"I'm Spiritual; -- Not Religious..." - Heidi Heirhead (age 12), Encino Valley, Ca

Ever hear someone make the statement above?  I hear it from people all the time.  After you hear it from enough people & get to know enough of the people who say it -- I've come to a conclusion as to what it means when MOST people say it.

"I'm Spiritual; -- Not Religious...", actually means: "I choose to believe anything my undisciplined mind chooses to about warm fuzzy irrationalities because I really don't believe that understanding metaphysical concepts - ultimately matters..."

People who say things like this say it because they perceive "religion" to be equal with beliefs in the irrational. And, why believe someone else' irrational babble when you can invent your own & reshape it on the fly so as to always feel good about yourself?...

Well, having taken some time to study a specific set of writings that comprise the Scriptures compiled & translated into "The Bible" - the term "SPIRITUAL" has a very different meaning than what most people (sadly including most people who have a Bible) think it means.  You see, the Scripture talks about a God who created everything & says that this God is both a LAWGIVER & a JUDGE.

Since LAW is a subject near to my heart - and since I am also in the habit of creating things ... I can assure the rational person that this description of God as being a LAWGIVER & JUDGE transports the definition of the term "SPIRITUAL" from the warm fuzzy mental droolings of crystal worshippers into it's actual intended use of "Extrapolations of Understanding Based on Reason".

"1 + 1 = 2" <--- That is a "SPIRITUAL" concept.

Here's another: "A2 + B2 = C2" - you may recognize this as the Pythagoras theorem.

Here's another SPIRITUAL UTTERANCE: (Right)

Recognize it?


It's a molecular representation for one of the most poisonous substances known to man.

Which brings me to the next point about "SPIRITUAL" discussions.  Talking in spiritual terms is a way of discussing intangible principles that are absolutely for REAL (or generally hypothetical/theoretical).  Spiritual discussion is always done with abstracts & analogs because intangible principles (like laws) cannot be seen.  However -- unlike "New Age ranting", - real Spiritual principles are often readily demonstrable, & provable.  

Genuine SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING -- unlike an irrational belief (often masquerading under the title of "religion") -- gives real insight into real issues & provides real answers.  Discussion of SPIRITUAL MATTERS requires a precise definition of terms. 

After all -- if the terminology is not exacting -- there is no way to discuss principles.  Mathematics, Science & Law are examples of disciplines that require incredibly precise understanding of terminology.  According to the Scriptures -- God is a LAWgiver and Judge.  This means that God uses exact specifications & just measures when He acts.  Knowing this -- we know that theology is as precise a science as is the study of Law.  Should we be surprised then - that among the first 5 books of the Bible (the Torah) is a legal code?  And according to a writer of part of the New Testament (a lawyer named Saul/Paul) -- that the LAW of Moses contains Spiritual principles!  He even gave an example.  It is written in Moses' Law "not to muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain".  Paul said that this law has a larger scope: That the workman is worthy of his hire (or in other words - Don't make the job difficult for somebody who's working for you).

Sometimes the answer is not easily derived.  This doesn't mean there is no answer -- jut that it may take some effort to derive the solution.  often -- knowing the right QUESTION is the key to deriving the solution. 

How much does the Moon weigh?

Do you see the problem with the question?

You recall where I discussed the use of PRECISE TERMS?  The term "WEIGH" implies WEIGHT  - which is a function of MASS under the effect of gravity.  Since gravity is not a constant -- the term is imprecise.  MASS - by definition is a measure of the amount of matter in an object.  Mass is an independent measurement not dependant on another variable.

The PROPER QUESTION is:  What is the MASS of the moon?

The moon has mass, right?  After all -- it's made of stuff & MASS is the measure of the amount of stuff in an object.

How do you measure the amount of MASS in an object the size of the moon?  Some people might yell: "It can't be done..."

Oh yes ... it CAN be done and HAS been done & the answer validated!  Deriving the answer requires knowing some things about physics that most people are never educated to consider.  Did you know that the gravitational force of an object is a function of its MASS?  This is why asteroids will orbit each other.  Enough mass = gravity well.

The moon has a gravity well about 1/6th that of earth's.  Knowing the relationship between mass & gravity provides a tool to determine the mass of an object from it's gravitational force!

While some may argue that we are discussing science & mathematics -- not theology; -- I will remind you that the Bible's Scriptures define God as a God of LAW.  "LAW" is a word with a precise meaning and that meaning does not imply an "abstract rulebook".  Ironically -- religions have perverted the meaning of the term "Spiritual"!  So obtuse & mindless have most "religions" (including sects of so-called Christianity) become -- that people think that other words -- like "prayer" mean "extemporaneous talking" (PRAYER - is a legal term for a petition put before a court that cites legal basis & requests legal remedy for an imperfect situation.).  This is why it is necessary that God be a Judge. 

Judges consider the law, - the complaint; -- & then grant LAWFUL (law-based) Judgment.  Of course -- other principles of law are all considered: Jurisdiction, legal-standing & if a legal remedy exists.  Most religions (& sadly -- Christian sects) portray God as an arbitrary, abstract rule maker (& breaker).  They honestly believe that God acts on a whim - in contrast to the Scripture saying that God is no respecter of persons (is not swayed by frivolity, social titles or status).  Just judges are impartial. 

So then: A "spiritual" person is one who makes substantial use of mental faculty to understand the world beyond perceptual acuity - a world governed by laws - whether scientific, legal or mathematics derived. "The term "Spiritual" is the antithesis of "Irrational".

How does your "spiritual" world-view hold up so far? Let me really meddle ...

According to one of the most brilliant men to have ever lived, Saul-Paul (a/k/a/ St. Paul) wrote in his letter to Corinth that God has "hidden mysteries". In that same letter he also pointed out that it is possible to KNOW GOD's Mysteries (chap 13 of 1 Corinthians).  This complements Solomon's observation that it is God's glory to conceal a matter and the honor of Kings to search them out.  This is also why the Scripture records that God rewards those who DILLIGENTLY seek Him.  Why? People who discover brilliant principles often find themselves with an audience of nobles who will pay to hear (for example).  The gospel itself is brilliance cloaked in the garb of a simple message (& yet, how many so-called "spiritual experts" do not obey even that)! 

So, let me take a few moments of your time to point out some "spiritual" principles recorded in Scripture as viewed thru my multi-disciplined, upper IQ'd vantage point (This is the stuff that PhD's sit up and take note of):

Here's the text:"

Mat 17:1 Six days later Yeshua (Jesus) took Peter and the brothers James and John with him. They went up on a very high mountain where they could be by themselves.
Mat 17:2 There in front of the disciples, Yeshua was transformed. His face was shining like the sun, and his clothes became white like light.
Mat 17:3 Suddenly,
Moses and Elijah were there - talking with YESHUA!


What I've done is highlighted words that registered in my mind as having significant x-references (meaning that I have Scripture between my ears from previously becoming familiar with lots of it).  The colored text describes an event commonly referred to as the transfiguration of Jesus.  It's generally considered a "great mystery" of Christianity because the two (Moses & Elijah) whom Jesus was speaking to had both lived about a millennia before Jesus's birth.  According to Hebrew Law (Torah), -it is a capital crime to "commune" with the dead, --so presuming that God does not violate his own laws & that Jesus was sinless as the Scripture records, --just WHAT is the account bearing witness to (according to the OT Scripture, Elijah had been translated directly by God -circumventing death)!  The key to understanding precisely what you are reading about can be found in another Scriptural account recorded about 2000 years earlier.

Here it is (& remember that it was 'a g0y' who explained it):"

Exo 34:29 Moses came down from Mount Sinai, carrying the Ten Commandments. His face was shining brightly because the YAHWEH had been speaking to him. But Moses did not know at first that his face was shining.
Exo 34:30 When Aaron and the others looked at Moses, they saw that his face was shining, and they were afraid to go near him.

According to these texts, -you are reading about (2) different events with a COMMONALITY between them.  Keep in mind that the second text was recorded over a millennium before the 1st in chronology.  
Here's the question: "So how does Yeshua (Jesus) speak to Moses over a millennium past Moses' time without talking to a 'dead Moses'?".  And the same question generally holds true for Elijah's presence being named as well (-minus the account that Elijah, technically, didn't die).
ANSWER: Yeshua can meet with Moses & Elijah (& even Abraham .. hint, hint) if he can access a 'state' that is outside of the linear time-line.  In other words, --these accounts record (by events separated by a millenium+) the Yeshua of the New Testament stepping across time to speak directly to (2) of the major figures of the Old Testament. 

If you look at the surrounding text of Exodus 34, --you'll find that Moses spent 40 days on Sinai receiving the Torah (Law) from Yahweh -whom the Scripture also records that he spoke to "Face to Face".  And yet Matt 17:3 records that Moses was speaking to Yeshua.  According to Exodus 34, Moses face was shining because he'd been talking to Yahwah.  Hmmmm.  It seems obvious to me that the Yeshua of the New Testament is the very Right-hand of Yahweh of the Old.  So in addition to a mystery of temporal physics being exposed (one that allows a man from one time frame to interact with another); --We also have a great theological question being addressed concerning the personhood of the "I AM"!  (Isaiah had already made that clear in chapter 9, verse 6).  About those 40 days that Moses spent with YAHWEH getting the Torah; --Did you note that Yeshua (Jesus) spent 40 days in the "desert" at the beginning of his ministry?  Did you stop to contemplate the possibility that he spent those 40 days with Moses in the same capacity that the text of Matt 17 describes?  You may want to address me as "Meleck Veh"... or not.

Am I saying that God can manipulate the timeline itself? It seems obvious from these sets of ancient texts that He does.  Suddenly this understanding explains how God will fulfill his promises --even to those who have died & have not received it yet!  This is how names are blotted out of the Book.  This is how every tear is wiped from the eyes of the righteous and how the living receive back their previously dead.  This is how the blessings of God come upon a thousand generations of the righteous.  Once all of the legal discovery is in and all the claims of the adversary answered so that due process has been rendered, --that same Yeshua is going to step back thru that temporal gateway with a proverbial plowshare that he has beaten into a "flaming-quantum-sword" and he is going to use it to cut down a particular "tree" before those living in the vicinity can taste that which grows at the end of the branch.  The timeline itself will be restored ("Behold I am making all things new") and those of us whom God has remembered (via his covenant in this timeline) will be recreated (from His memory) & grafted into the restored timeline as those who are living witnesses as to WHY it was a righteous act to cut down that "tree" (Do you see thru the metaphors)!  

And those who chose to reject the God's offer to save them in the now (that which is called the "gospel")?  History itself will call them a "bad dream" - a disastrous data-set of an entire timeline that was proven to be a bad quantum branch.  Don't let the wind-tunnel of the now be your end.   

How's your multiverse quantum-physics hypothetical viewport doing? Keeping up?  

From a study of Scripture, -once you see God's astonishing precision use of high-energy physics (notice I said "precision"), you'll understand that bending time is a theme that occurs all over the Scripture (just not generally recognized for what it is or the broadband implications).  From Sampson slaying thousands with a jawbone, -to God stopping "the sun", to Elijah outrunning chariots -to Jesus walking on the water (If you can warp time hard enough, water will behave like a non-Newtonian fluid -just keep your feet moving) and other accounts; --Every one can be explained in theory - once you enter the concept of tightly manipulating time on the local level.  In many accounts, lightning is involved.  Hello.  Some may scoff at the idea that time can flow at different rates in different places.  Those who scoff need to remind themselves that GPS satellites need to be updated daily because time on earth flows slightly slower than in orbit (the stronger the gravity well, --the more pronounced is this effect). 

So what happens when you tap the Higgs-field?  Why, -a Man who could tap that with fine precision (you know -a control mechanism that could discern joint from marrow, -or soul from spirit or even determine what a man choices would be); -such a Man could theoretically copy matter at the particle level (you divide the atoms and then tap the Higgs field to work (E=MC2) in reverse to complete each atomic half) & use the ability to turn a few loaves & fish into an amount to feed a multitude!  But, hey: Right up until the last decade -such things seems to lack a plausable scientific basis.  (Don't you just love it when the preposterous becomes plausible?)

Just the other day, -I was thinking about how silly Yeshua must have sounded when he said that even the rocks would shout out about his person if people didn't (Lk 19:40).  I had that thought while listening to Petra on my solid-state 4GB MP4-player through my headphones with pure copper windings around ceramic and mica drivers. Considering that microprocessors are made of CRYSTALS as are memory cores and that silver, copper & gold are used on a glass substrate to hold them together electrically ... Yeah ... even to my headphones: THE ROCKS CRY OUT ... (Not so preposterous now, -is it).

You see: I'm Spiritual. And because my "Spirituality" seeks to understand the "Hows & Whys", --the "religious" component of my belief system doesn't come across like a person who has just drank the LSD tainted kool-aid.  How about you?

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