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"Artists use lies to tell the truth; - but evil men use lies to cover up the truth." -EV

Thanks to all the contributions so far - especially those who submitted several.  As this site grows, we intend on posting even more actual accounts from contributors!  We encourage you to take the time to remember the details & write them into a story that other readers will be interested in & encouraged by the reading.  The account must be over 999 words.  No need to use anyone's real name or give exact locations -- because we respect your privacy (& they'll be edited for content anyhow).  Additional commentary may be edited into the final version in order to link to the outside world on germane topics.  Also, we're only interested in accounts from G0YS.  We will reformat them & edit as needed for posting.  It may take some time from submission to posting.  So, please let us consider your account!  No topic-inappropriate stories will be accepted, & all submissions must be original. 
Furthermore, to eliminate all issues of text-rights, -- all submissions become the sole property of G0YS.ORG.  E-mail your stories HERE.

- Thanks & have a great time writing!

Aristophanes voiced an opinion in Plato's Symposium when he said, "[True men] show their masculinity throughout their boyhood by the way they make friends - becoming men, and the delight they take in lying beside them and being taken in their arms. And these are the most hopeful of the nation's youth, for theirs is the most virile constitution."