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"A form of 'morality' based on abstract rules changes as the rule-makers change the rules; --But a morality based on loving principles is timeless." - Gimmel Yod

"For I know not any greater blessing to a young man who is beginning in life than a virtuous lover, or to a lover than a beloved youth. For the principle, I say, neither kindred, nor honor, nor wealth, nor any motive is able to implant so well as love. Of what am I speaking? Of the sense of honor and dishonor, without which neither states nor individuals ever do any good or great work… And if there were only some way of contriving that a state or an army should be made up of lovers and their loves, they would be the very best governors of their own city, abstaining from all dishonor and emulating one another in honor; and it is scarcely an exaggeration to say that when fighting at each other’s side, although a mere  handful, they would overcome the world." - Phaedrus  

Pederasty today has been grossly misrepresented by groups of people afraid that two young men may honorably love each other with a smoldering set of passions, --or groups that wish to misrepresent it to imply sex with children.  In fact, Pederasty was the practice of one group of young men, --befriending, training & loving the next generation shortly after the latter entered puberty.  It was consensual, noble, loving, educational & was a great benefit to society.  And like any society, there were also unethical people who exploited others via prostitution, slavery & other forms of inhumanity. But those bad examples are not by any means representative of the practice of pederasty, -any more than a rapist or pimp represent nurturing love today.

One letter communicated a series of accounts written by a man about his relationships as a teen at a religious camp.  In addition to highlighting a number of close friendships that developed & grew physical when in private (such as campouts while in the same tent); --one account was particularly on point: It was between the camper and a counselor.  According to the account - the camper (16 at the time) experienced a powerful attraction for a counselor 9 years his senior -and detailed the steps that the camper took over the course of the camp-season to befriend (& ultimately seduce) the counselor.  As read about in other accounts of similar behavior: There was no desire for AnalSex whatsoever, and the bond was  consummated in the nude, -face-to-face & groin-to-groin.  The writer described his disappointment with his older 'conquest' when the counselor initially expressed regret at having experienced a mutual orgasm with the teen (very soon after the deed had been done) on supposed religious principles.  However, the counselor had a difficult time resisting "temptation" for the rest of the camping season as the younger was able to sway him to take a naked tent-tour several more times.  The counselor did not return the following season -despite the camper's return (in hopes of deepening the friendship even further).  

The writer's point was - that in his mind -- sexual climax was the shared event of the very best friendships -especially where a handsome counselor was involved; -- And that he could not have possibly have been anyone's "victim" because nothing was ever forced onto him.  He wanted the physical contact & shared sexual intimacy with a man he admired, respected & had grown to love deeply.  From his perspective: That's simply what best friends did with each other.  And his beliefs have +3000 years of precedent!  How about your's?

But can you imagine what would have happened to the counselor in this day & age -- had he been discovered with the camper who had seduced him?  The only tragedy would have been the situation created by the legal-system itself!  From a victim-count of ZER0, --the state would make (2) -- maybe more!  And what would become of the camp itself (a place smeared by the state & rumored to allow counselors and campers of the same-sex to seductively-socialize)!  

The Scriptures define immoral men as such that: INVENT WAYS OF SINNING.  I would suggest that to turn something into a SIN, that for thousands of years has not been considered to be one -- is INVENTING A WAY OF SINNING.  And ironically, --such an "invention" comes by way of the exact type of people whom Jesus himself had criticized as being hypocrites in both religious & matters of governance!  Imagine that!

And so, religious hypocrites who preach a message of generic hatred against mere same gender affections are constantly being caught in situations that are actual abusive torts.
(I.E: ASS-FUCKING PROSTITUTES while INTOXICATED on HARD DRUGS); -And then obtuse idiots attempt to paint all same-gender affectionate relationships with the same broad brush in their attempt to ride the moral shockwave toward their own agendas.  Never in my lifetime have I yet heard any of them raise the point that "Some men who love men feel NO-compulsion to AssFuck nor use hard drugs." ... & so their sheeple-followers remain clueless & without discernment between moral & the immoral distinctions - having lost touch with the simple principle that "Love works no ill".

Of course, there are still places where the insane don't have jurisdiction in such matters; --where people who love each other can enjoy the physical dimensions in safety, love & respect without worrying about the penis-police making baseless, arbitrary pronouncements.  Maybe, someday - the rest of the world will gain wisdom & the only matters the state will concern itself with are those outcomes birthed by malice, & gross disregard for safety.  

Perhaps someday, the likes of the "Church-Lady" won't be able to "raise up victims from these stones"... so easily by shaming young guys with a lie that tells them that their feelings of natural-affection are actually "grievously-sinful".  God-damn her & her political whores (& I believe with all my heart that: That prayer will come to pass)!

Hey! Teens ARE Adults!

Q: What do you call a person who goes about telling teenage guys that they shouldn't be sexually active?

And the vast majority of guys who grew up with such messages being broadcast -often eventually found ways to disregard them on as many occasions as possible. Why do so many teenagers "despise authority"? Because the "Church Lady", "Betty Bowers" or the like have perverted the authorities with irrational dogmas- & now have a telescope aimed at the genitals of young adults (&/ teens) with a set of abstract, age-based prohibitions that are completely contrary to nature!  And in advocating what simply IS; --I'm not implying an attitude of carelessness nor suggesting irresponsibility for a moment.  As a "G0Y", -I was raised in a "Christian" home with those same unrealistic messages all around --from Sunday-School to Public-School.  But, because of my intellect, I managed to plan, & cultivate g0y relationships through those years & beyond. I've since discovered that many men have had similar experiences & navigated what is an invisible minefield of shifting attitudes, unclear social messages, wavering friendships controlled by dogmatic-religious-fears & laws that are as inconsistent across borders as they are across age-ranges &  gender compositions!  

Ironically, what the Scriptures really teach actually expose the LIES told by many religious sects about sexuality. As I dug into them, - I became aware that the deceptions I had previously believed -- had negatively affected my internal ethos in ways that few could have generally anticipated.  The mind-job of living in such a state of internal compromise between reality itself, - clashing with the lies that extolled the statistically impossible - WTF!  And it is inevitable that many guys reading these very words know exactly what I am talking about!  One account from a former navy service-member summed this enigma-set up as he explained: "On ship, -after a few months, -lots of guys gradually became more openly relaxed in each other's company & open to casual extended physical contact -until the CO openly expressed concern that his crew might be becoming "gay".  Once voiced, -this 'assertion' poisoned the closeness of these friendships with the implication that: "What gays do () is coming onboard via these closer friendships".  Ship-board tension increased as men suddenly needed to reaffirm their "masculinity" by NOT being affectionate with other guys that they'd learned to relax in the company of.  The guy you were wrapped up with on the bunk last week was suddenly calling you a "fag" for sitting too close at meal time.  And variations of this story are continuously retold in many contexts, -usually military but often single gender boarding schools, etc.  Natural-affection becomes smeared & shamed with allegations of "flamboyant-gay-excesses, perils & ". The douches who shame natural male affection this way should have their genitals welded to an anchor & cast overboard!       

Having my eyes opened to one simple legal principle and understanding that the Scripture teaches the same thing in different words: "No Victim; --No Crime" and in the words of the latter: "Love works no ill."; --That understanding fixed my falsely accused - conscience & the internal compromises stopped - because my value set changed to embrace a realistic world-view & reject the abusive, religious accusations of unrealistic expectations that were contrary to natural affection & a man's need to have sexual release regularly once puberty sets in. Teenage guys think about sex constantly because they're built for it - lots of it. This is why the median age for marriage was 15-17 prior to the 20th century (in the west). A society that places a taboo on male/male sexual intimacy, - causes the rates of teen pregnancy to rise because teen-men will find an outlet for this powerful need if not with each other.       

Because being "G0Y" is the natural & common state to being a man, -the guys who extended their empathy, affection & respectful-sexuality to their best friends --are/were also among the best balanced emotionally (-minus the psychological impact of negative mantras that condemn same-gender-affection & teen sexuality in general).  Of, course -the g0ys movement now counters foolish negatives with over 3000 years of history and a revised view of morality based on OUTCOMES of actions rather than abstract irrational taboos. And those of us who have a faith in God, -have discovered that the Scriptures support the honesty of this viewpoint and actually condemn religious leaders who make rules for the sake of having rules!  Scriptural-quotes like "They tie up heavy burdens on the backs of men, but won't lift a finger to help!"  are about those religious leaders who promote impossible rules based on obtuse (unbound) readings of the Scriptures!  Most people are astonished when they learn that Yeshua (Jesus) was the ADVERSARY of those who promoted a false God-view based on endless rules (Why do you think the religious leaders of His day conspired with the Romans to kill Him?)! 

Raping Boys is Bad...

Some cultures are better than others!


Abu-Ghraib ...more:
"At a speech in Chicago this past June Hersh was quoted as saying: “You haven’t begun to see evil… horrible things done to children of women prisoners, as the cameras run.”
Other stories at the London Guardian also talked of young Iraqi detainees getting violently raped by US soldiers. Ten years ago when the initial Abu Ghraib scandal was in the news, the Guardian published the testimony of an Abu Ghraib detainee who allegedly witnessed one of these brutal attacks. Former detainee Kasim Hilas said in their testimony that: “I saw [name blacked out] fucking a kid, his age would be about 15-18 years. The kid was hurting very bad and they covered all the doors with sheets. Then when I heard the screaming I climbed the door because on top it wasn’t covered and I saw [blacked out], who was wearing the military uniform putting his dick in the little kid’s ass, I couldn’t see the face of the kid because his face wasn’t in front of the door. And the female soldier was taking pictures.”
Now, over a decade later the evidence of these events are beginning to surface, but the Department of Defense is still doing their best to keep it under the radar. That is why now more than ever, it is important to keep the pressure on and force the release of this evidence, while the torture report is fresh in the minds of the general population.  According to a number of global mainstream media sources, the Pentagon is covering up a disturbing video that was never made public with the rest of the recent torture report. According to various well respected journalists, including Seymour Hersh, the appalling video was recorded at Abu Ghraib, the notorious US torture dungeon in Iraq that made headlines roughly a decade ago, when the inhumane tactics being used at the prison were exposed. Sadly, it seems that the evidence released years ago was only scratching the surface. -- Hersh says it is only a matter of time before it comes out.  Giving a speech at the ACLU last week after the senate torture report was initially released, Hersh gave some insight into what was on the Pentagon’s secret tape.  In the most revealing portion of his speech he said that:
“Debating about it, ummm … Some of the worst things that happened you don’t know about, okay? Videos, um, there are women there. Some of you may have read that they were passing letters out, communications out to their men. This is at Abu Ghraib … The women were passing messages out saying ‘Please come and kill me, because of what’s happened’ and basically what happened is that those women who were arrested with young boys, children in cases that have been recorded. The boys were sodomized with the cameras rolling. And the worst above all of that is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking that your government has. They are in total terror. It’s going to come out.”

These events occurred during the U.S. presidency of George Bush, - a man (& family) so connected with evil schemes & scandals that it will likely take history the better part of a century to adequately identify the bulk of his/their crimes against humanity! Are your legislators, judges & law-enforcers that fucking callous? Yes they are!

I wrote the paragraphs on the lower right over a decade ago. Currently, in 2024, we are watching a cultural & political phenomenon called "WOKE" create a wave of gender insanity that is causing children a great deal of confusion as to their own genders & even species! "WOKE" is pushing an unnatural transgender agenda onto prepubescent children that is magnitudes above what normal statistics would be for gender reassignment procedures. Remember this fact: The "WOKE" movement arose from the GLB community (that took on new "letters" such a T&Q over the last decade). And what is woke'ism currently doing to the continent? To quote from what I wrote to the right: "It's self-evident that tolerating the appetites of the arse-fuck-minority eventually debased the thinking in the entire region!" Hello!

Although some may consider this topic "controversial"; -I must remind the reader that this is a website with an international audience, and regardless of the ages discussed in the following; -g0ys  only advocate sexual relationships involving people who are sexually mature (physically capable of procreation). I.E: Contrast our position against that of Islam; -Where Muhammad is recorded as having taken his youngest "bride" when she was only 9!  Anyone who believes our common-sense position regarding sexually mature parties to be controversial, should perhaps better engage their energies in grappling with the sanctioned pedophilia & female mutilation & servitude actively promoted by the likes of Islam, etc.  What g0ys advocate is consensual intimate contact with +3000 years of precedent & numerous records left by an astonishingly well-educated & philosophical culture: The Greeks!

As a G0Y man, and former teenager, -I wanted to provide some commentary & clarity with a dose of common-sense to the subject matter of pederasty and what people often incorrectly presume about the term as opposed to the reality. When spoken today, people often visualize an image of a 'dirty old man' in pursuit of a prepubescent-boy.  Words like 'NAMBLA & 'pedophile' spring to mind.  However,  the modern slur has little to do with the original meaning; --And some historical analysis will show how time & misuse of language's gray-areas can drastically alter definitions. 

I want to first draw your attention to the Wikipedia articles at:

As of the time of this article, there is discussion of merging the content of the latter into the former -so at some time in the future, -the links above  may not be accurate, but a search of the subject matter in Wikipedia should bring up the main subject.  Also, because Wikipedia is an open encyclopedia, -it is possible that the content of the articles will change over time.  My commentary will be on the content at this time, in March-July of 2010.  Please start by reading the articles link above.

My 1st comment is about what the article writer said about current knowledge about the subject matter: "A great deal of modern knowledge about Athenian pederastic practices has been derived from ceramic paintings on vases depicting various forms and aspects of the relationship."  That art may be a great place to reference, but: God save us from the historic revisions made via Mapplethorpe unearthings!

The article/s above do contain enough information to form a clearer idea of the practice if you can circumnavigate the commentary of simpletons. Here is a great reference.

Hint #1: "It was also integral to Greek military training, and at times a factor in the deployment of troops."  The "BOYS" weren't "boys".  They were sexually maturing teens "PAIS" (A Greek term that sounds oddly like a Latin word for "fish") is a word that doesn't necessarily relay the very crucial fact that the younger "boy" had actually attained puberty.  But, common sense does.  The "PAIS" was trained for military -because once puberty hits -- muscles & body can masculinize/grow rapidly as circumstances dictate.  Armor & weapons are heavy. Training is hard.  Prior to puberty, a "boy" doesn't have a chance of acquiring the physique necessary to be a soldier.  While the exact age would vary based on the individual, the median entry age would be 14.  This is borne out in other comments made in the article/s.  Pederasty was NOT sexual contact with a pre-pubescent boy.  

As one writer reasoned: "I'm genuinely puzzled by the suggestion that without the blanket prohibition of certain consensual acts via the age of consent, little boys will be legally diddled. When I was an actual boy, I was aware of my penis but not in a sexual way. It was not until puberty that I desired sex or had the functioning equipment. I can't imagine why children would give consent to something they are not capable of. Are there hordes of prepubescent children who want sex anyways? Could they be coerced? Sure, but that's called rape. And what about Plato's "young boys," those early into pubescence? Don't older people get "fooled"? Why should the state be matchmaker? Why do we assume all young adults are clueless idiots? Is this a confession that the eight years of state-funded education for a fourteen-year-old have been wasted because it cannot provide even the most rudimentary interpersonal skills? Or is this a confession that parents are worthless and cannot instill virtue in their children since they lack it themselves? Given that rape is rape and there is no desire on the part of prepubescent children to have sex, the age of consent is a solution to a problem that simply does not exist. It's one more control in the busybody toolbox to break the emergent independence of young adults. If those teens get used to this freedom thing, they will be hard to rein in as adults! If they can bully you into submission now, they break you into accepting other coercive situations like taxes, mandatory school, state-approved licensing, and a plethora of hidden controls.

NAMBLA has not helped the matters, to say the least. The pedophiles at the North American Man/Boy Love Association make the case that consent is all that matters, ignoring the question of how sexually immature children can give consent to something they are biologically not ready for! Upon closer inspection, we see what their agenda is. Just as the current system conflates many unrelated types of same-sex sex under homosexuality, NAMBLA conflates liking seven-year-olds with seventeen-year-olds. To them, "minor" is really anyone under 18 without any distinctions. Their goal is to confuse the attraction to young adults in full bloom with attraction to children obviously incapable of sex. For example, the picture on top of their "15 Famous Men Who Had Boy Lovers" shows Oscar Wilde with Lord Alfred Douglas. The picture dates from 1893 when Wilde was 39 and Douglas, 23. So NAMBLA's poster "boy" is in reality a man over the American legal drinking age. Where's the boy? Are they counting in dog years perhaps? NAMBLA wants to ride the coattails of the defensible only to sneak in the indefensible. They fail at the latter; just endanger the former. They hide their true intent of kiddy diddling behind a parade of consensual relationships with young and often unambiguously fully-grown men. All in all, NAMBLA is reprehensible."  Repeat that until you're completely in lock-step with g0ys' position on the subject: "All in all, NAMBLA is reprehensible."

Hint #2: The average life-expectancy globally up until the early 1900's with the advent of modern medicine (I.E: antibiotics) - was 18. 18!  Assuming it TRIPLE: 54 being the end of the statistical age line, --Pederasty was NOT sex with dirty old men, either.  It was a CONSENSUAL, INTENSE MALE BONDING MENTORSHIP between the "youth" and the mentor - Median mentor age range from 18 to 27.  And again, it was consensual: "boys (pais) usually had to be courted and were free to choose their mate." This is obvious. These guys were training to become WARRIORS. Anyone under the notion that they could abuse the "PAIS" was at risk of being disemboweled by that same PAIS.  DUH!

Hint #3: AnalSex was considered grossly immoral and it was referred to generically as "SEX" based on the concept of PENETRATION (penetration being the sex-model with a woman).  This simple cultural perception is lost in the present day because society has lost the healthy notion that AnalSex should be criminalized due to how incredibly dangerous it is.  Ancient, PREantibiotic cultures generally realized how helpful having your health & a functional asshole was.  Ergo: Getting/giving diseases and ripping out your arse during AnalSex was seen in the light of the destructive act it is.  The presumption - that only AnalSex was considered "SEX" in M2M contexts -explains the seeming contradictions in citations such as: "Socrates' love of Alcibiades, which was more than reciprocated, is held as an example of chaste pederasty."  Reading other statements makes it clear: Pederasty was "chaste" because AnalSex was illegal (ILLEGAL) and only IT was considered "Sex" between men.  

Hint #4: It was the stuff that intense friendships were made of: "Typically, after their relationship had ended and the young man had married, -the older man and his protégé would remain on close terms throughout their life. For those lovers who continued their lovemaking after their beloveds had matured, the Greeks made allowances, saying, You can lift the bull, if you carried the calf."  "Lovers" shared physical intimacy without AnalSex...because...

Hint #5: "Homosexuality" was considered BAAAAAD.  Is this a contradiction of terms? Again: Not when you understand the context that ANALSEX ("SEX") between men was the "disgrace".  In other terms: Two guys could share a bed all night, --share orgasms & make all sorts of sheet-staining messes, -but as far as anyone was concerned: They did NOT have "SEX" as long as they steered clear of the ButtNasty Hence the quote from the article: "Only very rarely is anal-sex suggested or shown, and then it is depicted as eliciting surprise from the bystanders. A number of other sources also suggest it was seen as shameful."  Shameful. And ILLEGAL - considered a violent act.  And it IS.  Which is why the writer of the article notes: "Likewise, the Cretans required the boy to declare whether the relationship had been to his liking, thus giving him an opportunity to break it off if any violence had been done to him.".  What "violence" do you suppose was being discussed as a tort when the relationship was presumed to be intimate from the onset? Once you understand this vital distinction, -observations like the following don't seem confusing: "Plutarch and Xenophon, in their descriptions of Spartan pederasty, state that even though it is the beautiful boys (pais) who are sought above all others (contrary to the Cretan traditions), nevertheless the pederastic couple remains chaste." 

Hint #6:  Cutting thru the seeming confusion.  Statements such as: "K. J. Dover states that the eromenos was not "supposed" to feel desire for the erastes, as that would be unmanly", - seem outright schizophrenic -  until you realize that the model-relationship was based on civility and the gigantic sexual taboo was AnalSex.  Those principles reframe the meaning of the term "desire" --implying that the specific unmanly desire was a "desire to penetrate or be penetrated".  The conflicted language has arisen because the CONTEXT of the Greek is not fully delivered due to the scarcity of texts to more fully explain.  However, interpolating the meaning from what we do know is fairly straightforward.  Otherwise, the articles seem to describe a schizophrenic society that BOTH idolized young men & physical intimacy while shunning sexual climax with the same.  Once the issue is framed- as AnalSex rightfully put in its historical place of criminal & shameful behavior ... THEN the proper context is easily derived and suddenly it all makes sense.          

Hint #7: Contrary to what proponents of ButtSex may ASSert, --AnalSex was NOT & could NOT have been a widespread practice in ancient Greek culture.  This FACT is so self evident that only a moron can't see why.  When the practice of AnalSex began to gain momentum in modern "GAY" culture - it was accompanied by a simultaneous EXPLOSION of sexually transmitted diseases!  This is no small point.  According to the CDC & World Health Organization (WHO), -the practice of AnalSex spreads disease some +5000% better than even oral-sex.  Or in other terms: (1) unprotected AssFuck = (50) FIFTY unprotected blow-jobs (& OralSex doesn't cause physical trauma to the mouth - unlike what AnalSex does to the lower GI tract - which always injures the recipient)! Even with the advent of modern antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals, antiparasite medications (NONE of which existed in Greece 3000 years ago) -- the "GAY MALE" demographic has the highest margins (by far) of sexually transmitted diseases of any demographic (+4300% higher than the general population according to the American Red Cross [stats 2012]).  Compare that with Lesbians -- which are among the lowest.  The difference? Lesbians lack a penis (They're not fucking anyone)! AnalSex kills societies dead!  Now, can you imagine what would have happened in ancient Grecian culture if the ButtFuck had been accepted as part of pederasty?  There would have been a metaphorical mushroom-cloud of diseases & ruptured arse-holes within a generation's time span - over the entire culture!  Plato - among others - saw this danger on the horizon.

Hint #8: Consider the various reasoning's in the following quote: "The state benefited from these relationships, according to the statements of ancient writers. The friendship functioned as a restraint on the youth, since if he committed a crime it was not he but his lover who was punished. In the military the lovers fought side by side, with each vying to shine before the other. Thus, it was said that an army of lovers would be invincible, as was the case until the battle of Chaeronea with the Sacred Band of Thebes, a battalion of one hundred and fifty warriors pairs (300), each lover fighting beside his beloved.  Athenaeus states that "Hieronymus the Aristotelian says that love with boys (PAIS) was fashionable because several tyrannies had been overturned by young men in their prime, joined together as comrades in mutual sympathy." He gives as examples of such pederastic couples the Athenians Harmodius and Aristogeiton, who were credited (perhaps symbolically) with the overthrow of the tyrant Hippias -- and also Chariton and Melanippus. Others, such as Aristotle, claimed: 'And the lawgiver has devised many wise measures to secure the benefit of moderation at table, and the segregation of the women in order that they may not bear many children, for which purpose he instituted association with the male sex.'"  Soldiers. Lovers.  Heroes.  And Aristotle himself confirms the sexuality aspect of pederasty.    

Pederasty (the Greek model) produced some of the greatest male friendships in history: Alexander the Great w. General Hephaestion, King David & Prince Jonathan. And Baron Friedrich von Steuben (military consultant to the Revolutionary Army under hire of George Washington). Baron von Steuben sticks out as a historical enigma. Modern commentary tries to paint him as "gay". However SODOMY (AnalSex) was highly illegal in the military. The prohibition is no barrier to a traditional pederast - as their inclinations do NOT involve AnalSex! Coming from Prussia, he had a different perspective on social norms. He is also credited with creating America's professional army!  Tough as nails - he also made it openly clear that he had great affection for men. And the troops adored him! HOW could these seeming incongruence's be! He was a military pederast in the truest sense of the word! In the military from the age of 17; -He combined strength of character with love, tenderness, discipline, affection, humility & a visible empathy for people - especially MEN. When the war ended, Baron von Steuben was granted U.S. citizenship and moved to New York with William North and Benjamin Walker (both former aides-de-camp). “We love him,” North wrote, “and he deserves it for he loves us tenderly.”  

And why do I mention all of this? Why the need for clarification?  Because human nature does not change. But societies often driven by rumor & fear of the 'boogie-man' often formulate so-called "cures" for normal behaviors misclassified as "social ills".  It's become "snake-oil by statute". 

For example, -Tremblay in his research on same-gender attracted youth, -describes phenomena which are echoes of pederasty in a our current culture -now incompatible with the open practice because of laws antagonistic to it.  The "cure" is now worse than the so-called "disease" (which is no disease at all).  

Tremblay writes: "Dorais (1997) supplies an example of what may happen to a boy who is discovered to be having sexual relationships with men. Boys who end up experiencing "unwanted sexual acts" (sexual abuse, as defined by these boys) vary with respect to their experiences, but they have one problem in common: They are growing up in a world where they know that same-sex relationships with males of one's own age is not what they would want others to know, and they would certainly not want their activities be become public knowledge in something like a courtroom situation -w ith respect to their sexual / love desires for adult men (the "revelation" fear is even greater because any revelation of their desires and related activities would be a major confirmation of their "fag" status).  Therefore, when sexual abuse (I.E: Rape) is inflicted on these boys, they find themselves in a socially constructed double bind that only benefits the abuser(s), almost like society was the abusers' best friend given that the abused boys will likely not report such abuse to social authorities.  (Because the society that abandons the pederastic-model names innate adolescent male love & affections as a vice - instead of the social-virtue it is!  And then,  who abuses these young men? Pedophile priests,  caustic clergy and politician Penile-Colony)! In the given case, for example, the boy's thoughts would have been something like: "If I tell anyone (about this physical or sexual abuse, rape, etc.), he will certainly tell on me - tell everyone what I have been doing with men - then everyone will know about me!" The following life events reported to me in Calgary during the 1990s illustrate how society, its professionals, and even gay communities contribute to the double bind. Their refusal to acknowledge the reality of teens having sex with men (often well known to gay community leaders) are, in the final analysis, the ally and best friends of men who sexually-abuse boys."
Recently, high profile abuse cases have come into the news. One recounts how an athletic director was seen "sodomizing" a child in the shower.  Such an act is NOT pederasty as defined by history. It's simple child abuse. However, having left the "just weights & measures" of legitimate expressions of affection between mentor & pais; --society in general now reels in a pandemic of 'gray allegations' that it is unable to rationally sort because the very simple axiom that "Love works no ill." -has been discarded & replaced by all sorts of baseless, statutory guidelines that seem to consider every factor other than biology & natural law as their statute making guide!     

Ironically & tragically - the dynamic that Tremblay's research exposes is that of a society that has enabled great social ills because it has REJECTED the Pederasty model!  A legitimate same-sex loving relationship is a moot notion when the laws of many places draw arbitrary lines around age -instead of letting individual biology & willingness, indicate the linesFurthermore, the insane tolerance toward analsex's well documented perils has created an incredibly dangerous environment for youths who desire to interact sexually and end up being arse-fukk'd instead.  So what happens is that those adults predisposed to break the law (criminal mentalities) end up promoting & sustaining an environment of youth-prostitution & endless cycles of abuse for disadvantaged teens & young men (who merely happen to want masculine love & the accompanying virtues in their lives).  Meanwhile, -those who would like to be loving caregivers (paramours) & mentors to such young men are tyrannized by laws that criminalize & stigmatize the very relationships that the Greeks considered virtuous & the very highest call of being a man! Furthermore, such laws tyrannize men who merely want to help others -- constantly representing the threat of having to "prove a negative" if somebody (politically motivated perhaps) -points a finger while shouting "Hebephile!", etc.  

And the so-called modern "GAY" community; --What help are they?  NONE!  They're a 'tolerated', enabling, open gathering of self-deluded, analsex-promoting, disease-spreading sociopaths who have made the scarab (dung beetle) their unofficial sh!tplay mascot!  Am I exaggerating?  

Gabe Kruks, former director of public policy and planning for the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center, was quoted on the subject: "Boys and straight girls who are having sex for money, shelter, love - they are at risk. And our community, the gay and lesbian community - and I particularly fault gay men here - has done nothing to try to help our youth. Gay men view these boys as recreational toys to be used. I have heard many stories of HIV-positive men having unprotected (anal)sex with boys. They don’t think it matters. If there is a single reason why so little is being done in this country about adolescent AIDS, it is that as a nation we are terribly afraid of the sexuality of our teens. These kids, no matter how they identify, gay or straight, need more than condoms and instructions on how to use them. They need someone to talk to, a support network, a place where they can feel safe and secure and where their confidentiality and personal histories are going to be protected and respected." (Brownworth, 1992: 41) [Interjection of Commentary: Brownworth wrote that in 1992! And how much progress has been made since then? What have the politicians in I.E:  San Francisco, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Seattle, Paris, London, etc; - been up to? The precise OPPOSITE of what common-sense would have them be doing! Ineffective politicians? Should we be surprised?

One of the most obvious facts gathered from such reports -as well as those by Al Kinsey & Greek historians is that human nature is a constant and that social tendencies that are thousands of years old are also the tendencies of today --even if unrecognized because of concealment, misinformation, peer-pressure or general ignorance propagated via the media.  And the fact is that guys often tend toward pederastic relationships, - and the outcomes of these voluntary associations are not harmful when wrapped in love & respect.  Quite the contrary; --they are beneficial & society-building.  And they are also quite commonplace & generally (in these modern times) -kept secretive because of insane laws that punish people based on unsubstantiated fears & old-wives-tales, - instead of when actual harm is done!  

I recall one experience where an 18 year old "girl" married a 42 year-old man and most in their religious group who knew of the event had no difficulty with it.  However, that same religious group also had no qualms about disassociating itself from a 19 year-old guy who had a number of younger male friends (mid teens) when it was discovered that the 19 year old often slept w. his guests in the same bed during stay-overs -often in close physical contact.  None of the teens were "gay" identified & none objected to the affections of the older -nor were any sexual improprieties ever reported by those younger.  The shunning was based purely on the mere suggestions of "the homosexual  potential" -- as if mere same gender affections are innately evil (an irrational prejudice that many 'religious' people harbor). The extreme irony is that most religious people are indicted by the Scriptures themselves as being puppets & promoters of Satanism. The Bible summarizes this in an account dealing with a temptation of Messiah by Satan himself. Churches fail this test when they INCORPORATE - literally petition to put themselves under the authority of a secular kingdom.

The man who was the aforementioned 19 year-old disclosed that the friendships sometimes had an intimacy & sometimes sexual component involving wrestling, massage, frottage, JO, etc. These activities were done in private, 1-on-1, & generally after the end of a day of traditionally 'male' activities.  The bonding effect created was extreme by facilitating a respectable sexual outlet to hormone-raging teen guys in an atmosphere of trust & deep friendship.  Anal-sex was NOT ever considered an acceptable component (-never even suggested) & was discussed only in the negative.  The only impediment to these male friendships was the extreme positions of contempt & guilt projected from the religious component of their socialization & what any stigmas from that might mean to the guys participating.  The threat did nothing to stop the bonding, --but only drove it underground & made such loving-friendships a deep secret among the participants. This pattern is extremely common.  The concern voiced by the man who had been the 19 year-old & shunned, - was that guys who had these experiences -without a framework of masculinity & respect for the sexual component of friendship - might have been otherwise swayed by the "gay" movement (which treats it's members as an odd minority instead of the normalcy) to engage in perilous, disrespectful behaviors such as analsex, promiscuity, & drug-use.  The man who had been the shunned-19 year-old pointed out that one of the things he did was guide the guys who were younger (but sexually mature) in affirmative directions & helped navigate the issues of life & push back against hedonism. He pointed out that the sexual component of their friendships had not been part of some rebellious mindset, --but a natural progression of deep, intimate friendship.  He also pointed out that truly destructive behaviors are self evident from the fruit they produce: Drug abuse & rebellion morph into addictions & crime - for example.  Promiscuity too easily leads to disrespect & a prostitute's mindset.  Such things hardly echo in comparison with a couple of guys who tenderly share a bed & physical affections after the mid-week Scripture-study! Context, context, context!

Surprise! Jesus Blessed the Practice!

This is, of course -an area that is going to shock some readers; --But the Scriptural evidence shows that Yeshua (Jesus) himself understood the practice & far from being morally neutral on the subject matter - he is recorded as blessing it on at least one occasion.  The account is in plain sight in the text & obvious for anyone with an understanding of historical context who reads the original Greek wording.  In Luke 7, the account is recorded as: "

"In that town an army officer's servant was sick and near death. The officer loved this servant very much.  And when he heard about Jesus, he sent some Jewish leaders to ask him to come and heal the servant. The leaders went to Jesus and begged him to do something. They said, "This man deserves your help!  He loves our nation and even built us a meeting place."  So Jesus went with them. When Jesus wasn't far from the house, the officer sent some friends to tell him, "Lord, don't go to any trouble for me! I am not good enough for you to come into my house.  And I am certainly not worthy to come to you. Just say the word, and my servant will get well.  I have officers who give orders to me, and I have soldiers who take orders from me. I can say to one of them, 'Go!' and he goes. I can say to another, 'Come!' and he comes. I can say to my servant, 'Do this!' and he will do it."  When Jesus heard this, he was so surprised that he turned and said to the crowd following him, "In all of Israel I've never found anyone with this much faith!"   The officer's friends returned and found the servant well." - Lk 7:2-10 (See also Mt 8:5-13)

In the account, Luke's word usage for "servant" is "doulos" in the Greek. It generally means "slave" or "servant".  Considering we are discussing the Roman Military occupation of Israel -- the term "doulos" obviously caries the connotation "CONSCRIPTED".
Also, Luke records that this "doulos" was "dear unto" the officer.  How dear? Well, Matthew who also recorded the same event, -in the place of the term "doulos" substituted the term "PAIS" Hello!  Yeah - the same term -"PAIS", used when Greeks discussed the younger person in a Pederastic bond!
There is another account that can be used as a cross reference that involves a Roman officer who had a great respect for Israel's God.  The fullness of God's blessing came to that house too.  It's found in Acts chapters 10-11. See how Peter sums up the reason for God's favor: 

"Truly I understand that God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who reverences Him and does what is right is acceptable to Him." - Acts 10:34-35

The second account of God's life-changing blessing - entering the house of Roman goy'im paints a fuller picture about the first.   In order for the manifestation of healing in the account recorded in Luke 7 to have occurred; --The summary of WHY (given by Peter in Acts 10) must have also been true in order for Scriptural-harmony to exist. Jesus healed the Roman's doulos/pais ("servant") despite the fact the relationship was pederastic.  Why? Because Pederasty is not a mala-inse' condition of "sin".  Quite the contrary! According to Peter's reasoning, --it's a moral form of living because he said that God accepts WITHOUT PARTIALITY those "who reverence Him and do what is right".  

How do we know that AnalSex wasn't a component in this Roman officer's relationship with his doulos/pais? Because the "servant" was gravely ill & the centurion wasn't.  Whereas it is often reported that in relationships where there is no AnalSex,  -that even years of intimacy -even an HIV+ partner will generally not sero-convert the other!  Conclusion: The "pais" was ill, but because the Soldier was not, ergo --there was no AnalSex involved! 

Consider: With obesity being a leading cause of death, --many people still don't have the common sense to realize that it's the ways in which a real need it met that leads to social success or failure.  Only a fool would suggest that in order to prevent obesity that people simply not eat; --But that is precisely what religion (& the laws such hell-spawn influence) suggests to men when they hit puberty: "Don't have an orgasm -until you're 'married' in 5-10 years."!  That posturing is simply INSANE -- but an effective approach if you wish to control people through the guilt of having 'failed'.  Tell "Sister-Mary Fucktard" to go to hell. She will eventually oblige.

And, of course -- with the "ages of consent" dropping globally: The message to sexually mature young people is that they can fuck like rabbits among their peers -- just not with somebody who may be outside of the "acceptable age-range" -regardless of how mutually beneficial or how much love, & affection are actually involved!  This same insanity being brought to you by the fucktards who are criminally prosecuting teens (who take selfies of their own genitals and then send the images to their boy/girl friend) - for possessing "child porn"! It may be sophomoric of him to do so - but are we going to send the 17 year old guy to prison for sexting his girlfriend - a prison where he stands a substantial chance of being raped? Are your legislators, judges & law-enforcers that fucking callous? Yes they are You can tell who those fucktards are because they expect people to vote for them after having merely seen their name on a campaign sign placed beside the public way!  Probably not you - but certainly ALL of your neighbors, are indeed, -  just that fucking stupid!

Paranoid fear of 'potential abuse' has resulted in outlawing legitimate, harmless (even beneficial) expression!  

And this pattern has repeated itself!  Did you know that under US federal law, possessing pictures of a child getting a bath by an "adult" now constitutes statutory "child pornography"; and that people have actually been charged & jailed!  Fear of child pornographers has outlawed the legitimate expression!  There goes the 'baby' - out with the proverbial bathwater! Are your legislators, judges & law-enforcers that fucking callous? Yes they are!

What has become of the principle of "Mens rea"? State of Mind - MATTERS!  There really should be a basic IQ minimum requirement to be a legislator (I suggest 135) & the applicant should also test negative in a psychopathy screening battery.

Which is a sentiment that leads me to the very next part of this commentary. 

Why did the culture of Pederasty come to an eventual "end" in the old world and why does the term evoke such controversy today when discussed?  Once again, the historical records lead us to the reasons -- the things that Plato had feared might eventually come about.  

Who was responsible for the demise of a mindset that had worked well for millennia? It was the ASS-FUKKERS!  A social tolerance/acceptance of Anal Sex destroyed ancient civilization.  It sounds extreme until you examine the bigger psychological profile of those who promote the practice: COMPLICIT CRIMINAL SOCIOPATHS...AND WHEN THEY RISE TO POWER...

The practice seems to have taken off in Rome & once it spread --coloring politics & weakening law-making; --The rest of the Mediterranean soon followed.  I can almost hear their political speeches now: "We must 'be tolerant'..."  Are your legislators, judges & law-enforcers that fucking callous? Yes they are!

You see, although it's unclear as to which dynasty decided to die-nasty; --Roman culture somehow slowly got the notion that it was OK to butt-fuck certain persons.  The practice likely started with "slaves" as the targets of the act (men deemed to have very few rights in the eyes of the law).  It's interesting how once a culture decides that certain groups are OK to abuse because of imagined status -- how that same culture soon hardens it's conscience & the abuse grows & spreads.  

Well, why did some Romans get the notion that it was OK to rape a male slave --in the 1st place?  It was because so many male slaves were also made eunuchs & eunuchs were considered NON-MEN.  Once Roman men began to think along the lines that butt-fucking eunuch-slaves didn't make the butt-fucker any "less of a man" (a mind-set very similar to male prisoners who rape other men in prisons today);--The only question remaining for those who wanted to expand the butt-fuck practice was "Who else?".  Their twisted answer:  Anyone who's not a "man", but not a woman, either.  To be with another woman was seen as cheating on the wife...but since being with a eunuch had never been seen that way and since eunuchs were considered "non-men", --Roman culture --in a twist of morality in keeping with the increasing amount of lead in their "royal" brain-damaging-diets, -reached a cultural consensus (evidenced by the sheer amount of documentation of the practice) -- & began the increasing practice of castrating young (pais) men in ever-growing numbers - in order to make them 'eunuchs' & endlessly arse-fuckable!  Mix in the drug induced insanity of the large number of Roman fertility-cult religions & you've got a real hell-bent movement!

Immoral? If you judge morality by the outcome of an act, - such was absolutely, fucking immoral!  But under Roman law -- astonishingly  ... eventually "bread & circuses" -LEGAL!  A senate full of complicit cowards; --& Caesar-Nero ('Mr. 666' himself) was emperor during the pinnacle of these barbaric abuses.  And history records Nero's bizarre 'marriage' with a 12 year old boy!  And what do you suppose Nero did to the "boy" as soon as pits & pubes threatened to sprout hair?  

Malik states in his paper: Born Eunuchs:

Suetonius said of the emperor Titus that "he was suspected of excess; and likewise of lust because of his crowds of catamites (kept boys) and eunuchs."

Apuleius, in the picaresque novel The Golden Ass, tells of a band of "half-men" [semiviri], who call each other "girls" [puellae] and have sex with young men, both as active and as passive partners (tops/bottoms). They also act as cultic priests of the Mother Goddess, a traditional role for eunuchs.

The next piece of evidence is a bit complicated. It consists of some comments by Clement of Alexandria about the followers of Basilides, a Christian Gnostic. Clement said they lived "lewder lives than the most uncontrolled heathen." 

It was that sort of behavior & those abuses against people that the Apostle Paul was highlighting when he penned this in Romans chapter 1:

"And just as they did not think it was worthwhile to be having [or, keeping] God in [their] true knowledge [or, consciousness], God gave them over to a disapproved [fig., debased] mind to be doing the [things] not proper, - having been filled with all unrighteousness, sexual sin, wickedness, covetous desire [or, greed], malice; full of envy, murder, bitter conflict, deceit [or, treachery], maliciousness; gossips, -back-biters, God-haters, insolent persons, arrogant boasters, schemers of evil [things], disobedient to parents, - foolish, untrustworthy, without natural affection, unforgiving, unmerciful; - who having known the righteous judgment of God, that the ones practicing such things are deserving of death, not only are doing them, _but_ they are also approving of the ones practicing." - Rom 1:28-32  (How's your insight coming?)

Have "Tolerance"? Not a fuck'n chance! History already shows us where this all leads!  

Taking captive (by whatever means) a handsome young man to cut his nuts off & make an artificial eunuch out of him so that rich elitists can fuck the "non-man" in perpetuity without giving their own wives 'legal' grounds for divorce; --That gross-evil is a far, far cry from the Greek warrior/mentor who loves his Pais with a committed passion that would protect him from such a tyranny with the mentor's very own life!  The former set of acts is cruel beyond adequate-words; --While the latter is the very definition of love itself: "Greater love has no one than this, that he lays down his life on behalf of his friends." - Yeshua

Pederasty was defamed because the arse-fuck became 'tolerated' & the physical abuse & diseases brought by cultists & tyrants against the youth of the day brought the very term into disrespect.  Love -which works no ill & which had been the foundation for pederasty for generations, --was effectively locked out by the act of the arse-fuck (which is the very definition of working of 'ill') & the sick-ticket personalities that promoted the vile practice.  Society turned a blind eye to butt-fucking and the associated practices eventually spread like gangrene via those predisposed to politics & state-religion (Show me a person who wants to dominate other's & I'll show you an abusive orifice invader)!  Trust was destroyed and young men were treated with ever increasing contempt.  And government -- which is instituted to protect lives & property, --became the primary instrument of those bent on abusing lives & stealing their property; --All by mere edict & turning the very military itself into a tool against the lawful purposes. 

That culture was destroyed from the inside out!  Why? Because men became "tolerant" of things that never should have been tolerated!  True morality is known by observing the resulting outcomes of actions. A tree is known of its fruit. Apply labels accordingly!

It's self-evident that tolerating the appetites of the arse-fuck-minority eventually debased the thinking in the entire region!  And keep in mind -- this was the approved & legal practice of Rome: The very 1st recorded butt-fuck dictatorship in history!  And Rome fell; - Debased from within. Surprised?


And g0ys believe that it's time to stop tolerating practices that destroy people's lives...