them, which like them committed sexual sins and engaged in heterosexual activities, serve as an example of the punishment of eternal fire."  I wonder how that rendering would go over if widely printed into Bibles.  Of course, translators justify transmuting "HETERO" into "HOMO" because "EVERYBODY KNOWS ..." about the account of Sodom (or so they incorrectly assert). And so, they magically transform HETERO into it's exact opposite - HOMO.  It's like an alchemist who practices turning gold into lead.

BLACK: It's the new WHITE.

This brings me to another mystery: How is it that translators (or anybody) can overlook the fact that in the account of Sodom - that the inhabitants of the city were planning to gang rape a couple of strangers. But (in a bizarre theological twist), instead of seeing the intent to interrogate/GANG-RAPE the strangers as a grievous crime, -they focus on the gender of the strangers -and declare the crime "homosexuality". Would the act have been morally acceptable IF the angels had appeared female?  Well? Would a mixed-gender gang-rape rape of a couple of innocent ambassadors been any less reason to bring God's intended judgment to pass? Hmmm?  

Jesus criticized the religious leaders of his day of "straining out a gnat while swallowing a camel". Gnats & camels are both "unclean" to eat under Jewish law.  Jesus was making an observation that -in their hypocrisy- the self-professed "legal experts (A/K/A clerics with credentials)" would take steps necessary to filter out the smallest gnat from their drink -- while in the spiritual sense - swallowing a proverbial camel because they neglected the weightier matters of the law! And that's bad in itself, but the religious hypocrite in the contemporary go the next step by citing lies and calling them "Scripture". In other words: The Scripture does forbid eating gnats & camels. It does NOT forbid same gender intimacy (although many groups have now furnished themselves with a number of Bibles that mistranslate the Scripture & literally CREATE the "SIN" of "Homo-sexuality")! These evil men literally INVENT new way of "sinning" - just as the Scripture warns - and then they prop up the lies with a great number of adulterated Bibles

Nothing has changed! Today's "religious legal experts" (translators) substitute darkness for light!  Astonishingly, in the (2) MODERN Greek Bibles I have -- the language has been CHANGED to represent the exact opposite of what the original GREEK says!   This is the moral equivalent of a lab-tech erasing the "AB+" blood-type label from the packaging and replacing it with an "0-".  And the 2nd evil is: That when somebody comes along & catches the mislabeling (exposes a deadly lie) -- that the "experts" insist on leaving it in its current deadly state (for the sake of appearances)!  Worshipping a translation is idolatry - especially one that has been provably adulterated. Test EVERYTHING. Hold on to the good & avoid every evil thing. 


Within the Scriptural New Covenant, there are several amazing principles that work in harmony to provide unmerited grace to save those who believe the message. Jesus articulated one such principle & taught that by whatever measure you use to judge others -it would become your measure too. And it is this principle that Lucifer has utilized to shipwreck the salvation of many. Some may ask in complete incredulity, "If in Christ our right-standing with God is propitiated by what Jesus did (not by ourselves); --Then how could a Christian be damned in light of this position of propitiated innocence?"  And that's a very good question. 

Here's the answer: When a Christian shamefully adopts a belief system that falsely condemns the innocent.  Because, -if the measure a man uses damns the innocent; -then we know that the same measure will become that which judges that Christian.  And when a person's "measure" damns the innocent -as his standard; --Despite the fact he may have propitiated right-standing (innocence) before God, -even that righteousness is not sufficient to save him BECAUSE his own measure damns the innocent!  He's totally screwed himself!    

And this interaction of self-inflicted damning judgment has been but one of the fruits of the heresy that claims that God condemns all mere same-gender intimacy (merely based on gender).  So-called Christians now expend great amounts of energy to condemn people everywhere simply because the gender of a couple may be "the same". We've heard the rhetoric: "God hates fags", "worthy of death", "Sodom and ...", "Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve", and on & on, & on. Yet despite the angry rhetoric, -the original language Scriptural texts themselves make crystal clear that God has NEVER HAD an issue with same-sex intimacy (but only certain acts that lead to harm).  Love works no ILL! Hey, the context fits! Imagine that! God doesn't author confusion!

And so the Scripture will be fulfilled about God not being mocked. And the Scripture will be fulfilled about those who bear false witness. And the Scripture will be fulfilled about a man's measure becoming his own. And the Scripture will be fulfilled about the lazy, wicked servant. And the Scripture will be fulfilled about damned religious leaders damning their own followers. And the Scripture will be fulfilled about judgment beginning 1st in the household of God!

And this is so because people loved a LIE & hated truth; -And because they did not value having knowledge of God in their thinking, -God gave them over to a reprobate mind!  The very Scriptures they ruthlessly hurl at others (out of context); -will be used on them (IN context)! And because their standard of judgment condemns the innocent, -nothing can save them (because they blaspheme even the obvious work of the Spirit in the lives of those attracted to the same gender -calling them "to'ebah" without just cause)! 

is a term absolutely on-point!

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