Whether you are on the proverbial "left" or "right", -you probably need to have an attitude adjustment of the extreme sort...

Based on the principles relayed in the Scriptures, -if you get this wrong, --it'll probably cost you more than you'll want to pay. 

"Love works no ill towards his neighbor - therefore 'love' is the fulfillment of Moses' law." - Scripture
"The only thing that matters is faith expressing itself as love." - Scripture
"Love one another. By this will all men know that you are my disciples." - Yeshua (Jesus)

Time and time again "religious" zealots have made the claim that a person's sexual orientation could be changed.  Time & time again those making such claims have been proven to be liars (clouds without rain).  Statistics show that +60% of the population is amBIsexual.  It may be a wise thing to embrace that FACT -- considering the Scriptures say that those who practice fraud will not inherit God's kingdom. 

How has this information affected men who look into BOTH aspects of the issue?