+60% is N0T a MINORITY...

If you don't have a "thing" for some of the members of your own sex - then statistics say: You're a bit odd...

If you're like me - then you suspect the numbers on the chart above must be skewed. I hear it from people all the time: "That can't be right!". I agree.  38% at the Kinsey-0 position is likely a gross distortion.  The actual percentage at K-0 is very likely lower! And, as the numbers continue to come it - this hypothesis is being proven! Click the chart above & see for yourself! When the new page resolves, select the link titled: "Let's Talk About Sex". Vote & then return here.

The chart above was created by the answers of over 50,000 people to a simple question: "Where does your sexuality exist on a scale of 0 to 6?".  The question was asked at the opening of a website that examined human sexuality.  The reason that 38% at Kinsey-0 is most likely high is (2) fold:

  1. People who visited the website needed to answer the question before gaining access to the primary site. If they happened to have others looking over their shoulder at the screen - they would be more inclined (because of the 'issues' their true answer might raise) to answer that they were "Kinsey-0's" to avert scrutiny, rumor or scandal.  Consider: From the chart - we KNOW that +60% of the population ISN'T at the 0 position.  However - of the people you know ... how many are likely to answer anything other than "0" with others looking over their shoulder?  Makes sense, yes?

  2. People who are "homo-phobic" for whatever reason - are more likely to answer "0", (for the above reason, and because people who are deeply homophobic are often slightly paranoid about their "true feelings"; -- & also use a mindset based more on "wishful thinking" than reality).  If they "admit" the truth that they're not at "0", then they become the target of their own phobia & the hostility related to it.  Click on "0" & maybe, somehow - it will come to be the "truth".  I can say this is how these people think because years ago -- it was precisely what I would have done.  I'm at the "6" position, but there was a time when the denial was so great & fear so pressing that I would have clicked "0" - just hoping my belief in what I thought was possible might magically make it so! Consider how easy it is for someone at the "1" position to click "0" with just a small amount of self justification or creative rationalization.   

For those (2) reasons, the number at the Kinsey-0 spot is very likely - quite inflated.  Where it belongs is likely less than 35% - perhaps substantially lower (but that would be a sheer guess).   Consider: Anyone who clicked anything other than a 0 were probably being more honest.  Assuming that some who selected "0" were actually anything other (but clicked under duress) - then I can postulate that the combined percentage of K-5/6's (16% [7%+9%]) is slightly low. Also, between the "1" & "2" positions the difference is 12% - but between the 2 & 3 the difference is only 1%.  I think this is because those in the scale-middle are less influenced by gender than the certain personality traits of various individuals.  Someone at "3" may have a more difficult time determining that they are a "3" than someone who is at the end-point -- because the "3" may be more influenced by cultural behaviors that they prefer that are socially part of a certain genders.  This suggests that the numbers in the center of the chart are less certain (subject to personal interpretation of the poll taker) than those of the true endpoints.  Fortunately, they are also smaller percentages so larger extremes of error can be tolerated without the picture shifting too much.  All that analysis given - I would be surprised if even a third of the population was at "0".  Knocking 5% off the "0" position & distributing it over the continuum of the chart would not even amount to a 1% change in any other the other figures! 

Using statistical spreads & assuming smooth curves instead of stair-steps -- this is what I speculate the figures more closely resemble:

G0YS ORG Adjusted Kinsey Poll Table Statistical Spread [Hypothetical]

33% 21% 10% 9% 8% 9% 10%
Kinsey-0 Kinsey-1 Kinsey-2 Kinsey-3 Kinsey-4 Kinsey-5 Kinsey-6

Of course, this table assumes (& adjusts for) the probability of the over-reporting at K-0 in the original statistical pool; -- & then applies a curve across a synthetic population base much larger than the sample.  If graphed - the curve should not be drawn with a solid line - but with a wide gradient of gray - darker along the curve plot.  

Consider this: Depending on social pressures (I.E: Nazi's kicking in doors in your neighborhood & sticking pink triangles on people before taking them away 'somewhere'), anyone on the Kinsey scale from 0 to 5 - can "fake straight"..."Heil!"...

The only people who can't fake it are at the "6" position ... but man - I've seen some use some BS! If two-thirds of those at "6" can bluff their way along - into the priesthood, perhaps<ahem>...that leaves about 3% left. 3% - Hitler's estimate & that of the religious reich!  

"Only 3% are 'hoe-moe-sex-shualz'" (Jerry Falwell supposedly said so).  In the 1950's, western churches began to abandon being churches - in favor of applying as government sanctioned non-prophet corporations.  Laodicea takes root in the USA. Pastor Ichabod takes his office & the "Church Inc." embraces a lie that Hitler himself would love! 

By the 1970's - based on gay-pride parade statistics I think - that 3% was getting louder & 'gasp' - GROWING According to the religious reich - the growth was caused by "gay militants -recruiting our children"! And the Moral Majority swelled - lining the pocketbooks of the lying preachars of gay-doomWhat - in fact was happening was that same-sex education sources & publications were finding a larger audience - now who dared to buy such things! The numbers on Kinsey's scale weren't shifting. Personal awareness was.  Meanwhile - the so-called "church" was in an all out attack to alienate everyone with a same gender attraction ... "Heil!" (After all - it's only a perverse "3%" - right? Theology be damned. We have tradition)! This had the effect of gradually pushing nearly everyone Kinsey-[4-6 (about 37%)] of the population out of the church - while those Kinsey-3 & below who stayed played it "straight". Hypocrisy & homophobia are familiar bedfellows. The unreasoning media fanned the flames (pun) from all sides - except the side of truth.

Standard Deviation Stats Say: 

This chart is a typical curve of a standard deviation chart used in statistical modeling within a large number of disciplines.  Please notice how the green-area is 67-68% of the chart. This happens to be in agreement with g0ys speculation (based in Kinsey's research) that 67% of the population is selectively amBIsexual to completely same-gender attracted.    

G0YS.org is a movement to reclaim healthy masculinity & the positive traits of men of good conscience & proclaim that message to all men. G0YS.org is sounding a call back to civic awareness & moral accountability; - while shunning the shallow pettiness of selfish ambitions in the pursuits of vanity that rob men of understanding. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance; - While ignorance is the lesson of the slave owner.

The Implications:

If your brain is turned on & tuned in - then you see what this all implies. For those of you still pondering the meaning of it all - I'll be blunt. That chart is a gigantic testimony proving that what most people claim in public about sexuality - is usually bullshit! Consider it!

We live on a globe where it is generally assumed that most people are "straight"; -- With a much lower percentage being "gay".  And BIsexuality (AMBIsexuality) is almost ignored. What does the poll (shown by the chart) say? It virtually SCREAMS that M0ST people are BIsexual (AMBIsexual) - to some degree; -- With only about a third of the population being "straight" & about 10% exclusively same-gender-attracted!

+60% is N0T a MINORITY. If you have been living with fear or shame because you think your buddy is hott - then it's time to relax & take a deep breath of relief.  And if you're "hott" - there's more than a 60% chance that your buddy secretly thinks the same thing about you! It may be time for you to flip on your G0YDAR!

Of course - this knowledge brings with it a sense of righteous indignation & a moral call to get pissed off at the lies & those spreading them. What I find works well is sending a link to people/groups your are associated with that brings them here -or to a g0y-themed URL.  Build an anonymous e-mail address to do this from if you want to stay a safe distance from the fallout. I'd suggest you avoid a direct approach.  Being direct opens the door for being slandered & puts the other party on the spot concerning their position on the chart. 

Blindside people from a safe distance with the facts & then watch for changes in your favor. The rewards are quite literally - priceless. Writing editorials can make headway too. What that chart reveals is astonishing;  -& when men who read the chart begin to get disgusted about the arse-pounding gAy-male community ... that's a great moment to hit them with g0ys.org (because what we believe in our core statements rings true with the silent majority of men).  If you can diffuse the guilt trip society lays on men of ethics because of their inner-sexuality - then the depth & number of friendships you can build over time has no limit.