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For Ethical Men who Love Masculinity (+63%)! Yeah, Most Men!Love, Trust, Respect, Discretion, Masculinity
FACT: The Majority of Men Admire Masculinity; -But Do NOT identify with:
"GL!TQEtc"! Why?

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If the term "GAY" only implied "Same-Gender-Attracted", - Then there'd be no need for the G0YS men's movement...But some words change meaning over time!

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If you had a family member or close friend who was grappling with these very issues; - Would you want to see their life destroyed by LIES of common (but failed) approaches, or vastly improved with the mere TRUTH?

: Passionately Loved or Hated, with little for a middle!
Our messages provide life-changing answers while also offending a great number of fools (on the political left & right)!
So, if you're a guy who loves guys, but finds apsects of the GLITQetc politico offensive to your ethos; -Or you are suffering the religious rants & malicious mantras that challenge your mere existence; - Know for sure that this website is for you!

NOTICE: Mature content within. Finally! Life-affirming, credible-answers! Rare wisdom! Genuine peace of mind! Countless men who have looked into the rapidly growing G0YS (spelled w. a zer0) movement found there is a place for men who love [ἔρως] masculinity, but don't feel comfortable with contemporary "GAY-Male" culture due to the entrenched stigmas & appalling health statistics surrounding it (I.E: a rate of sexually related injuries & diseases that [according to the American Red Cross] is +4,000.00% higher than the general population)!  G0YS represent the majority (say "majority") of all men (+60%), -who experience affection for masculine traits & choose to express it in an atmosphere of pure respect - without any compulsion to promote unhealthy, emasculating stereotypes.  G0YS is a sane, sober, approach to masculine intimacy, respect & health; -With extremely comprehensive theological apologetics for those men who have serious concerns about the actual religious implications about same-gender intimacy. +95% of the population gets this issue catastrophically wrong due to rampant, poor Biblical translations! G0YS: Decades of research & the #1 information resource on this!

"It's true: - G0YS ALWAYS respect other guys as MEN. And THAT makes ALL the difference!"- All G0YS
Due to the extremely serious nature of the content within this website, the intensity of the language may seem elevated in places. In such, we encourage you to consider the topic/s at hand & ask yourself the simple question: "Are these g0ys discussing a trend/behavior that is dangerous, disrespectful, demeaning, disease-spreading or deadly?". The answer generally explains the tone!
G0YS take a pragmatic approach! "Seeing then that we have such hope, we use great plainness of speech"2 Cor 3:12

" G0YS! It's like learning Earth has 7 continents - while everyone else thinks there are only 3!
As a normal guy who loves men; -I reject: Abusive religion, -AND- perilous, AnalSex'd androgyny!"- All G0YS

Most of the men who discover the g0ys movement are looking for answers to some serious questions about themselves. Most are shocked when they learn that +60% of all men have similar feelings (Yes, a majority)! Most (but not all) of these men have feelings for women, but grapple with questions arising from the fact that they also deeply appreciate masculine aesthetics & experience deep affections for other men! But, such men simply don't identify as "(GLITQETC.)" because that term has been welded with odd, x-gender behavior & AnalSex; -Activities that most men consider unhealthy, disgusting, shameful & emasculating. Because of these core differences - such men (g0ys) do NOT fit into the (GLITQETC...) alphabet-soup culture & find much of it to be extremely antagonistic to our masculine ethos. G0YS do NOT sacrifice the hard, sobering truth in the name of "Political Correctness" - & ironically, G0YS make many organized religions look extremely negligent, even callous! Also within the g0ys main site are many editorials that give analytical insight into 3000+ years of history; -showing that it has always been completely normal for men to seek a deep bond with other men -even on the physical level (a/k/a "Bromance"+). "G0YS" know instinctively that loving other men has nothing whatsoever to do with gender-bending, x-dressing, AnalSex nor otherwise playing the "female role"! G0YS show how natural male affection has been stigmatized by a group of gender-bending, pro-AnalSex, disease-spreading sociopaths; --And how the term "GAY" morphed into a term used to push every perilous sex-act & bizarre behavior under the guise of "tolerance".  And g0ys show how the predominant stereotypes, of the so-called "gay movement" have actually been denounced for thousands of years by cultures that also celebrated male/male intimacy! This is because of a loud immoral, persistent fringe (referred to as "SemiViri" 2000+ years ago) that has shamed M2M affection - tainted in the present by pornographers, perverts, & sociopathic-personalities -all having agendas that attempt to link their emasculating & disease-spreading fetishes - with all Same Gender Affections (suggesting that it's all part of the same "movement": GLIBTQETC.) G0YS redraw the hard line where it belongs ethically & logically without compromise! Compared to the libertine positions of the current GLITQETC. community; - G0YS is provably the difference between health vs. destruction!

G0YS, -by our very nature, detest the entire notion of AnalSex in any form as dirty, dangerous, degrading & damn-un-masculine; -& by shunning casual sexual encounters (& completely rejecting AnalSex), G0YS avoid the very social-groups & perils that spread +98% of ALL STI's/STD's among men! Among g0ys, STDs/STIs are virtually nonexistent compared to the STD/STI figures for the so-called "GAY-male community" (I.E: a rate of sexually related injuries & diseases that [according to the American Red Cross] is +4,000.00% higher than the general population)!  According to the CDC, AnalSex is +5000% more perilous then even 0ral! So, while so-called "GAY"-men are plagued with STDs/STIs; - G0YS are NOT (a remarkable difference)! The GAY-male community pushes a death-style as a buffet of perilous anal-fetishes & then demands that everyone "tolerate" it! WTF!

It's essential to understand how a social movement can be twisted by special interests, & how important it is to reject that movement after it has been irreparably perverted by unhealthy agendas. G0YS understand that when a social movement promotes actions that indiscriminately harm others, -then it's time to STOP TOLERATING IT.  These massive differences are why the g0ys movement matters! The g0ys movement centers around germane issues of human behavior: Specifically, why men of good conscience need to loudly reject the extremely perilous, injurious actions & examples of history's flood of old, dead, callous fools who killed themselves by their very deeds , -&- the vestige of shallow cultural progeny who wish to perpetuate those deadly mantras into the present & future! "If you adopt the corpse's philosophy; -What caused its end may end you too!

So: Even though you may be a guy who loves men /too; -Doesn't mean that you need to embrace the alphabet-soup naming culture that is called "GLITQETC". Men loving men is NORMAL; -- NOT gender dimorphic, nor part of some minority with bizarre & unhealthy fetishes ! G0YS reject the entire "Contemporary Paradigm of GLITQETC" & instead, choose an older, healthier & far nobler path! And for this, we're often demeaned & slandered by those who think society should embrace the perils of callous disregard, physical-injury, sexually-transmitted diseases & even death! Study our posturing. Decide for yourself. We use well documented knowledge to transform lives; - Delivering men from deadly voices of confusion! Not all viewpoints have equal merit!  Reality doesn't bow to opinion. Distinctions matter! Ethical behavior is evidenced by the outcomes of actions!

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"When my 'conservative', religious family found out that my roommate & I were closer than brothers; -The g0ys.org apologetics section completely destroyed their sect's theology (using the Scriptures themselves) - & damned them instead of me! Their clergy: Silenced! No rebuttal! WOW!"- Religious Abuse Survivor

Many men who discover the g0ys movement have been abused by politics, religion, etc; -& told that all physically-intimate Same-Gender-Affections (SGA) are loathsome. G0YS know that this abuse (especially by twisted religion) is so severe that a section of the main g0ys website has been developed to give substantial, exonerating, in-depth theological answers from several sources (including a Rabbinic PhD who has thoughtfully written on the subject matter). What g0ys have proven in the theological section is how relying on the actual Scriptures represents the real strength of our position (instead of trying to water-down or deride Biblical texts as others do). G0YS also go into great depths to explain the rationale behind what was & wasn't prohibited in the Torah & more importantly: WHY. G0YS also expose serious, intentional mistranslations in the Bible and how a gigantic LIE arose over time due to those very mistranslations - & became the proverbial "beam in the eye" of many sects! The theological section is absolutely liberating & very essential for men who demand solid, in-depth, in-context answers to reconcile their faith & feelings without compromising truth, safety or morality. As a theological side-effect, the ironic result of this in-depth analysis actually paints those who have falsely accused g0ys - with the same shade of moral-turpitude that they have been using to accuse so many others for decades! That's right! Not only do the Hebraic-Christian Scriptures exonerate people falsely accused due to mere same-gender attractions; -But actually damn those who have falsely accused them - and to the exact same degree!  The [Tenak & Ha•brit Ha•cha•da•sha] (Bible) both issue dire warnings to those who are lax, sloppy & deceitful in handling the Scriptures; -The astonishing conclusion being that so much of what claims to be "conservative-theology" is NEITHER! It appears that many "religious fundamentalists" are headed toward the very HELL they threaten others with! The Scriptures explain this irony in detail. In this regard, G0YS accurately claim to be one of the most comprehensive resources for defensive apologetically reformative answers on the planet! G0YS: Freedom for the falsely accused & a damning warning for those promoting those accusations! God is not the petty douchebag nor the libertine tort-enabler that false religions have made Him out to be! Those preaching "HellFire" are often headed there! See Mic 6:8

The g0ys groups also contain a collection of astonishing images of handsome men (modern & vintage).  You'll discover that g0ys aren't prudes & we have no qualms against tasteful nudity. We do insist that images never showcase disrespect of a model.  We believe that love is totally awesome & we have no qualms with images that display it between men. We do not believe that "genderf!ck", abuse, pain or forms of domination are acceptable content (unless such images are used to deride abusive principles themselves).  G0YS are all about respect. Our use of imagery tries to relay the clear message that men can totally love other men without anyone losing his health, respect nor making any sacrifice of masculinity. G0YS: The timely renaissance of true male friendship, affection & intimacy!

Within the g0ys main site you will also find links to other g0y-centric groups that are growing at a rate almost too fast to keep up with.  We've listed many of them with space to add yours if you decide to become pro-active as a g0y proponent.  We have well over a decade of commentary in some of the core groups & encourage your participation after you've taken some time to look over the main site. Doing so will get many of your initial questions out of the way -so that your appearance in the groups won't leave you too "green" as to the general posturing of the members & movement overall.

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NOTICE: Mature Content Inside
Be Advised: G0YS is a term - that by its very nature - encompasses mature subject matter.


Special thanks to all of the contributors who helped make this website possible. Your blogs, essays, stories, images & edits made it a truly informative experience!

G0YS are Men who love Men/also. G0YS do Not participate in anal sex!
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