Endorphins: The Most Powerful G0Y Gateway Drugs

Since making this observation in the G0YDAR section of this site, there have been more than a few e-mails wanting the inside track on getting to a dude's tender toes in order to fast track the G0YDAR process.  Several writers have commented that it isn't always easy to just start rubbing on a guy's feet without raising some suspicion.  After all, if the guy has "same-sex touchy panics" before the endorphins begin talking to him, -- grabbing his feet may not be an option to come around again.  So, what we have done is linked to an "Alternative Medicine" page that can be printed out (legal paper size) & used as a source of "official-looking-information".  After all, if you have a webpage that contains lots of technical jargon with some images of x-rays overlaid with information -- a guy is going to be much more receptive to "helping you see if the information is accurate."  So, get ready to meet Dr. P. L. Acebo


This section is for g0ys seeking g0ys.  If you're a "queen" or are "out" as "gay", then this section probably isn't for you.  To evoke an image in your mind's eye: If the "drag queen" begins to rub the feet of the quarterback -- even while wagging a piece of paper with some medical terms on it; -- Somebody's probably gonna end up eating a heel -- & I don't mean from a loaf of bread.  Understand? 

Also, you can't expect to come into this completely cold.  9 times out of 10, you'll need to have some sort of rapport built with the target.  However, depending on context, -- it can sometimes be a very short trip from handshake to hug.  I was once introduced to a guy by a mutual friend.  During the course of talking, I mentioned that I had an interest in sports medicine.  His conversation turned to an injured shoulder.  I asked to "see".  This ended up w. his shirt coming off.  That turned into some light touching & question asking with a "comparative analysis" of his "good" shoulder.  More light probing & some light massage ... & I asked if he has ever heard of Potassium-ion based pain relief.    He hadn't.  This is because I had invented the term right there ... but based it on the writings of Dr. P.L. Acebo.


'I got the guy laying face down on a bed & to kick his shoes off.  After closing & locking the door, I gave him the standard "WARNING" (Yes, a "warning" about the potential of the effect builds credibility, & pumps up the "tough-guy" ego of the "brave" recipient).  I then began to slowly apply the "P.L.ACEBO TECHNIQUE" on the dude's feet (With his socks still on).  After about 2 minutes I asked if he minded me removing them.  By that time, the 'PLACEBO TECHNIQUE' had proven it was more than just a placebo! His response of "Oh yeah!" was almost textbook - because after (2) minutes of the "P.L.ACEBO TECHNIQUE", the guy had in fact, been drugged by his own nervous system into compliance with my suggestions.  Why?  Because it felt "freak'n awesome"; -- & the effect is indeed, addictive.'

The "P.L.ACEBO TECHNIQUE" has also been used effectively to accelerate hypnosis.  It's that efficient!  Want to know more?

As told by a former Colleague