Pay Close Attention:

G0YS are guys who, for whatever reason, can get turned on by other guys.
HOWEVER: Nobody gets it up the arse...EVER!

G0YS may self-identify as:

No matter the reason was that you hit on your buddy, we want to drive the message home: You're not a freak.  Guys have been luv'n on other guys since the beginning of recorded time. The so-called "experts" who claim it's only 5-10% (called 'gay') are ignorant of the facts; -- & the preacher-man wagging the book over his head yelling about "abominations" wouldn't know the "Word of the Lawd" if he Jesus Himself wrote the summary page... (which, ironically...)
Male on male tenderness is the N0RM, not the exception.  We're not talking about  *ANAL* Sex; -- but real affection that comes in many forms.   

See: Guys giving it up the arse is the practice of a minority of men in prisons, - or by those who should perhaps, be there.  Unfortunately, because there are too many men in Washington DC (& other oppressive jurisdictions) who also promote this form of behavior, & consider themselves "wise" on the issue of manlove; -- Not only have the figures on male sexuality been twisted, but so has the reporting on the forms it takes been grossly distorted.  Kinsey hit the nail on the head in the late 40's, and since then, fundamentalist conservatives have been trying to fill that hole back in with a perversion of "hetero-sex". 

So, pay N0 attention to the guy handing out condoms to men who are supposedly "into"<sic> men.  He's nobody's friend.  Those pushing the "condom" message should be forced to wear their condoms, over their "big" head for about 6 minutes.   Condoms used for *ANAL*sex fail about 2% of the time.  That's a phuck'n death sentence, -- understand?  There's a much better way.

While nature is full of examples of animals who have individuals who pair-bond in same-sex couples, there is a vacancy of examples of any wild mammal offering his arse as a "proxy-khunt". 

Fundamentalists don't want you to know about the first part of that sentence; And the guy pushing the condoms doesn't want you to know about the tail end

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