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An entire subculture of dating, hookups & seeking out other men - not unlike traditional M/F dating moirés. This mode of meeting places SEX on the forefront because the concept is baked into the very terminology of the subculture. I.E: Gays often go to "GAY BARS". Just a plain term "BAR" (where a person may visit for a number of reasons) won't suffice. Adding "GAY" to the term puts SEX into the spotlight & many people find that notion as being forced.  Meeting other guys? Friendships between men that deepen over time. The model is identical to traditional M/M interactions where sexual interests are not the primary pursuit (but may be secondary in some friendships).  I.E: G0YS interested in growing M/M relationships would more likely go to a traditional "BAR" as opposed to one advertising to "gays".  Putting sexual interests into conversation is often taboo because, while G0YS already know that most guys are amBIsexual; -Some men are uncomfortable with the notion - especially due to "gay" stereotypes. So, why force the issue?
Anything goes. Consequences be damned. AnalSex has become the presumed popular position where gay men take on role of penetrator & being penetrated - a misappropriated model of traditional male/female roles based on mere appearance - despite completely inadequate anatomical structures. This accounts for the explosive levels of STIs among gay men at a rate +4000% higher than the general population (stats source: American Red Cross) & I.E: Over 100 million deaths globally via HIV alone. Sexual Interests? AnalSex is COMPLETELY SHUNNED as are other activities that are callous & perilous. Many g0ys engage in 'Frot" which is genital to genital contact - usually face to face where each man slowly enjoys the close contact to the entirely of his partner's physique & climax often happens intensely due to extended close physical contact - NOT by either man jackhammering his partner.  Orgasm is a natural side affect ; - Not the main focus of the encounter. G0YS realize that their d!cks already know what to do.
A major theme promoted in the gay community & often disregarded as shown by the mortality numbers associated with perilous STDs. Condom use is the mantra repeated although AnalSex is so dangerous & often breaks condoms so that infection results regardless. Furthermore, the continual attention that is given to the mechanics of the use of condoms creates continuous interrupts for couples who wish to "stay safer" than without those us use them. The gay male demographic has the highest rates of STIs of ANY demographic - being +4000% more likely to be actively harboring a serious STD then the population at large. Lesbians, as a stark contrast, are among the very lowest rates of STIs. Why? Lesbians don't do AnalSex.  "Safe" Sex? Beyond basic conversation to clear any questions about STI issues - G0YS generally don't use condoms & need NOT deal with all of the logistics. Most men are averse to wrapping their cocks in plastic because nature itself knows that unbarrier'd ejaculation is what allows the next generation to be born. So, G0YS generally keep their penises naked during sexual intimacy & focus on enjoying climax unencumbered. Because is rejected completely as are actions that would bring either man into contact with a fecal biohazard, - G0Y sexual interactions are generally +5000% safer per incident (& that CDC figure is using OralSex as a statistical baseline)! Frot is magnitudes safer yet! STI infection rates are extremely low among g0ys - even without barrier use.