The 'gay-male' community lacks basic male empathy? How?


Remember ... +50% of men love men (to some degree). Yet these very normal, masculine men were suddenly being labeled by the same 3-letter term as the queens (drag/brownie) & the child molesters of NAMBLA! And evil religion hammered that message to raise fear, funds & control people.  This dynamic is where the term PERVERT got unjustly welded to ALL men who loved men/too.  And men who were "TRADE", pulled far back into the shadows because even they wanted nothing to do with the flamboyant sociopaths & narcissists getting the pictures & headlines whenever the press typed the word "GAY" in a headline. 

As explained elsewhere on this site: All mammalian life starts out FEMALE inutero. Genes cause hormonal triggers to masculinize the body/brain but in most men the original sexual aesthetic appreciation also remains. This is why most guys are "BI". And when functioning correctly - men know the anatomical differences between the sexes & how each is to be treated in proper sexual context. This means that Bisexual men know how to sexually interact properly with each gender. And because of a deeply rooted disgust reflex in relationship to feces - AnalSex is a highly unnatural fetish with a non-genital organ that results in a biohazard with a propensity to spread diseases at a whopping rate +5000% higher than even oralsex! AnalSex is a deadly fetish as million of people have sadly learned the hard way. Most men know this on a very deep, primal level. It is only due to the toxic influences of a bad peer group that people override this natural aversion to sh!t.

Men of good conscience side with the g0ys positioning on this matter. Those who lack the moral inclination to steer clear of the AssFuck-act are among the the hell-bound that have already left a legacy of a rotting pile of corpses - millions of dead-men deep. Morality is not an abstract concept - but an innate belief system evidenced by the numerous disastrous results of those who violate its principles. Again: Men of good conscience know these things in their very core being which is the real reason why the "GAY" community is shunned by most men. The issue is not the gender of people who love each other. The issue is the connection the gay-male community has adopted regarding sex in SH!THOLES. Ergo: GAY MEN LACK FUNDAMENTAL EMPATHY - as evidenced by the promotion of the AssFuck Act! And gay-media broadcasts that message at a near blinding level.

It's the truth! And it's obvious when you consider the facts. Kinsey's research dating back to the late 1940's indicated that over 50% of the male population was selectively amBIsexual. So why has society invented so many slang terms deriding same gender intimacy? I can explain it from first hand experience - being a guy who loves guys. Most guys find the imagery, fetishes & conversation that comes out of the "GAY" male community to be extremely debased. It's that simple and It's an innate gut-feeling set based on sound science. The problem isn't loving a buddy; -But the notion that playing in SH!T might be involved! G0YS dispel that notion by REJECTING the SH!T-PLAYERS.

"Yeah, I love guys; -Yet have NO inclination to play inside assholes, NOR wear women's clothes NOR take on the mannerisms of my aunt Karen; -& I find all such activities to be disgustingly emasculating & about as appealing as castration without anesthetic. " - Me & Most Guys.

And after decades, most guys still feel this way. However, so-called "political correctness" has caused many to be more careful with their words. But, the general sentiment hasn't budged. However, men are more casually open with physical contact then several decades ago because principles such a "Bromances", "Bruhs", "G0YS" & other casual male bonding social phenomena have arisen giving an outlet to male/male affection while still staying away from the stigmas of the "gay" label itself.

Photographic history has revealed - that well over 60 years ago - traditional activities considered "male" such as wrestling - became an excuse to photograph nude men, & had a wide appeal to an audience large enough to support an underground culture of male vibrato that lacked gender-bending & completely shunned anal-sex (while funding many publications that show-cased the male bodyform as "art").  Great efforts were made to represent such photography as art, history & athletics (but everybody involved really wanted to see beautiful men in the least amount of clothing possible) with the sole purpose of the staging to leverage the 1st Amendment & evade the prude, censor & self-appointed morality-mob. What a social mine-field & mind job!

And, there was terminology that described men who were into masculine men: "TRADE". And Kinsey's research revealed that this appealed to the vast majority of men. Masculine beauty, aesthetics & mannerisms were components of men in the "TRADE". Body-building & gym-tech (in part) grew out of this aesthetic appreciation for the male bodyform as art.

There was also a minority of men who were effeminate, genderfucks & more likely to be what we consider gay-stereotypes today. They were also labeled with the term: "SO". Thousands of years ago, the Romans had a term for such men too: "SEMI-VERI". Literally, "HALF-MALE". And it was THAT group of "SEMI-VERI" who were likely to be into drag, anal-sex & gender-fuck. Today we know that the behavior of AnalSex has spread over 95% of sexually transmitted diseases suffered by humanity and the direct cause of millions of deaths globally via diseases since the 1960's! Such "gays" are EMPATHY-DEFICIENT!

Thousands of years ago in Greece & later in Rome it was seen as colossally shameful to be identified as "SEMI-VERI" (yet neither culture had issue with men who loved men, whatsoever); -& likewise, it was seen as shameful to be "SO" when discussing "TRADE" thousands of years later! One of the best known & loudest gay-activists of all time (Larry Kramer) identified the callous behavior of the "gay" community & called it "murderous".  Murderous. AnalSex promoting, Disease-spreading, & EMPATHY DEFICIENT! SO SEMIVIRI!

In the late 1960's - shortly after the Stonewall riots, the "media" began to cover the topics of "gay" liberation with an ever increasing number of stories & photographs as people turned out for socials, parades & libcentric events. And what happened was predictable in hindsight: The most bizarre & flamboyant of the crowd are those who got photographed. And it was THOSE bizarre images that were thrust into the public eye every time the term "GAY" made headlines. This hypnotic mischaracterization was seized upon by the religious-reicht and used as a basis to raise money in order to "defend the children against the gays". And let me remind you that NAMBLA was originally also part of that "gay" movement! It became a social tragedy that lax, slanted journalism ended up painting men who loved men with the same brush used to display child-molesters (NAMBLA), drag-queens & those promoting analsex (referred to as "brownie-queens"). It was the mass-media that ignited the homophobia of the 20th century & it continues to push a narrative of lies & half truths until this very day! True journalism is an endangered occupation. Consider this song from way back in the 1980's.

This is where the real social separation dynamic occurred in the "gay" male community. Men of good conscience began to step away from the tainted term "GAY", -while the flamboyant group of semiviri that had seized the eye of the press loudly extolled its bankrupt-morality of pure, disease-spreading decadence; -also representing itself as the face & voice of "GAY" that they also called "Queer".
What a FUCK!NG disaster! A perfect storm of lies came upon a society that had forgotten +3000 years of history; -& in almost no time, the EXACT TYPE OF RELATIONSHIP THAT DAVID & JONATHAN IN THE BIBLE HAD ENJOYED (See: 2nd Sam 1:26), was relabeled as an "ABOMINATION" by RELIGIOUS HACKS & INTELLECTUALLY LAZY SEMINARY STUDENTS who didn't stop to examine the massive cultural & historical differences between men who were "TRADE" vs. the half-men who were "SO"!

The fact that over 50% of the male population is selectively ambisexual makes perfect sense when you discard the notion of innate monogamy. A quick look at history shows polygamy to be the case in every ancient civilized culture (Astonishingly enough - the Bible is one of the best references for this fact - loaded with examples of men who had more than one wife. And the relationship between Prince Jonathan & David the shepherd (future king) makes perfect sense when you figure out that you're clearly looking at legitimate, cultural pederasty between the two)! And g0ys have no issue with the possibility that the guy they're currently cuddling with may have interests in women & want (or currently have) a more traditional family.  In the example of David & Jonathan - each did have at least one wife.  As soon as you no longer need to make a choice regarding either/or relationship status - the dilemma of who gets to love who goes away. Lots of men already know this and the "remote fishing trip" enjoyed by male friends where nobody does much fishing is much more common than people realize.  And when these events occur - it's not one guy looking to replace a woman with a man. It's about a guy who has a need to be intimately bonded with another guy who innately understands what it is to BE a guy.  Pillow-talk between such men often consists of family, friends, work, problems, health, etc. It's completely normal conversation that 2 very close guys would have in a context free from the stress of whatever else may be going on in life. It does NOT represent a threat to family because dispelling the notion of monogamy eliminates the dilemma of "Who can I be with sexually". This is especially true between men who were physically intimate early on - before having traditional families. That perspective does not diminish the value of love, personal discretion, health, friendship or family. And it certainly isn't a signal to abandon the notion of personal restraint. There is no shortage of beautiful men who carry pathogens in their body that are invisibly killing them slowly & would willingly do the same to you & everyone in your intimate circle. While eliminating high-risk behavior like AnalSex reduces risks of contagion; -the closer you get to somebody the greater the risk that something might jump from them to you. A great rule of thumb is to assume everyone has lice - until you get to know them well enough to know differently.

The ancient Greeks had a saying: "You can lift the Bull if you carried the Calf". The expression is a reference to early male/male intimate friendships in the context of Pederasty where a teenage guy would would befriend another guy -usually shortly after the younger had entered puberty (but relationships closer in age were also common).  One dimension of the friendship that usually developed was sexual. Analsex was ILLEGAL & that fact destroys the notion that these intimate friendships resembled the odd, gender-bending gay relationships showcased in modern media. The part of the previous expression: "You can lift the bull" is referring to the bull's testicles. In simple terms - if you had a tender, supportive intimate friendship earlier in life - you should be able to respectfully hold his balls later in adulthood without being gored.      

So, contrary to all of the focus on the rituals surrounding the practice of AnalSex expressed in the "gay" community; -Men involved in the vast majority of male friendships that involve sexuality have no innate interest whatsoever in playing in anyone's anus. Most men find the idea repulsive (& wisely so)! These friendships usually deepen & become intimate for a number of reasons that occur in the natural course of close physical contact & relaxed physical acceptance. Men who express high serum levels of testosterone in the form of increased musculature, bone-density & aggression become sexually attractive and the more prominently testosterone expresses itself - the more likely other men are to recognize its expression & find it desirable in the man exuding the traits caused by it.

Simply put, guys who are friends & physically comfortable with each other may discover that activities that bring them to orgasm with their buddy are extremely conducive to building the friendship. The raw fact is that men mature sexually from 13 to 15 years of age and with sexual maturity comes the need to ejaculate regularly to keep body & psyche in balance.  Men jack-off because it temporarily takes the sexual-tension away that is otherwise whispering from their balls to their ears constantly. And men who are friends & trust each other often discover that it is far more satisfying to have a buddy do the job of jacking than you doing it yourself. And once close physical contact results in orgasm mixed with the brain chemicals of oxytocin, serotonin, & dopamine - the stage is set to repeat the pleasurable experience & bonds the friendship like concrete in the mutual sharing - enter vasopressin.  And for thousands of years - this was the natural rhythm of the best male friendships. . . .  That is, until a group of men who dress like women & call themselves "father" while molesting little children - pulled the biggest con in the history of humanity & hoodwinked a notable part of society into believing that they "represented God"! And this "God" was one whack-job of an exploitative prude - in light of Kathylich standards (And if you don't like what I'm saying then you need a remedial history lesson starting at or about the Spanish inquisition!). I am not antiChristian. I am, anti-deception. I absolutely hate the mindless mantras of false fuck!ng religions & detest the worship of human beings & their institutions - also observed in the secular religion called: "POLITICS". 

And I am anti-deception because I am also high-trait-empathy in my personality and deception causes injury & death. And because I care about people - I do not want to see people injured or killed by acting on the lies of liars!


I love men and I enjoy contact with fit, attractive men. Why? To make friends of them, of course! Friendship is always a good platform to build from. I.E: Having studied physical therapy - I can wrestle a man & when I feel comfortable enough, -I add massage & physical manipulations that produce cracks & pops as joints reset & spines align. Most men immediately succumb to the physical pleasure this brings & relax as I slowly work them over. And once you've given guys a good massage - they always come back for more.  And this sets the future tone for all future interactions: Relaxed, physical, fun & trusting. When I was in school (starting in Jr high) I figured this out. Lots of guys into guys figure this out.  After all: If you want to make contact, - offering something of value is the common-sense approach & a basic knowledge of physiology & massage allows you to bring that value wherever you are. So, as I said, lots of guys have already figured this out. So, if you know how to reduce pain, speed recovery & make a guy feel good - your opportunity to demonstrate to a sore or an injured guy will eventually present itself.  See the section on G0YDAR for some suggestions. Soon these same guys I was massaging the soreness out of - were staying overnight, going camping with me & were among my best friends. But when we'd get alone - these same guys (who would often berate "fags" in school) - would lock my door, pull my blinds, undress & talk me into giving them a massage. You see - in their minds - this activity is simply what put the "BEST" in the term "BEST-FRIENDS". At the exact same time - these guys were locking my door and pulling the blinds; -it was because they didn't want anyone to see what was going on and mistake it for "GAY". You see, extremely close physical contact, gentle affection & deep friendship wrapped in respect was completely natural & MALE activity to all of these guys. BECAUSE IT IS. These same guys also realized that the "gay-media" had smeared sh!t on such closeness between men & associated it with ! Turning up the privacy level merely prevents anyone from seeing what was personal & respectable occurring - & then insinuating that something reprehensible (like ) might also be happening. One day my friend, Carlos, asked me why I was "so good to him" & I matter-of-factly replied, "Because I fuck'n love you from balls to brows, brother." & kept on massaging him. When guys know that you abhor the act of the ass-fuck & would never proxy another guy as a stand in for a woman; - the level of frank, verbal love you can express is virtually always taken as a bonding compliment. The ass-fuck (NOT gentle intimacy) is what turned the word "gay" into the modern equivalent of "leper". And worse than leprosy - a proverbial mountain of corpses piled globally over 100-million high, made via the STDs spread vial AnalSex testifies as to how despicable that damnable fetish is. One of my friends asked me if I was ever worried that people would accuse us of being gay if they saw how close we got physically when we were alone. My reply was considered well in advance: "People talk all sorts of trash. The bottom line is this: Gays give & take it up the ass and I'd never do that sh!t to a bro I love & respect. Forget what shallow-fucks gossip about.".  And I followed up with a smile in my voice while adding, "But I might be willing to give you an occasional hand-job is you ask really nice.". I'd known Paul for a few years (since 4th grade) at that point. He snorted a laugh but the fact was that he was thinking about that comment quite intensely because it struck a chord. Paul wasn't interested in ass-fucking anyone. He was getting wood more & more frequently when I'd massage him. Most men are selectively BIsexual and Paul was discovering just how much love a friendship could contain without threatening his sense of being a guy. It was toward the end of the school year when he stayed over on a weekend during break. I had a basement bedroom and the temperature was always in the low 60's(F) due to the ground temperature. The guest bed was in my room, but the television was lined up with my bed. Yeah - I set it up intentionally that way because to watch a movie - my guest would end up in my bed & the low room temperature was a guarantee that he'd be under covers with me. And over the course of the night - I'd end up massaging him right out of his clothes & because nudity is regularly part of massage - getting guys to schuck all their clothing wasn't that difficult to do - because they were still under the covers & we'd been in locker-rooms too many times to count anyhow. I've had guys ask if being with a nude guy made me uncomfortable. My stock answer which was quite premeditated was 2 fold: I'd say that I wouldn't be comfortable with just anyone - but because we were good friends - I was totally fine hanging out locker-room mode with them. And then I'd usually add a reassurance - something like, "But trust me Bro, - you've got nothing to be self conscious about.". And sometimes - depending on the guy, adding a pause & asking (in a sincere tone): "...unless you're self-conscious about ... something...". And then I'd give 'em a friendly look that expressed a hint a curiosity, & challenge to their self-confidence if they were to have 'something' they were self conscious of. It's a turn around on the psychology of nudity. You make is clear that you don't see anything wrong with it - but suspect the motives of people who do. This tone can be set in a completely respectful frame. It usually puts a smile on the other guy's face & they end up doubling-down of being nude.  And there was one attitude I broadcast loudly whenever anyone would mention the subject of AnalSex - I made it a point to put a subtle look of disgust on my face & add commentary along the lines of "Dirty, Disrespectful, Disease-Spreading, Deadly & Damn-UNmasculine" -because that is the truth & also precisely how I felt about the subject. And when your buddies know that you have a real disdain with even the notion of the AssFuck - then they know that you are NOT amicable to "those who would do such things".  And when you draw THAT hard line - people who know you also know that you have no inclination to ever engage in that act. And because the "GAY" stereotype is completely wrapped up in the act of the AssFuck; - loudly opposing it cuts you off from any association w. that demographic! Men who are your friends & know you're absolutely opposed to the AssFuck will be much more open to your affection because they know you'd NEVER violate them in that manner. This moral posturing is the very foundational difference between G0Y vs. GAY and it is a monumental point of contention. To read another fantastic blog on the differences between general, historical male intimacy vs. the alphabet-soup group of gay "GLITQetc", see: 'My Gay Experience With A Straight Guy video": Commentary'

And how does this g0y difference in perspective affect relationships? It's awesome. You end up with a number of friends that are closer than brothers. Extended family is a term that barely begins to describe how these guys interact with you. You become the guy that they can be naked without shame & close to.  And a number of them (about 33-40%) end up showing the fact that they are somewhere on Kinsey's sexuality scale other than (0). And you'll begin to hear it from people: "Wait, Are you guys brothers?" I began to hear it enough that my instant reply would be, "Well, we have different mothers". Notice that I did NOT say that "we're brothers". I simply jump to the fact we have different mothers and let presumptions go where they will. Most guys - especially guys you're bonded to - will smile & go along with the charade. Lots of guys experience their "coming of age sexually" with another guy. And it usually happens in the same context. My friend "Paul" was early to hit puberty at full speed as was I. I was about 5'8" and he was about 5'7" tall. He was one of those guys who had no body fat & was really striated under his clothes - sexy-hot early on. I had started working out when I hit puberty so I was respectable physically for my age. Once I had Paul in bed with his clothes off I mentioned that I slept in the buff & got naked. Having Paul in my hug as I rubbed on him his heartbeat & breathing were aerobic zone - as I guess mine were too. Once I rolled him toward me - chest to chest, balls to balls & his raging hardon met mine he lasted less than a minute before he arched his back & tightened his ass as he ejaculated a nutt-storm all over my abs. It set me off instantly & what a freak'n, hott mess. This one event started a chain of regular hookups that lasted for years until he moved away. Today he has a wife, kids, dog, etc. We're still great friends even long distance. He knows - as do MILLIONS of men (whom everyone else considers, "straight") - that same-sex intimacy is not a condition of being, but a set of actions that occur within certain circumstances. Most guys are BI. It is the single most profound truth of human sexuality that society is still oblivious to due to gigantic lies entrenched in the vulgar news of pop culture since the early 20th century!

There are MILLIONS of guys with that same story told in a nearly infinite number of ways.  Nobody get's ass-fuck'd. Nobody put's on his sister's clothes. Nobody has a sudden urge to attend a parade where people with contrary value sets shove their asses in everyone's face. It's a colossal fuck'n tragedy that so many guys have been brainwashed to think that such a gentle, shared intimacy means they need to consider if it "makes" them part of some socially-constructed demographic that shuns the effects of testosterone. And on the other side of the valley of lies are the religious hacks (millions of them or more) who promote the lie that such intimacy is "an abomination" or words to that effect. The Hebrew-Christian Scriptures have NOTHING BAD to say about same gender intimacy. Doubt that? Click here.