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 Love, Trust, Respect, Discretion, Masculinity
For the Vast-Majority of MEN Who Love Masculinity; --But Do NOT identify as "Gay"!

Men who look into the G0YS movement rapidly discover is that there is a place for men who love masculinity, but don't feel comfortable with the term "GAY" -nor the stigmas surrounding that term.  G0YS represent the majority of men (+60%), -who experience affection for masculine traits & choose to express such in an atmosphere of pure respect, without the least hint of moral compromise - nor a compulsion to promote "GAY" stereotypes.  G0YS: A sober, libertarian approach to masculine friendships; -With additional Judeo/Christian theological apologetics.

Most of the men who stumble onto the g0ys (spelled w. a zer0) movement are looking for answers to some serious questions about themselves. Most are shocked when they learn that +60% of all men have similar questions (Yes, the majority)! Most (but not all) of these men have feelings for women, but also deal with internal issues arising from the fact that they also have affections for other men, too! And, such men don't identify as "GAY" at all!

Don't identify with "GAY"? No! G0YS perceive the imagery & stereotypes that are promoted from WITHIN the so-called "gay-male community" to be repugnant to our sensibilities of masculinity & respect. We know instinctively that loving other men has nothing whatsoever to do with gender-bending, x-dressing or playing the female role! G0YS, -by our very nature, reject anything to do with playing inside another person's anus; -hence we find the entire notion of "anal-sex" to be dirty, degrading & damn-un-masculine.  G0YS completely reject anal sex!

Many men who discover the g0ys movement have been abused by their religion & told that Same-Gender-Affections (SGA) are "sin". We know that this issue is so paramount to these men that an in-depth section of the main g0ys website has been developed to give real, in-depth theological answers from several sources (including a PhD who has written extensively on the subject matter). What we have done in the theological section is show how relying on the actual Scriptures represents the real strength of our ratiocinations, -instead of trying to water-down or deride the scriptural texts as so many "pro-gay" groups do. We also go into great depth to explain the rationale behind what was & wasn't prohibited in the Torah. This section is absolutely essential for men who demand solid answers to reconcile their faith & feelings without compromising truth or morality. G0YS understand this need & claim to be one of the most comprehensive resources of answers on the planet regarding this issue!

Also within the g0ys main site are many essays that give insight into 3000+ years of historical analysis; -proving that it is completely normal for the majority of men to crave a deep bond with men -even on the physical level. And we show how the "modern gay movement" has shamed M2M affection as it was hijacked by pornographers, perverts, sociopathic-personalities & fascists all with agendas that attempt to link themselves with Same Gender Affections -- by suggesting that it's all part of the same "movement".  It's essential to understand how a system of socialization can get perverted by special interests, & how important it is to reject that movement after it has been irreparably perverted by antithetical agendas.  G0YS show how natural male affection was discredited & contaminated by a gender-bending, pro-analsex "GAY" set of interests; --And how "GAY" has morphed into a term used to push every fetish & social ill under the guise of "tolerance".  G0YS understand that when a philosophy results in actions that harm others --then it's time to STOP TOLERATING IT.  Because of what the term "GAY" has become, --Know this: Even though you are a guy who loves men /too --doesn't mean that you need to embrace any particular culture calling itself "GAY". As G0YS, -we generally reject the term "GAY" -because men loving men is NORMAL; --it's NOT gender dysmorphic, nor part of some minority! +60% is a MAJORITY! 

Within the g0ys main site you will also find links to other g0y-centric groups that are growing at a rate almost too fast to keep up with.  We've listed many of them with space to add yours if you decide to become pro-active as a g0y, too.  We have over a decade of commentary in some of the core groups & encourage your participation after you've taken some time to look over the main site. Doing so will get many of your initial questions out of the way -so that your appearance in the groups won't leave you too "green" as to the general posturing of the members & movement overall.

The g0ys groups also contain a collection of astonishing images of handsome men.  You'll discover that g0ys aren't prudes at all & we have no qualms against nudity. We do insist that images be tasteful, & never showcase disrespect of a model.  We believe that love is totally awesome & we have no qualms with images that display it between men. We do not believe that genderfukk, abuse, pain or forms of domination constitute acceptable content (unless such images are used to deride abusive principles themselves).  G0YS are all about respect. Our use of imagery tries to relay the clear message that men can totally love other men without anyone losing his respect nor making any sacrifice of masculinity.

C L I C K   O U R   L O G O !

NOTICE: Mature Content

G0YS are Men who love men. G0YS do Not participate in anal sex!
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