Why Identify a Lie:
"...So that Satan may not get the better of us: for we are not without knowledge of his devices. " - Paul

The Lie's Intent:
"That one was a murderer from the beginning, and he has not stood in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own, because he is a liar, and the father of it.
" - Yeshua

On Being a 'Hellion':

"But for the fearful, and unbelieving, and abominable, and murderers, and fornicators, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, their part shall be in the lake that burns with fire..."  - Apocalypse of John

"When does a liar not know he's a liar?  When his native language is one built on a foundation of misrepresentations." - Veh

See, the Scriptures make clear that God desires genuine morality, -- not living a lie & pretending to be "moral" because you appear to adhere to some sort of externals - which seems to be the inevitable pattern of bad religion (which pretends to be "good religion" ;-).  Being a guy who luvs guys does not suggest for a moment that you must give up your integrity, lower your standards or live in celibacy (as if most guys could)!  Jesus & Paul both affirmed that being "single" was a calling that only certain people were called to.  Everyone else is destined to get their proverbial rocks off.  "Celibate clergy"? -- That's a heresy waiting for the right moment to show itself for the gross hypocrisy it is!Those "super spiritual" leaders who outwardly shun 'carnality' would step down from the pulpit if you could see their hidden life (know what I mean! ;-)  HYPOCRITES!  It is a widely held belief -that for many people- sex is a genuine need -- & the one who feeds it the least - thinks about it the most!  So-called "Fundamentalists" are composed of Pseudo-Legalists, hypocrites & liars.  What they present as the "moral high ground" is not supported in Scripture.   Guys honest enough to 'hook up' (to empty both lungs & prostate) regularly with another person in an attitude of caring & love, - ultimately end up thinking less about sex, & more about living the greater parts of life.    FACT: Sexually mature men (beginning in the teens) are designed to orgasm regularly.  As internal imbalances build, so does the urge/need to copulate.  Men who are taught that sex outside of 'marriage' (now there's a concept polluted by the 20th century) is a 'sin', ultimately find a way to relieve their sexual tension (often with a religiously drilled feeling of shame) or walk around with perpetual blueballs.  I have one word for those pushing the sex=marriage heresy and that word is "CONCUBINE" (PARAMOUR [masculine]). Several men in the TeNaC are recorded as having CONCUBINES.  Solomon had 300 (300 ... that is an interesting number, but I digress)! Fit "CONCUBINE" into your theology! So: the naked truth?  Many of us matured sexually at 14 - 16 years of age, but 'society' told us to 'wait' until we got 'married', after we finished school,- I mean college, etc.  "Just wait" they say... So this is the irony: This same time period (peaking sexual drive) is when a lot of guys discover real intimacy with other guys.  It goes from the gym-mat to the camp-out or the stay over (& the wrestling match in the bedroom).  There's a feeling of competition but also one of camaraderie, closeness & caring.  Being accepted & appreciated by other guys is a real morale boost for almost any guy & peers can easily become tender role-models.  Very often, this admiration for other guys & the interactions spawned from it becomes physical closeness & sexual.  This form of affection bonds men closer than brothers & effectively releases peaking sexual pressure in an atmosphere of trust & respect.  Many g0ys who have recalled their early experiences with other guys tell similar stories where general closeness with a good friend turned into wrestling, and then cuddling until both guys climaxed.  M2M, face2face love-making is a gentle & intimate way to connect off the field & because it is non-penetrative, it is generally safer than virtually every other form of sexual contact (always know your bro, -though).  I've never heard of anyone catching an STD from "FROT" but crabs, lice & skin conditions like HPV are real reasons to know your bro 1st).   Many dudes who have had these friendships are now married with kids, & others are in relationship/s of another nature.  However, the stories about early M/M relationships seem very similar to each other.  Most of the time, it happened between a couple of guys who were the best of friends & who were so comfortable & accepting of each other that physical intimacy became mutual.  Unlike the frenzied "circle jerks" shown in gAy porn, -- most of the time ... the act was 1-on-1, very tender, caring, & built a bond of mutual trust.    Since such things were/are not generally discussed ... m2m relationships simply happened & were basically "accepted" by most men involved as an unspoken part of life as a guy. Lots of guys discovered that it was natural & wonderful to have such depth of trust in another guy that they could enjoy each other's company in that way.  Lots of these guys would identify themselves as str8, -- but because of age & circumstances, they weren't sexually active with females.  Was the relationship with other guys a proxy for women?  No ... and often, - even after sexual activity with women started, it was not unusual for these guys to regularly take a roll in the hay with another guy (but anal-sex was NEVER a venue.  It was understood that penetration was something done with women -- in the appropriate orifice). However, in the early 1950's, the media began to publish certain 'research' that promoted the premise (a lie) that most people were 100%-straight & that same-gender-intimacy was a practice of 2-3% minority of "deviants" (This premise was blatantly false, -- but it was loudly broadcast in the media & conservative publications of the era).  Suddenly, the mass-broadcast image of male/male intimacy was given a perverse face that bore little resemblance to the tender sexual encounters between most guys (but more resembled the propaganda campaign of 'Reefer Madness' with a turn against male sexuality)! This was/is devastating for the young mind that has been poisoned with paranoia & the fear that: "tenderness toward other guys is for deviants".  Suddenly the message became as the very 1st from the Deceiver: "or even touch (NAWGAH) each other, lest you die".  This was tremendously destructive because there was/still-is so much peer/peer contact (most G0YS know from experience) that the reality of like-sex relationships completely defied the new stereotype/s.  Suddenly, simply showing same-sex physical affection became context for being labeled a "homo-sexual'.  What replaced tender same-sex interactions? Violence did.  Almost overnight, over +50% of the male population went from having "loving friends" to being so-called "abominations".  Suddenly, fear & shame, replaced openness & acceptance.  Tender compassion was falsely relabeled as "perverse homosexual tendencies", -while aggression & hostility became the acceptable forms of public show of male/male interaction.  And as the lie gained traction, teen pregnancy began to rise because sexually mature teens WILL find a means to satiate the loud, continuous demands of their genitals. Even the apostle Paul said that this was INEVITABLE. "But refuse [to enroll the] younger widows, for when they feel their natural desires in disregard of Christ, they wish to marry again" - I Tim 5:11.   Notice that Paul uses the term "WHEN" (not "IF").

So, as the likes of the church-lady became the arbiter of teen morality, what replaced natural affection between young men? VIOLENCE did.  It became more acceptable to punch your friend in the shoulder upon meeting, than to gently put an arm around the same shoulder.  Throughout history, there have always been cultural examples of fear of intimacy gone insane; -- But the post 1950's through the 90's galvanized it like never before - with mass media broadcast by television & a powerful religious influence censoring broadcast content.  The same RELIGIOUS DOGMATIC mindset that crucified Jesus, was suddenly controlling the message ... all the while holding itself up as "Godly Values".  Contrary to the "Good 'ol Days" framing the religious right would love to give the 40's & 50's; -- the reality is that a naive population which had abandoned the knowledge of God was deceived in-masse by the 'god of the fallen world'.   Religious zealots often refer to same-gender intimacy as a "loss of natural affection" -- but the overwhelming historical evidence is that "natural-affection" has always had a same-gender dimension & gave the term "BEST" special significance when used as "BEST friends".  Jesus had said that there would come a time when the love of many (millions) would "wax cold".  Fascinating term -- because "wax" is a substance that changes its liquid/solid form slowly over a temperature RANGE instead of at a fixed, discernable point. 

"We are the recorders and reporters of facts - not the judges of the behaviors we describe." - Alfred Kinsey

I'll again point out that Kinsey's research in the 1940's had suggested that well over half of the male population had experienced at least one episode of male/male sexual contact resulting in climax (G0YS abound).  That figure was immediately declared a "grievous lie" from the pulpits across the country.  Huge external pressures were brought to bear to "adjust" the statistics.  Conservatives & the (ask/tell) military said 1-3%.  However, even if we compromise to a figure in between, -- still leads to the conclusion that 1 out of every 3 men have had at least 1 male/male sexual experience (generally not anal-sex) resulting in climax!

The Result of the HOMO/HETERO Sex Myth:

EXCERPT: When the psychiatric definition of "the homosexual male" became the socially constructed norm, male homosexuality became a perceived rarity -- so often encountered in reports of adolescent HOM (homosexually oriented male) self-perceptions within the context of their schools or community. HOM adolescents were generally led to believe they are “the only one," or part of a tiny minority if they are lucky. They do not feel they belong to the greater human world. Alone and often feeling like they are "freaks" - even the likely product of the rare genetic anomaly; -- many gay-identified males have believed and publicly asserted - they end up in a state of anomie, exacerbated by homophobic reactions of others, including themselves at times. Heterosexist and homophobic messages imply not only that one is a rarity and  "does not belong," but that hatred, marginalization, and even exclusion will apply if one’s homosexual secret is known or suspected.

Once the stigma of the LIE gained general acceptance, it created an atmosphere of shame in which those who had similar same-sex attractions were terrified to acknowledge them openly; And those who did (usually 6's on the Kinsey scale), were indoctrinated with the LIE that they were a minority; --When the fact is that the MAJORITY of guys have such attractions!. 

Notice what is ASSUMED: That youth with same-sex attractions are a "MINORITY".  That's a LIE.  Kinsey discovered the truth in the 1940's. (Ironically, The actual "minority" consists of Kinsey-0's.) However, once the lie is believed, it does create a minority or sorts: Those who are living based on the dictates of the lie!  This effectively created/isolated minority are then "educated" about "gay" sex -- which centers around ANAL-penetration (a visual counterfeit that somewhat resembles M/F sexuality).  Now, watch the progression...

While stating that: Gay & Bisexual men are at alarming risks for HIV, -- the same rhetoric goes on about their mission of "Public Education".  Just WHAT does this "EDUCATION" consist of?  It consists of the same message, - now +20 years old ... a message the assumes ANAL*sex* as a given, & then preaches "Use a condom every time.".  Since condoms fail during anal sex about 2% of the time ... the message is veiled lesson on playing "Russian Roulette".  "Gay & Bisexual men are at tremendous risk of HIV" & STD's in general because they are educated to engage in the very behaviors that put them at risk.  So then, the same groups preaching a message that KILLS, holds "PRIDE" events to push their message; -- & they create a "supportive environment" to combat messages contrary to theirs (such as this website brings).  Professing themselves wise, they have become as fools.

The Theologically Neutral "MESSAGE" needs to change into one like THIS: "In the 1940's Dr. Al Kinsey discovered that it is completely normal for +2 out of 3 people to have romantic or intimate feelings for members of their own gender.  That means +2 out of 3 people in this room; +2 out of 3 of your friends -- including family members - have varying degrees of mixed sexual attractions.  It's no crisis until insecure people (usually with something to prove or maybe something to hide), try to make it into one; -- & studies have proven that the people who want to draw the hardest lines to govern others with are often those who have tendencies to cross those lines! You can't prove anything by pointing fingers & making rude comments because for all anyone knows, you're just like everyone else, but too chicken-sh1t to admit it.  There are certain behaviors that are very perilous, such as ANAL*sex*.   Even when barriers like condoms are used, such activities are still extremely risky & because of this fact & other civil objections -- acts like those are actually illegal in parts of the world.  If you want to kill yourself, friends & lovers, --- engage in them.  If you would like to live a longer, healthier life: Avoid the dangers of sexual activity like the plague.  It's common sense."

What is completely ironic is that pulpits & preachers across the country who would mindlessly quote scriptures like "Let God be true & every man a liar", -- suddenly sided with the liars.  Jesus said that evil men would go from bad to worse & this is precisely what happened.  The mass of so-called "Christian" theologians who had sloppily proclaimed that Leviticus forbid "HOMO-sex" (instead of the actual prohibition against the perilous act of anal-sex) were now confronted with Kinsey's statistics that essentially damned a large percentage of them (Romans 2:1 anyone?)! Since having +50% of the "righteous" self-condemned as potential "ho-mo-sex-shual abominations" was unacceptable, a new set of numbers needed to be acquired & a new way of thinking established.  The government & certain quack-psychologists provided those lies.  Now, safe in the fabrication that only 1-3% of the population was "homosexual", the self-righteous were safe to scratch their itching ears with the new teachers whose writings they heaped around themselves.  Furthermore, the "homosexual" issue would soon provide a platform to rant & raise money from!  Ex-gay 'ministry' anyone?  As the 1950's became the 60's, the so-called enemy called: "the dirty nigger", was supplanted by the: "dirty homosexual".  This dynamic was a shift from baseless-hate prejudiced against race (in violation of Galatians 3:28a), to a baseless-hate prejudiced against gender (in violation of Galatians 3:28c).  Suddenly, Salvation was predicated on "Jesus+who you loved sexually"! The reprobate mind of the fertility cult was reborn, --this time under the title of fundamentalism with slogans like "Adam & Eve; - not Adam & Steve"! It all unfolded just as Jesus described: Evil representing itself as righteous & simultaneously oppressing many people & stealing their lives based on a lie.  The fool's-errand of the ex-gay "ministry" was born & matched precisely what Paul wrote about false gospels attempting to bring about righteousness by human effort (read Colossians).  Paul wrote that the promoters of such "false-gospels" were anathema (very harsh language in the original Greek).  Why is it that survivors of ex-gay ministries often compare them to a "hellish nightmare"?  It's because these "ministries" are dreamt up by sons of hell - often masquerading as "Church function"! What a mind job! Got wisdom? 

No matter what the name the faction covers itself with: Jehovah's Witness, Mormon, Baptist (Southern etc.), Lutheran, Methodist ... no matter what the title, - they'll share common traits, have a counterfeit systematic theology (as if studying the Scriptures by themselves could bring eternal life), under the veneer of righteousness, -- & they subtly violate every aspect of Romans chapter 1 - the very chapter they'll use to erroneously criticize & condemn others with!  Because of their arrogance & the great proverbial tower they are building toward the heavens, - most of them will not be able to see the magnitude of the evil they partake of.  The Scripture declares that a sign of the last days is that men will LACK natural affection.  Being G0Y IS NATURAL AFFECTION.  The lie that denies that, is the same that has made a paranoid society of men who run from the tenderness of close male relationships to partake in some sort of violence in order to "prove" they're part of the 97% "straight-crowd".  Again: What a mind job!  The LIE continues by implying that ALL male/male sensuality cumulates in anal-penetration, but oddly, mixed-gender anal-sex is not discussed as an issue (hypocrites)!  I actually read some on-line accounts of "Straight-Christian" couples who engaged in anal-sex before marriage because they didn't want to "sin" by having vaginal sex!  That's like having an airline pilot who shoots heroin because he doesn't want to have a beer with his meal & risk having any detectable alcohol on his breath!  Jesus said such tortured legalistic thinking was like: "straining out a gnat while swallowing a camel.".  The hypocrisy is like a "preechar" labeling two men sharing fellatio as "abominations"; -- while his own wife is hanging off his tool by her lips!

RANT: So-called 'Fundamentalists' look at the teenage couple getting physical with each other & exclaim (under the guise of holiness) that they need to wait until they are "married".  So what do you suppose the answer will be if the 16 year old & the 15 year old want to marry? Oh!  Now I've opened a can of worms ... because we "know" that most parents would not give "permission" for their teen children to marry.  Keep in mind that Joseph & Mary were teenagers when Jesus was born (Do you think God knew this?).  Joseph was probably 16 & Mary - 14.  The parents of the Messiah were TEENAGERS.  Teen parents was not the exception, -- but the RULE.  To hear fundamentalists explain it, they make it sound like people got married young because life expectancy was short.  Rubbish.  People got married "young" because they were ADULTS.  Physiological adulthood happens at puberty, - not at the arbitrary age of 18.  Jesus taught that "such as a man thinks in his heart, so IS he".  This means that the guys thinking about taking a roll in the hay are no different in what they IS <grin> than the guys actually taking the roll!  I'm not talking about sex for the sake of casual 1-night-stands, - but it does seem ironic that those who puritanically project themselves on the 'moral high ground' are usually the ones who get caught in the cycle of one-night-stands, guilt, reinvented will-power, one-night-stands, guilt, & on & on... 
"Just wait" the fundamentalist says.  But, what does the Scripture say?  It is written: "
But because of the desires of the flesh, let every man have his wife, and every woman her husband. Let the husband give to the wife what is right; and let the wife do the same to the husband.  The wife has not power over her body, but the husband; and in the same way the husband has not power over his body, but the wife.  Do not keep back from one another what is right, but only for a short time, and by agreement, so that you may give yourselves to prayer, and come together again; so that Satan may not get the better of you through your loss of self-control."  - Paul

Look at what Paul is saying!  He's COMMANDING the church elders to allow people to marry so that they'll not be tempted to sin - like the use of prostitutes, (or in the case of people who may have a lower sex drive -- so their spouses won't go outside of the marriage for it)!  The problems with promiscuity in the church does not rest on the teenagers.  It is the "legal" adults who will be judged; -- For marriage is discouraged or denied to those who would desire it simply because they are young.  Many people will testify that they experienced their first & most powerful love as teens.  The common practice of society is to deride such "early love stories" as "immature".  Perhaps the truth is that human nature is such that people do not want to admit that they MISSED out on the person who should have been a spouse!  Being more "mature" in social terminology usually translates into having had several relationships, sleeping around a few times & when guilt builds enough -- getting a legal document <shudder> to endorse the "more mature marriage".   The hypocrisy is astonishing. 

"But the Spirit says clearly that in later times some will be turned away from the faith, giving their minds to spirits of deceit, and the teachings of demons, Through the hypocrisy of men whose words are untrue, whose consciences are seared; --Who keep men from being married and from taking food which God made to be taken with praise by those who have faith and true knowledge." - I Tim 4:1-3

So here's a message for those who lack empathy & expect people to wait until 18+ years old to "marry": Expect them to be sexually active in the interim, because it is natural & the Scripture say it will happen!  They're not the ones in rebellion; ... YOU (in authority) are the one/s violating the command of the Scripture!  What we actually have here is one generation of liars encouraging a new batch.  The perception that one can ignore the 'sexual-faucet' when the pressure begins to build is completely at odds with what the Scripture itself says about such things!  Anyone living such a delusion is instantly postured for a fall!  Sexual maturity is time for sex, & even Paul acknowledges that this set of needs will drive people to overcome their devotion to God (I Ti 5:11). 

Jesus said that he came so that we 'might have life in more abundance' (Jn 10:10). The fact is that most of the time -- Jack would enjoy taking a roll in the hay with his buddy Ben; -- except that fundamentalists (& those they've influenced) would scream "abomination" (without a shred of Scriptural backing)! So, with society impeding a natural outlet of M2M sex into friendship building via frottage; --Expect Jack to bed Brenda, & Ben - Kelly - much earlier on.  Got diapers?  Of course, in the secularized realm - heavily biased with the anti-same-sex message (church & world in agreement - imagine that...), it isn't diapers that get purchased but a trip to the abortion clinic. So then: By a blunt sloppy use of language + a lazy, evil perversion of Scripture: Fundamentalists encourage the very behavior in the secular realm -that they claim to abhor: abortion.  "These people honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me." - Isaiah.

Can't use what!

This guy -in the picture- is a teenager. And in some countries, he wouldn't be allowed to visit the "adult" section in the bookstore. I'm not trying to defend the river of moral sleeze that masquerades as "adult" material; --However I'm simply pointing out the extreme irony that as a teen -- this guy is more of a 'sexually-developed male' than many men will EVER be!  And why would any sane person expect him N0T to be regularly using his penis?  In a SANE society (where "adulthood" is determined by post-pubescent physical attributes -not at an arbitrary age (& bisexuality is recognized as the NORM); -And people view Analsex as a sh!t-covered act of disgust) ... in that society some other guy (probably a mentor within about a decade of the same age) would take an extreme interest in him & pour out his love, life & substance to encourage & be a close part of the potential clearly shown by the guy. Sexual-tension wouldn't be an issue lasting beyond a day, -nor would either guy be 'bitched' by the other.  This is how M2M relationships in ancient Greece were practiced for millennia.  And women would be the "relationships of last resort" when a guy finally decided that he wanted a "family".  

Teenage Sex is God's Timetable!

In the age of stunted & delayed intellectual maturity that is our day, -many people try to rationalize "why" it "wrong" for teens to be having "sex". There is a term for people who think such things. They're called "idiots". And you are probably surrounded by them. You need only look back to the 18th century in the North American states and read the accomplishments of the nations' founders to realize that by the time they were teenagers, --they were extremely well educated, and many -married. By "teen" I mean around 15/16; --And by well educated -- I mean what we would consider college-level by today's standards.  Think I'm exaggerating?  Here's the fact: They were simply NORMAL.  Adulthood & life were fully engaged by entry into puberty.  Mind & body were expected to be in sync.  Teenage parents was the RULE in that civilized society.  2000 years ago, the Apostle Paul drove the point home that the unmet needs of natural sexuality would overcome a person's devotion to God (I Cor 7).  It's only been since the 20th century that the insane (yes, INSANE) notion has developed that teenagers should simply "quench their urges" until they're in their post-college 20's.  Over the same period, education has become so slack that people don't know half of what they should by age 13. I'm not trying to diminish the seriousness of sex & what it creates within a relationship. I'm trying to relay a message that the teenager who's taking the naked body love-tour is acting appropriately for his age -at least regarding his expression & need for sex. Society (& parents, guardians & politicians) are the ones who are seriously misguided by expecting the next generation to adhere to a series of social rules that parents themselves could not!  And expressing intimacy toward one's own gender is not a moral shortfall in an of itself.  It's what the deepest friendships are often made of.  What I see lacking is common-sense from "adults" and a generation of youth that often don't understand (because the previous generation has under-prepared them) that at the age for SEX, -they should be engaging life instead of whoring around on "spring break" with an attitude of "slack & party".  If you're a teenager who is "doing the deed" with somebody, --I'm trying to let you know that your behavior is to be expected & is normal for ADULTS. You should look at yourselves & understand the seriousness of your choices (I'm not saying to become asexual, either). Perhaps, --you need to take the high-road and not follow the crowd.  If you want to act like a man, then it's preferable to be a man to the fullest.  You'll find that lots of people will respect that -regardless of your youth.  Society itself has betrayed you.  G0YS understand and we want you to know that as long as you are deeply respecting others regarding the subject of sex, --then we respect your thoughtful decisions regardless of your age.  Love works no ill. 

Get a Clue!
G0YS.ORG: It's a message that requires emergency broadcast levels because society & theology are sadly so sick with lies. Consider: A large swatch of society has swallowed the lie that there is something wrong with loving somebody -merely for the reason that they're the same gender as you. From every civil measuring rod ever devised based on sane, legal standards: There is simply no reason behind this distortion. It is a prejudice without merit, benefit or logic. We live in a world where people are often more comfortable expressing affection to a pet - than to another person (especially a person of the same gender).  This sin is grievous because it runs completely counter to the fundamental theme of the Gospel.  As a result - it produces every evil heresy that Christians are to flee.  It simultaneously adds & takes away from the letter of the Scripture. It accuses God of not executing a solution that encompasses all people.  It promotes a "works based" salvation via "ex-gay programs", -anathema.  And it results in the body of Christ saying to the other members "I don't need you".  We'll see who is ultimately "cut off" when God judges such carnal, lawless, elitist, sex-based theology. Read Galatians 3:28 yet?