The Mind Job:
"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will." - Rom 12:2
Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind. Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up" - 1Ptr 2:1
Modern Mythology:

It's easy to look upon the mythology of the past where ancient peoples attempted to explain their world in stories or magical accounts, that today - seem ludicrous to our 'enlightened' minds.  Even among scientists, there is a history where science incorrectly made leaps of inference to explain phenomena like fire, lightning, weather, comets, etc., -- inferences that now seem almost comical.  In some underdeveloped parts of the world, many of these ancient fallacies would be easily passed as "knowledge" today because of the lack of education in such regions disallows people to use established fact (that they're unaware of) to discredit folly. 


If the angels that had arrived in the Biblical Sodom account (Genesis 19) had been more female in appearance; - I wonder if fundamentalists would use the text as a "proof" against what they deem as "HETERO-SEXUALITY" - Gimmel Yod

Understanding that man is in the habit of 'myth' making, - gives us a hint that we need be on the lookout for 'modern myths' - that are, in reality - nothing more than well crafted stories that may rely on unproven pseudo-science (Freud?) to explain areas of thought not well understood yet.  Probably one area that is most prone to modern mythology is the study of psychology -- which could probably be defined as the "study of thought processes".  Since this 'science' is itself subject to the very thought process it purports to study; - Special scrutiny must be paid to hypothesis development.  After all, if one is studying an abstract intangible process, & looking for patterns, - one must remain aware that the very principles of psychology that allow the magician to misdirect his audience can inadvertently interact with the mind of the researcher & mislead as well.  One inaccurate premise can influence an entire body of conclusion/s, & then cascade into countless related areas of thought.  This is precisely what has occurred in the study of human sexuality.  Today, many researchers have realized past errors (which is why same-gender-attraction is no longer classified as a mental illness) & are conducting research to redefine subject matter in light of better understanding.  It is the exceptions to generalizations about gender that have been the most helpful in redefining thought.  After all, if "girls" are genetically "XX" as a rule of thumb, but an exception is discovered; - The 'rule' can no longer be that "XX" means "girl" 100% of the time.  Such 'exceptions' have colossal implications!  See (1+1) may always = 2; However, if "XX" does not always = "girl" then we know that the concept of "male/female" is more complex than two genetic letters!  I.E:  Consider a gender-bending gene found in Central America. This gene produces children that at birth are "clearly girls".  These children are raised as "girls".  However, at puberty, the genitalia mature into MALE & secondary MALE sex traits exert themselves producing a fully functioning MAN .  Girls becoming men?  If you're stuck in the outmoded thought process of (2) distinct genders ... this is exactly what appears to be happening!  However, if you understand that gender is amorphous, - then such occurrences make much more sense.  The psychology of sex is just beginning to catch up, & realizing that mind & body are not always in sync.

Although this part of this essay is not a formal study on the Intersexed; -It is offered as a thought stimulus to encourage the reader to consider the monumental permutations that exist in the physical manifestations of gender. Hopefully, you may consider the invisible, mental counterparts that are much harder to identify, not to mention - quantify.

Those of us who have attractions to those who are "like ourselves" realize that perhaps, the concept of "being intersexed" happens from the neck up much more often, - than from the neck down; -& maybe, is much more common than most people have been lead to believe!  Aesthetic beauty is an abstract concept. Being able to appreciate it is purely subjective and there is no "wrong" answer; - 0nly truthful ones. 

Problematic are those people who are (still) relying on outdated models to form arguments or promote certain ideas, agendas & even laws!  Once again, human sexuality becomes a point of disagreement & conflict.  The toll on basic human rights has been staggering.  It's time to mature beyond the outmoded concepts of ["Homo" vs. "Hetero"] sexuality.  What should the thoughts then be? 

Here is the new rule of thumb: Every human is a sexually compound being (physical & mental components coming from both parents).  Most are labeled by external appearances as either "male" or "female", but some are more ambiguous than others.  Generally, people find certain traits or characteristics as 'attractive' or desirable; & these attractions may cover a full range of male/female moirés.  Those attractions determine who we find desirable for friendships & more.  They vary from person to person (sometimes substantially); -& because of social moirés, expectations, & prejudices, - many people do not readily disclose the details, range, or gamut of their attractions. 

HOMOsexuality & HETEROsexuality': Cuss'n terms!

The CHURCH has been the victim of severely flawed thinking evidenced by its use of a forbidden terminology.  Earlier in this expose' , I mentioned that the solution for bad thinking was to think outside of the box & outside of classifications like "homosexual" & "heterosexual". 
From a Scriptural perspective, there is another reason.  Under the Law of Moses, the terms "HOMOSEXUAL" & "HETEROSEXUAL" are actually a form of profanity!  God would not use them (except maybe to denounce the terms).  People who use the terms in prayer, may as well use the words "kyke", "faggot" or "nigger" when they address God about other people (Hey, now that would be an brow-raising prayer)!  How is this conclusion derived?  I'll discuss the term "HOMOsexual" in the following, but the same applies to it's antonym.

It is written: "Keep my laws. ... Do not put on a robe made of two sorts of cloth." - Lev 19:19c  While shallow men cannot see the relevancy of this Scripture, God does show us the hidden wisdom in the Law which we delight in.  Paul wrote that: "For we know that the law is spiritual:" - Rom 7:14. In another letter, Paul explains the meaning of another old testament law:  "...for the scripture says, 'You shall-not muzzle an ox that treads out grain'; So then: The workman is worthy of his hire." - 1Ti 5:18  So then, what does a robe made out of (2) sorts of cloth represent?  In ancient times (& even today), a person's clothing often told you about them.  Even today, we recognize police, medical professionals,  athletes, etc., by the clothing they wear.  However, words can also often function like clothing (hence the concept of a 'blanket statement').  As a matter of fact, it's possible to use a single word to label a person so completely that the word takes on such proportion, it obscures the rest of the person described by it!  This is the case with the word "HOMOSEXUAL".  How many times have we observed that word applied to somebody, & watched it eclipse all the rest of the person's life-accomplishments?  Hmmm. However, that word has a dual origin.  The person who invented the term in the late 19th century, took the term "HOMO" from the Greek -- meaning "LIKE"; And combined it with the Latin term "SEXUALis" -- pertaining to sex.  Consider: Two words, each from a unique culture, figuratively knit together (half from parchment & half from paper) to form a hybrid term which expresses a concept foreign to over 4000 years of recorded history about sexuality  (Greek + Latin [Different Sorts]), figuratively knit together to form a blanket-term so bizarre in the new image it connotes -as to make irrelevant all the other characteristics of a person covered with it)!  It's a 'freak-term', an insult, and Scripturally: a cuss -made from a lie. Purge it and it's antonym from your vernacular -except to recognize them as the offense to right-thinking that they are.  

The citation in Leviticus that forbids the mixing of cloth also forbids the mating of "different sorts".  It forbids the mixing of seeds in a field.  The commandment in the literal sense forbids making "freaks of nature".  However, when it gets to the part about "cloth", the meaning thrusts into the metaphysical.  Since MEN wear cloth, the commandment forbids wearing the uniform that declares one a "freak" (an UnLawful hybridization).

"Heteros Sarx" does not equal "Homo Sex"!

The Scripture declares a stern curse upon anyone who adds to the word of God (saying that He said something that He did not). This damning pronouncement should cause alarm in the heart of anyone who realizes that the term "HOMOSEXUAL" was created in the late 1800's, - & that no Bible printed before the 1940's contained the term nor was there any term that meant the same thing! People's thought process was different and more in line with reality itself.  You need to grasp that point. The word "homosexual" & its antonym distort the thought process.  And until you REJECT the notions that those terms suggest you will be unable to understand human sexuality. You need to see those terms in the same light that you see any cursing or profanity! 
Anyone who uses the least amount of common sense will immediately stop & consider the glaringly obvious question: "So what terms were used in earlier Bibles?".  Another obvious query boils down to the fact that the terms used were describing something common to man. After all - the writers were discussing issues that were part of civil law -- which by the existence of legal process -demands exacting definitions.  Yet NOWHERE in the original Hebrew or Greek texts do terms which imply "sameness" or "homo" (a Greek term itself & readily available for use)  ever get used to describe the moral shortcomings that are TODAY relabeled "HOMOSEX". The reason for this is glaringly obvious. If the condemned acts were connected to "sameness", Paul (a lawyer) would have used the Greek term to connote the principle: "HOMO".  But, he did not. The only specific mention of Sodom's sex sins are in Jude - and Jude uses the term "HETEROS SARX".  "HETEROS" is the precise OPPOSITE of "HOMO".  So then - the closest evidence the Scripture contains about Sodom's precise sin is a word that implies the exact opposite of what many Christians & even most Bibles declare it to be!  Hello? I choose to believe JUDE.
"HETERO-SARX" can be directly cross-referenced to Leviticus 19:19; - that forbids mating of DIFFERENT KINDS.
You don't make mules; - & you don't mate humans with angels (nor w. other animals)!
Elsewhere in Moses Law, - He places a death sentence on bestiality.  The straw that broke the camel's back in Sodom -was when the mob of MEN surrounded Lot's house & prepared to gang-rape a couple of ANGELS "HETERO-SARKOS". The intent to sin in Sodom on that occasion was multi faceted, & violated a number of mala-inse' principles simultaneously.

  • Attempt to assault agents of another Kingdom (God's)

  • Unlawful detainment/arrest without probable cause.

  • That assault would have taken the form of anal-penetration/rape

  • Attempted breaking & entering (of lot's home)

  • Criminal threatening (of Lot & his family)

  • Conspiracy to commit the above (Mob)

  • Drunk & disorderly conduct

  • Creating a public disturbance

  • Denial of due legal process  

Gross lawlessness on so many fronts - that anyone who teaches that the account of Sodom has anything to do with "homosexuality" is a God-Damned Ignoramus.

The sad truth about the word "HOMOSEXUAL" in the Scripture is that every time you see the term -- it is not the result of mere mistranslation...but outright FABRICATION; --A LIE - bald faced and staring at you from the translated text!  And people who refuse to blot it out are guilty of idolatry (worshipping men - translators); - And idolaters are listed among those who will not inherit God's kingdom!

The law of God - even natural law itself; - has NEVER been concerned with the gender of lovers, - butt specific acts that tend toward harm.  It is those ACTS that the Torah/law forbids because the purpose of the law is a warning away from danger so to facilitate life by the avoidance.  It is that very reason why the gender of the intimate couple is irrelevant.  As long as actions do not work "ill", -- there can be no transgression.  No evidence of an injured party = No plaintiff.

Govern yourselves accordingly.        

To recap: In the example we use here, the "uniform" is a single word used to "blanket" a person with.  The term "homo-sexual" has such power because it is a word subtly founded on a lie & the spiritual origin is disobedience, - an evil term possessing the power to destroy in the form of an implied LIE (native language of the Devil).  The man who "coined" the term had chosen NOT to retain a knowledge of God [Torah] & for this reason, God gave him over to a REPROBATE mind; -- & from his reprobate mind, came the reprobate term: HOMO]SEXUAL.  And, ironically, this hybrid term, used countless times daily to blanket people with, is itself, forbidden by the very section of scriptural legal-text used by the self-righteous to condemn people the term is alleged to apply!  People doing the judging & applying this term are the ones condemned by the very label they apply to others!  That's Divine irony; & a warning to those who would profess themselves righteous while ignoring what God has actually stated!  You'll observe this same folly repeated in related contexts on many levels & when the unveiling is done, you'll understand why the people using this term to judge others with & throwing around excerpts from Romans 1, -- are the very people guilty of the offense/s they label others with (just as Romans 2:1 declares)!  The term "HETEROSEXUAL" is likewise, - a forbidden term based on a misperception of fundamental human sexuality!  See, the conditions these modern-cuss-words attempt to describe do not exist; - Because these terms assert that people are either completely male or completely female, - when the Scripture (& even science) asserts that every person is a combination of gender (Male & Female)!  And, according to the gospel, - gender ceased being a dividing tool for the new, man-creature in Christ (Gal 3:28c)!  When you stop using bad descriptions, you have to think differently to understand things as God frames them!  If you use these forbidden terms, STOP the profanity!  

As you've probably been figuring out: The purpose of this website is to direct the visitors to think differently, for themselves, & to be fully convinced in their own minds that what they know,-  they know because of logical information, well reasoned, & in context with other reliable sources.  Many people are visiting here because of abuse they have suffered elsewhere under the heading of "truth"; & some are in such despair that they are willing to give ear to any friendly voice.  Rather than blindly follow a 'friendly voice', - consider following the voice of a true friend who has been through the 'religious guilt machine' & has uncovered some very different answers (from the Book itself), - other than the canned guilt-trips of what masquerades as "Gawd's voice". 

What you'll discover is that the most accomplished liars often stand in the pulpit & while they claim to speak for Gawd, they actually speak words of destruction in complete opposition to the gospel!  There is an often disturbing pattern of psychology behind any person who wants to be THE leader.  In 3rd John, we find the only commentary in the Scripture about such a 'church' man.  It is written: "I wrote to the church, but Diotrephes, who loves to be first, will have nothing to do with us. So if I come, I will call attention to what he is doing, gossiping maliciously about us. Not satisfied with that, he refuses to welcome the brothers. He also stops those who want to do so and puts them out of the church.  Dear friend, do not imitate what is evil but what is good.".  Astonishingly, much of religiondom has gone after a pattern that we have been told N0T to imitate!  This pattern results in refusal to accept Apostles (which means a rejection of the basic, true teachings of the faith), Expulsion of Christian brothers (rejecting redeemed people); -- But, it sure spews lots of rumors/gossip.  Sounds like many 'churches' today, doesn't it; -- Especially on 'gay/gender' issue/s!   

One last point: Because of the tendency to conceal the intimate details of what we find desirable, it is often virtually impossible to tell what another person feels by casual observation.  Although some people have body language that reveals more about themselves than others; -  This is the minority! 
The warning:
Make a disparaging remark about same-gender attracted people in front of your 'best friend' & although it may generate a 'smile', - that 'smile' may mask a decision to NEVER open up & trust you about what is 'really' on the mind of your newly formed  'ex'-best-friend. I speak from experience: Because there is nothing about my mannerisms that would suggest anything about my sexuality - most of my "friends" who identify as "Christian" have told me (via their comments about same-gender-attracted people) - that they really don't like me (even though they don't realize that while they were making their negative commentary - that they were also, coincidentally, talking about me).  Even though this sort of bigoted abuse is nowhere supported in the original languages of the Scripture; -the experiences of "being hated to your face" is extremely common in religious circles because of the extremely high percentage (+63%) of people who are same-gender attracted to some degree (& concealing it).  Many reading this already know what the emotional toll can be like when you realize that the majority of people you care about actually hate you. This is why youth suicide in "religious" groups is higher than societal averages. RIP Harley D.  

Observation: People who insist that "sexual attraction" is a "choice" are actually telling you more about themselves than about anyone else! "Therefore, you have no excuse-every one of you who judges. For when you pass judgment on another person, you condemn yourself, since you, the judge, practice the very same things." - Apostle Paul to the Romans