"You who boast [or, pride yourselves] in Law, do you dishonor God through the transgression of the Law?  For "The name of God is blasphemed among the nations because of you," just as it has been written: "For the Lord God says, 'My people went down at first into Egypt, to get a place for themselves there: and the Assyrian put a cruel yoke on them without cause. Now then, what have I here? says the Lord, for my people are taken away without cause; they are made waste and give cries of sorrow, says the Lord, and all the day the nations put shame on my name."


The assertion by the mainline factions of "Christianity" that same-gender attractions are "abominable", & "grievously sinful" is actually the evidence that those sects are completely defeated in their faiths. The magnitude of the doctrine's effect has the same effect as does a screen-door on a submarine: "She's 99.9% seaworthy, sir!".  That .1% is a life or death factor. It's like being 99% healthy & still dead.

The primary doctrines of the Scripture are: God's power in the Gospel message to effect repentance & a change in life thru His Spirit.  The fact that Ex-gay ministries are miserable failures proves that those 'churches' preaching the anti-same-sex message are completely at a loss to save even those who have been baptized into their denominations.  They preach a great impotent gospel.  Lots of "conversions", little actual chang'n.

Those of us who have moved in Christian circles for years have seen powerful changes occur in some of the worst of society's members - in a manner that defies explanation. When you see severe drug addicts delivered from those addictions instantly - you know that there's life changing power in the message.  However, to date - the number of people I've witnessed experience a change in sexual orientation at their conversion is :0; --and there are many more same-gender-attracted people than there are drug addicts. THIS INACTION from the God who claims to be impartial? THAT makes NO sense - unless the allegation that same-gender-attractions are sinful - is in itself a GIANT LIE!

Well, let's take it on faith that God is no respecter of persons: Why all of the fantastically visible, unexplainable changes in people with every sort of character flaw --except THIS issue of orientation? After all -- if it's a "grievous sin"; --Where is the impartiality of a God who delivers the foul mouthed addict, the staggering drunk & the violent wife-beater?  (Of course - if you're in a "church" where not even those amazing things happen -- then I can understand why you think life is a stream of "self-help" programs). Ichabod...

However, for those in churches that allege to preach the gospel & have testimonies of people whom God has 'changed miraculously' in their response to that gospel message ... Again I ask: Why does God seem so blind to 'healing the homo'?  And if God can't/won't undo that issue -- why is it that mere men think they can via some "Ex"-program?  Do these mere men think they can "straighten the crooked" that God himself has shrugged at?

NOTE: Some do, still lie about alleged "successes". However, after carefully watching this circus of lies for several DECADES - the only obvious fact is that Kinsey was right and that we should not be dismayed that lots of men are amBIsexual and can modify their behavior without changing their baseline orientation. It's called FRAUD and after DECADES of uncovering it ... it's clearly recognized. God does NOT change sexual orientation. MEN merely change their behavior & then LIE about the nature of their "change".

Of course, the g0ys' answer is that the Scriptures themselves clearly show (when studied in detail) that God never had an issue with sexual orientation - only certain behaviors - actions that carried with them great risk or potential for harm, injury, disease, etc.  G0YS point out that Galatians 3:28 has made the issue clear: God doesn't even assign a gender to the new creature in Christ!  Without gender - "orientation" ceases to exist.  As far as g0ys have discerned, the person with same-gender attractions never needed "deliverance" from an orientation in the 1st place ... and would you look: No "H0M0" Deliverances at conversion, baptism or Spirit-infilling!  Now we see harmony! And certainly God, who can raise the dead, could certainly go as far as changing the gender of a man, - if he couldn't reach the "primal mind" to change orientation!  But, no: "Harold" didn't leave the service a "Hillary"!  There is not a shred of evidence that God considers sexual orientation an issue of moral substance! Not one Shred! Those quoting Leviticus 20 & Romans 1, etc. as their "alleged anti-homo evidence" - had better stop being so damn LAZY & look into the original text, intent & themes of the Scripture; - lest they find themselves "damned abominations" when they stand before God at judgment because of their own hurtful attitudes & hypocrisies. Romans 2:1 isn't gonna budge.    

And then: There are those churches who have the doctrine of the former sects & then dismiss the anti-same-sex theology by demeaning the relevance of the "culture" the texts were written to address.  Groups like MCC actually believe the initial lie that the Scripture is anti-same-sex, and then compound their bad theology by saying that the Scriptures are now outdated by culture!  I'm sure the Philistines made the same observations about Judaism -- living beside them 3000 years ago.  Here's a message to the MCC & their likes: If Yeshua hadn't come yet to establish the time of the Gentiles with this new covenant -- the Torah would be just as relevant as a moral guidebook to the "righteous elect" of today as it was when Moses penned it! When the issue of "culture" is between God's or Man's ... Which do you think God expects to be observed? The same is true today (& if your church fits easily into your 'culture' then you're likely living as God's enemy.)!  Because these MCC-type churches don't respect the mind of God (& hence reject His words as 'dated'), they fail to call their own presumptions into question when confronted with theology that seems in contradiction.  Since God is not the author of confusion, texts that seem to contradict each other must be aligned in such a way as to make both true.  Doing this ALWAYS requires a basic paradigm shift on the part of the reader - which kills unbacked PRESUMTIONS about what a text says in favor of an alternate rendering that is still true to the original autographs while lining it up with related scriptures, witnesses & themes.  People who don't consider scope of God's precision - rarely reject their own notions -- but instead, choose to accuse God a second time by saying the Scripture contradicts itself!
One such writer is quoted: "As shown, the Bible contradicts itself on the subject of  homosexuality. Leviticus and Romans condemn while Matthew just accepts  it as a reality.  What are Christians to believe about homosexuality?" Here he makes my point about sloppy theologians (himself included) perfectly. He believes that Leviticus (18:22) and Romans (1:26-27) forbid what he presumes is "homosexuality". If this writer was to take the time to study (the entire Book), - he'd eventually conclude that those verses actually forbid  ANAL-SEX (M/M & M/F). The moment that adjustment is made to theology (presumptions of homosex cast down & the text rerendered to give a reading that is just as valid -- yet no longer in disharmony), the "contradiction" he claims exists - no longer does! AGAIN: If "God is not the author of confusion.", then where confusion exists - men must be the author of it! G0YS assert that if you discard the guesses of men & diligently seek clarity from the text itself - seeming contradictions will vanish as the original intent resolves the picture.  Groups like MCC are so eager to self-justify their basal humanity that they keep the baby AND the bathwater! What a stench!

Paul summarized the concept like this: "But the fruit of the Spirit is: love, joy, peace [or, freedom from anxiety], patience, kindness, goodness [or, generosity], faith,  gentleness [or, considerateness], self-control. Against such there is no law." - Gal 5
So then, that principle applies to the same gender couple as much as it does the mixed! The issue is not the appearance, but the repercussions from actions. This is so "common-sense" that it takes years of brainwashing by bad theology to override the obviousness of it! Scriptures like: "I am distressed for thee, my brother Jonathan: Very pleasant hast thou been unto me: Thy love to me was wonderful, Passing the love of women." - David in memory of his best friend Jonathan (II Sam 1:26). Anyone who reads the account of David & Jonathan without preconceptions will arrive at the conclusion that these guys were paramours. If you ask most young, married men who the person is in their life that they love the most -- they'll usually respond that it's their spouse.  In 2nd Sam 1:26, we find David saying that who it was that HE LOVED THE MOST ...  was Jonathan (even more than David loved his wives).  Hello!

The irony is that many seminaries will teach that the "anti-same-sex" theological position is far from being made concrete in Scriptures.  Ah, the fresh air of truth! Unfortunately, much of the "church" seems to respect the likes of their television personalities & crystal cathedrals more than they respect the finest scholars in their own seminaries.  Can you name even (1) professor at Dallas Theological Seminary? Now, name 3 televangelists (many who lack any degrees other than honorary)!

Oh, then there is that "thingus" that sits in Rome. Got Crusades? The history of bloody trials, trails & bilking the masses of their money makes the perfect example of an evil thing that men will esteem out of blind loyalty to tradition as opposed to any semblance of reason or rationale. And, this is unfortunately the trend of the "church" in the west as well. It seems that there is one on every corner. Some small towns have 2, 3, 4... And other than cheapening the surrounding real-estate & not paying property tax: What is the effect? What good?

You see: unlike other issues that constitute marginal theological lines, the entire teaching about God being anti-same-sex affects roughly 70% of the congregation DIRECTLY. One could see the effect of reversing the message: "God hates the abomination of mixed-gender-attraction! Women shouldn't look at men & men likewise - not the women!" Does anyone debate that "the look'n" would go on anyhow? Of course, you'd also need to heap on all of the social repercussions that occur as people were "discovered" to be mixed-gender attracted. Excommunication, Job-loss, Bogus-therapy, "Ex-straight" ministries, etc. Meanwhile, the people in the middle of the orientation road (+50%)would be FAKING IT to stay out of harms way!  "Yup, I'm gay! Praise the Lawd!" the fakers would say.  Once you realize that Scripture does not forbid same-gender-affections, then that example becomes totally germane for illustrative purposes!

And, the effect of lazy, sloppy bigot-theology is the same as when any group of people are badly treated for any trait that they cannot suppress. Blacks in the US in the 17th century (even today in some places). Asians in the US during WWII.  Jews in Nazi Germany. Let's remember that with those made to wear the yellow-star were those made to wear a pink-triangle. Hitler had an agenda. You can be sure that everyone who could "fake-it" was -during that era!

The complete defeat of the "denominal church" has been an ongoing process - from the inside-out! "Pastor Ichabod" now leads a global flock of socially disinterested ignoramuses who have no understanding of Law, or civics in general. The "church" has sucked up to be buddy/buddy with the kingdoms of the earth - the things that Lucifer lays claims on (Jesus never disputed that claim). "Churches" now seek state "approval", "licenses" & "favors".  This pattern of apostasy matches precisely the warning Paul gave in Romans chapter 1. How's that for an irony?

The issue of same-sex-affections will be the key damning issue for lots of churchianity's 'falsely-faithful'. It is no less than sanctioned, institutionalized hate of a group of people who openly live based on a set of attractions/affections that +50% of the congregation is hiding in hypocrisy! Jesus couldn't stomach hypocrites. By the measure you use will you be measured. Cowards shall not inherit God's kingdom. Liars shall not inherit God's Kingdom.  Satan's masterpiece of theology was to twist a prohibition against anal-sex (a form of bearing false witness), into a prohibition against same-gender-love.  Virtually every modern version of the Bible has been mistranslated to support this doctrine of demons.  This provides lazy bigots the "references" they constantly cite to "prove" that the Scriptures are anti-same-sex. This is easy to see: Simply find a Bible printed before 1950. Nowhere will it mention "homo" anything.  Translators chose different terms to express ideas from the same block of autographs now often translated as "homosexual"! The Modern Greek Version of the Jude's Epistle translated "HETERO" from the original into "HOMO" in the modern. "HETERO" IS A GREEK TERM! IT STILL HAS WIDE USE TODAY! What force would prompt translators of Greek Bibles to CHANGE "HETERO" into it's GREEK ANTONYM, "HOMO"!?  There's our proverbial "smoking gun". 

And what has the "church" done while following their gender-focused doctrine of demons? It has driven away a group of people whom it should have comforted. And now that same group of people often lives as enemies of God. Is it any wonder? Is it any wonder why the lives of that group are so often in turmoil? Pastor Lou C. Fer claims it's because of their orientation! Actually - it's because they believed the lie the "church" told them about being rejected by God. Meanwhile, you have how many "pastors" giving it to their own wives up the arse in the bedroom (Romans 2:1 anybody?)!

God's Spirit will not dwell where there is false accusation, & hate. But another Spirit will & that Spirit is glad to "play God".  That spirit has been "playing God" for thousands of years & has the counterfeit system worked out to a science.  No power? No problem: Don't you know all that stuff ended with the Apostles?  And the masses shrug in approval upon hearing the lie.

There are exceptions. Sometimes the exceptions are mere individuals. Sometimes small groups. And the exceptions aren't "only" about this lone issue ... but challenging bad theology on numerous fronts while reframing the congregational mind to understand how the pieces fit together.  Sometimes, it's an individual who has said "yes" to God, & "no" to everything (& everyone) else!  Usually such a person has paid a great price by challenging the status quo of denominal religion in light of the Scriptures; -- A GREAT PRICE.

So you'll understand if those of us who know the truth choose NOT to fellowship with those who are content to be lazy, bigoted & keep God as a side-dish on their buffet-of-life.  We're weary of sitting across from you as you stab us in the face with your tongue -- as you talk about some "nebulous group of homos".  Such entrenched hate theology has merged itself with a number of other practices that are equally as hypocritical & detestable in God's sight; -- Yet the practice thereof is widely accepted & even expected by those well 'versed in the traditions" of the modern religion-group. "Laodicea" is a general condition of the so-called 'modern church'.  It is something that makes God want to vomit & those of us who have taken the time to recognize WHY -- are disgusted with it as well.  We have indeed "come out from among you" and are taking the painful steps to be separated from those things that dishonor God (the same things that dishonor men). 

When will Acts 2:39 cease to be true?  I'd suggest that the "church" focus on Acts 2:38 very carefully.   

Because the very first word of admonition out of Peter's mouth was to "REPENT". That's a word that means to TURN TOWARD GOD'S WAY.  It is an attitude that eventually will affect every area of your own life as YOU REPENT.  And continually aim to do so as you discover areas in your life that need REPENTANCE.  Beyond REPENTANCE, there are 2 other steps - no less important.

But - back to REPENTANCE: The Church (generally) has had a difficult time even reaching the 1st step. Instead, it has tried to CHANGE the MEANING of REPENTANCE to mean "Follow OUR RULES".  REPENTANCE isn't a mindset that constantly runs away in fear of "sin". Repentance is a turn toward God's way. If you were a compass, you'd be merely expected to point north. The FALSE FORM of REPENTANCE would make your needle spin wildly - always running away from this or that. Focusing on God's way automatically sets the person in the right direction.

And REPENTANCE has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It does, however, lead to behavior that is loving, considerate, compassionate, careful, tender, patient, contemplative; - Always considering the well-being of the other. Love works no ill. Love is the fulfilling of the law. Love NEVER fails.  And love does not discern 'gender' (See Gal 3:28).

And the "current MCC'esque same-sex-friendly church" needs to REPENT of it's callous attitude of its members toward the wellbeing of each other.  LOVE WORKS NO ILL.  The general message needs to be that if certain sexual acts are inherently perilous -- then doing such is NOT acting out of LOVE.  Since turning toward God means to love (God & people) - then every action falls under that principle.  Since Analsex is responsible for +90% of all STD's and a myriad of physical ailments due to the FACT that the anus is NOT designed to be penetrated ... (need I say more?) ...

The Traditional church needs to "clean house" & draw the clear line between what causes ILL, vs. what doesn't (& against the latter there is no law).  Loud, public apologies need me made for CENTURIES of institutionalized hate & bias against people who's only difference was the gender of who they chose to love intimately.  The church needs to take the PROPER STAND & GET READY TO PAY THE PRICE FOR DOING SO.

Do I think either group will "REPENT".  Generally - N0!  Because neither "GROUP" is genuinely the "CHURCH".  However - from out of them will come those who ARE willing to do the right thing.  For their sake I write...