Just say "NO!" to Fake-Lisps & Rainbows
[An Editorial Contribution by a Kinsey-6 G0Y]



The Parodies

People who lose touch with any semblance of reality make the best tabloid articles. The only people more absurd are those who want to give credibility to their demonstrable insanity!  Of course, this form of delusion also makes for some great spoof articles.

The DSIM 5 still classifies what is called "Gender Dysphoria", a form of mental illness.

Well, consider the assclown in the top article to the left. Well balanced? Social pillar? Community trend-setter? Person needing padded living arrangements? You say.

BTW: The term "Assclown" is the g0ys - assigned pronoun for people who seem to be in need of a different one.

I know what you're probably thinking: "Although he looks like a psycho, - he'd probably make a great childcare professional.". No?

You will recall that I mentioned that there are people who want to declare this nutburger as "sane" & give credibility to his delusional condition. They're among the same ilk as those who want to dress "Danny" as "Donna" & nominate he/she/it as "prom queen". They're why "Transgender" rides on the "gay-float" in the "pride parade". 

Men who are g0ys (by their very nature) have had to deal with the insane social fallout caused by these imbeciles for our entire adult lives.  G0YS want nothing to do with the freak-show! We find it offensive and those who want to paint the entire community of men who love men as "part" of that insanity - are nothing less than slanderers, enemies & fools.  Fucktards!

It has been my observation that mentally unbalanced men use PROPS (whether material such as flamboyant clothing traditionally associated with women, or affectations such as mannerisms, dress or non-traditional body-sculpting styles) to reinforce a delusion (conscious or otherwise) that they're some gender other than male. And then they INSIST that everyone around them repeats a mantra that declares their suppression of testosterone to be perfectly "male". It isn't. It's Genderfuck. And Genderfuck is extremely UNattractive to a man who happens to love masculinity; - & I believe Genderfuck is also a sign of a damaged psyche and a form of mental illness.

Because: Something similar happens to men who are targeted in prison and "punk'd out".  These men suffer ongoing abuse, threats & humiliation in an attempt to get them to adopt stereotypical female affectations - cumulating in them being raped anally by men (who don't want to be with a man - but want to proxy a man in the place of a woman) as IF he WAS a woman. The men this happens to are often destroyed psychologically, injured physically & end up becoming what their abusers want: The saddest version of a female impersonator.

It's my belief that men in the "gay" community are indoctrinated with a similar, but much more subtle form of destructive thinking. Rather than be a man who wants to be with a man, - the skewed notion promotes taking on a female persona to attract a "real" man. This form of delusional thinking will become just as unbalanced as the delusion can take the scenario. Figures of speech lean to represent other men as "girl", "bitch", "queen", etc. A man's anus becomes referred to as a "mangina". And anal-sex (tops/bottoms) stands in as a proxy for M/F penile/vaginal sex. And men who fall into this masculinity-destroying delusion become fully-blown androgynous freaks with a rate of sexually transmitted diseases a whopping +4000% higher than the general population (STD statistical source: American Red Cross)! G0YS completely denounce the entire gay-scenario as damn UNmasculine! It's destructiveness is self-evident and well documented.

G0YS philosophical system is starkly different. We're guys who happen to love what testosterone does as it masculinizes a man.  We do NOT want to pretend that Danny is a Donna. Our relationships are friendships that grow into physical affection & intimacy - enjoying the androgenized aspects of a buddy: Muscles, body-hair, aggression, genitals & typical male persona. We completely reject anal sex, & find Genderfuck/Camp to be the butt of jokes - as are those who practice it.  G0YS view masculine men as equals.  Most g0ys are what society would consider "BIsexual". Because most men are.  However, G0YS generally appear as the two typical guys that everyone knows are best friends. What most people have no clue is, that over time, those "best friends"  began sharing a bed/tent/sleeping-bag in the nude, - often pecs-to-pecs, balls-to-balls. Although there was lots of shared sexual release, - NOBODY was ASS-FUCKING ANYBODY - because g0ys don't. G0YS know that loving a guy has a different posturing than being with a woman because men's genitals are external & the ass isn't to be used as a vagina. Acting otherwise is deeply disrespectful, disease-spreading & often deadly.