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+60% of all men experience some SameSex attractions. You know that +60% is NOT a "minority", -right?
G0YS is testosterone driven. Our basic philosophy is simple: "Love works no ill.", & "No victim; -No crime". If you can't wrap your brain around those principles, -then you're in the wrong place!

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Zealot Zone!

This website contains content authored by people who actually have passionate beliefs that matter. We don't tolerate fools well, -nor do we make light of life/death issues. We don't giggle at mindsets that downplay perilous philosophies, actions, or the effects of such. I.E:  Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis is one of our  role-models. Like Semmelweis's common-sense approach to hygiene, -G0YS simply point out the well known perils about playing in SHIT; --Perils that the "GAY" community desperately seems to want to ignore & make light of the cause/s. Of course, -being a g0y involves more to a guy's personality profile than a natural revulsion to using soiled diapers as a picnic spread. But, sanity is always a good place to start. If you find yourself being "offended" at content on this site, --simply ask yourself: "Are these g0ys denouncing a group or act that is dangerous, disrespectful, demeaning, disease-spreading or deadly?" -&- "Is the tone of the site appropriate to the seriousness of the subject matter?". If the obvious answer is "YES", -then you're experiencing a variation of the "Semmelweis Reflex"; --And G0YS are not the cause of your offense ... (Your own warped worldview is). 

"I forget there is no amount of fact or truth that will sway the depraved mind. The depraved mind revels in the excrement of lies." - D. Champion

Hate truth?

"Here's a thought: If LITERALLY and ACCURATELY describing what you advocate & condone sounds like an INSULT, -maybe it's because you're advocating and condoning irrational, immoral crap. The proper solution is not to bitch at the people pointing that out. The proper solution is to STOP advocating and condoning irrational, immoral crap." - Larken Rose

Ass-Fuckers HATE Truth!

In ALL of the time I've spent editing this site and fielding e-mails & criticism, -I have noticed (1) glaringly loud subject that the gAys avoid above all others. Ass-Fuckers will not discuss the FACT that ALL major global health organizations have pegged AnalSex as the single most perilous sex-act a person can engage in +5000% more dangerous than even oral!  Ass-Fuckers HATE the FACT that, today, +95% of virtually ALL sexually transmitted diseases can be rapidly traced to the act of the Ass-Fuck in every contagion chain! This FACT weighs more than ALL of the other FACTS that VALIDATE G0YS position on the matter, - & this FACT is the one the Ass-Fuckers avoid discussing more than they avoid the plague. Literally. AIDS is one (of many) such plagues that spread especially well via the ass-fuck!


I discovered around the age of 13 that I really enjoyed the close company of a select number of my male friends.  Because home life was so sheltered, I had no access to adult material -so I did not make any connection with my feelings being "sexual", -nor was my interest in my buddies directed at their genitals to any degree whatsoever. I was simply the friend who'd wrestle with a buddy and then bust into massaging him - often during the wrestling.  The massage would almost always subdue the guy immediately and then I'd have what I wanted: close contact with a buddy stripped down to his shorts.  If it was a stay-over, -I'd take steps to be sure we ended up wrestling right before bedtime so that I could end up wrapped around the guy rubbing on him throughout the night.  I greatly enjoyed the close contact.  As I got older, I eventually made the connection with the sexuality component of my feelings.  And it turned out that a number of my peers were experiencing similar patterns of social development.  As we now know - this is a very common pattern of development among men.  Not any part of this pattern was any semblance of gender-bending nor any effeminate behavior.  And there was absolutely no place for analsex (it didn't enter our minds) -as that notion was -& still is- a completely offensive thought process.  The battle that many guys experience is the implied notion broadcast by the "gay-community" that "anal-sex" would have fit into our early male/male affection paradigm.  G0YS know instinctively that AnalSex does not fit nor will it ever. AnalSex is a highly perilous gender-bending act that proxies a man in the stead of a woman's anatomy and debases the participants on a number of levels. It also spreads diseases +5000% faster than any other act (according to the CDC, WHO & ARC)!  This distinction (the lack of anal-fetishes) is what distinguishes g0ys (+55% of the male population) from morally-soft gAys (<7% of the male population).  And most men feel such a moral revulsion at the thought of AnalSex that they do not disclose the same-gender aspects of their pasts for fear of being lumped in with the gender-bending, analsex tolerating crowd called "gay".  The sexual expression and core values of g0ys are fundamentally different from the "gAy" crowd and g0ys do not feel any camaraderie with guys who act like woman-wanna-be's in their mannerisms.  G0YS now know that we're part of the MAJORITY of men. Shocked? Some guys feel a great sense of separation from others over time as they live with the FALSE presumption that same-gender-affections make them somehow different from average guys.  You see, most guys have same gender attractions! Over 60% do! The MAJORITY! Yeah! But, many of us got the 'message' all of our lives (post 1950) that guys who were into other guys were ("gender inverted")...  Our families, churches, friends, enemies, schools, etc., -- often painted a language of hate speech aimed at all 'socially forbidden attractions'.  There were also stereotypes about same-sex activity that were often disgusting distortions of some type of fetish (I.E: anal-sex: Most guys want nothing to do with that sort of dangerous & debased behavior).  Most of us could not identify with the way 'gay' was portrayed in the public psyche, so we adopted the same 'anti-gay' rhetoric as our friends, families, churches, schools, & even our enemies - all in order to stay hidden because we did NOT identify nor relate with what the term "GAY" implied!  But, as we got older, we also begin to realize that maybe, other so-called, self-professing 'STR8' guys weren't what they projected, either! Something was missing: The G0YS' perspective on the issue!

"Scouts?" Yeah, for a lot of guys!

The Real Message of Prejudice:

For so long, society's continual message ... to the guy who loved guys -even if he didn't openly identify with the term "gay" ... to the person unsuspected as having anything other than 'straight'  feelings ... What that ultimate message really said was: ...that the real person (the one with the real feelings kept behind a mask), was unacceptable by virtue of his very nature.  After all, if you have close friends & ties with family all based on an incomplete projection of who you are, -- AND these same people openly cursed, loathed & demeaned people who openly have the same types of feelings that you so carefully concealed; - Then the implied message can only be: 'You are hated for who you really are; - despite the fact that you may have even seemed to be the most popular person in the room'.  This is why many people who deal with strong same-sex affections have a suicide rate much higher than other demographic groups.  The realization that "Everybody who loves me - actually hates me." is too brutal for many guys to handle.  So, drinking, drugs, disease, & depression become a fatal dynamic for many men trying to "cope" w. their feelings.  And, for many men who do not 'gay-identify' (maybe even have a wife & kids), coming out to the world may not seem an option.  However, if you read on, you're going to reach the startling conclusion that you were never as alone as you suspected, and that society has built a tower of lies around sexuality that they hypocritically call "morality" on one hand, & "liberation" - callously on the other.  Guys who love guys & aren't 'GAY' We're G0Y; & we don't play by 'their' shifting, foggy, obtuse rules any more (hence, this site)!  You're N0T alone!  You're N0T a freak.  One size doesn't fit all!  And the thing that is really going to bake your noodle is that there are probably lots (L0TS) of guys near you  feeling the exact same way -clueless that they're surrounded by normal guys feeling the same way!  Read on!

The Real Reason for so-called 'Homo Hate':

Most men loathe the concept of being "arse-phuck'd"; - even being associated with "arse-phuckr's"!  Men who rape men use that form of assault for a reason: It is the ultimate statement of disrespect. 

The original use of the word  "PHUCK" was a 'cuss' insinuating penetration.  It is the verbal approximation of the nonverbal noises ASSociated with the term's meaning.   So then, the term "phuck-you" has a very specific meaning when spoken man to man!

Since the media, (& now society), - generally ASSerts: That "All Same-Sex Affection = 'GAY'", & since the media asserts that "GAY*sex*" = "ANAL*sex*"; -- Most men logically connect the term "gay" with AnalSex - a complicit act - completely degrading & repulsive to masculinity, health & common sense; - something that they'd never do to their buddies! 

And, like it or not: Guys who wear the "gay" label make themselves guilty by ASSociation w. a group that loudly TOLERATES EVERY perversion under the sun -& calls that clusterphuck: "gay pride"!  G0YS, however, believe that pride should be earned. 

The real issue is not male/male intimacy; -- But the dirty, disrespectful & even dangerous attitudes towards masculinity such as 'ANAL*SEX'.  Most men want absolutely nothing to do with such forms of moral turpitude.  The term "GAY" is generally shunned, -not because it implies tender, physical male friendships, --but because the term is solidly welded to the notions of AnalSex, GenderBending & other forms of abuse in the public psyche. Most men find those implications grossly offensive to their own ethos.

Understand AntiGay's "Why":

Contrary to the anti-samesex messages that so many guys continuously broadcast (out of terror of being associated with a group of half-men); --The vast majority (+63%) of men recognize a certain degree of internal same-gender affection for certain other guys. However, when given the chance to act on these feelings, -the expression does NOT resemble the types of stereotypical behaviors that the "gays" have made themselves notorious for. Most guys know instinctively that AnalSex is a grossly perilous & shameful fetish; -A crime against health itself in the practice. Playing in shit-holes spreads diseases & is disgusting. Using a man's arse as a proxy for a woman's vag is a massive act of disrespect & incredibly perilous from a medical perspective.  And yet "GAY" is a term that has been WELDED by use to those very perilous acts of shame. And for that set of ASSociations do men of good conscience shun any connection to the term "gay".  A person may say "GAY" meaning simple "same-gender affection", --but the world around them hears "shamefully complicit to AnalSex; --an arse-fukk'r". So, quite literally, --ethical, discerning men avoid association with the term "gay" like they avoid the plague. Most guys have a few buddies that they'd enjoy a long bout of nude physical contact with. However -these same guys would never consider buttfukk'n a bro. That offensive concept doesn't even enter their mind. So, while outwardly they're "anti-gay", --they're actually "anti-emasculation".  They'd NEVER BITCH-A-BRO. And they don't want any ASSociation with any group of "guyths" who would. Get it? 

"You bark - like dogs! STOP!"

Dogs lack a full vocabulary. They have 1 word -for everything. And that word doesn't bode well in print to explain anything. To understand them - it's all context based (not what they "say" but "how" they "say" it)!  My point is that sloppy use of words results in the vague conveyance of ideas.  If you want to have a discussion or debate, --your terminology needs to be precise. But I hear lots of people barking like dogs on the issue of human sexuality (& lots of these people have college degrees).  Once your vocabulary is precise, -terms like "Gay", "Straight", "Bi", "Lifestyle" & the like, -all begin to sound like a whole lot of barking. Why? Because they are inherently meaningless & describe fictional states that are constructions of prejudice, vagaries, ignorance & dogma.  
I.E: When the term "GAY" was coined, --it originally meant "Same Gender Attracted".  G0YS have no issue with THAT simple definition. However, -as time passed, the term "GAY" became connected with cross-gender behaviors (which is why "intersexed" & "transgender" ride in the gay-pride passenger seats) & perilous acts such as AnalSex. In most places, the term "GAY-SEX" has come to equate "ANAL-SEX". G0YS completely reject that notion and find the ASSociation repugnant to our innate morals.  Please keep those distinctions in mind whenever you read a G0Y commentary critical of "The GAYS".  It is not the original use of the term, --but what it has morphed into, -that g0ys find reprehensible (& "reprehensible" is perhaps, -too soft of a descriptor).

Wow! Over a decade...

"As I write this it's difficult to believe that over a decade has passed since the philosophy of being g0y went online.  In retrospect - it has been an amazing journey - with growth beyond anything I'd have imagined. Many people from many places around the globe have identified with the concept and implemented the term "g0y" in their own cultures, languages & media-forms! It humbles me - honestly. I know that some may have an impression of me via my pen -that "humility" was an attribute I could have used more of. I write forcefully for the sake of the g0ys movement & getting the main points across in limited time and space.  I've seen so many NON-g0y groups speak lies & half-truths in soft, eloquent speech -- that I wanted to break step with the politics of soft-spoken nonsense (that often kills anyone who follows the path that softly spoken lies make).  Where I may have gone too far in the extreme - I whole-heartedly apologize. An where I did not go far enough - likewise.  However, what WE did together was to spread a message of masculine respect that the Greeks during the time of Alexander would have been proud of.  It's a message of respect that has literally saved the lives of men in despair - men who had been made to feel that they were worthless as men because they happened to love men /too.  G0YS has shown that you can be a man who loves men and live life with masculine respect, health, & dignity - without the need to embrace affectations, fetishes or confused-practices that are opposed to our testosterone-tending core instincts as men. G0Ys believe that "morality" should not be an abstract set of rules, but predicated on the outcomes of actions.  By its very nature: Love works no ill toward others. The message seems all too obvious. However, there are many people (especially of the GAY identity), -who are promoting debasing messages of self-gratification at the expense of health, dignity and even life itself!  And because the fallout is so serious, --0ur tone becomes as serious and uncompromising when the health & lives of men are at stake.  G0YS naturally recognize this hard fact.  These are adult issues for men and the temperament must be likewise. So many men know these things in their very core. Thanks to all of you who have made this vision a global reality."  - The G0YS Founder.

"The scarab is not our mascot"

G0YS don't play in shit, -nor do we fetishize its origin. It's possible to be a guy who loves guys without having to live like a dung beetle. The shit-smeared act of anal-sex (- the primary erotic focus of the "GAY-male paradigm"), -makes it the most sexually-debased movement on the planet evidenced (Say "evidenced") by an unparalleled history of disease-statistics proving this assertion beyond any shadow of a doubt!" - Gimmel Yod

G0YS are about: Trust, Respect, Health, Compassion, & Committment to Masculinity. You too?

"Generally, when you hear the terms 'Gay', 'Straight', "Bi", or 'Lifestyle' being used; --You're usually listening to subjective gibberish." - Unbekannt


G0YS: ...A "fad"?

It seems quite obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than a parsnip - that fucking people up the ass is the "fad"; -One promoted by loads of people who are soft between the ears and think that a fetish with a non-genital organ constitutes "sex" (because they don't know the difference between the real thing vs. the mere appearance of it).  Arse-Fuckers think that the act of penetrating something equals "sex". They're dumb fucks - in every sense of the slur.

Squeal Pig! Squeal!

Exposing AssFuckers to the g0ys men's movement can be like casting your pearls before swine. Despite the fact that every major health organization on the planet has long identified AnalSex as the single most dangerous fetish - by far; -The Ass-Pigs will cuss & squeal at you in their indignation as they follow each other over the edge of a precipice. Be sure to keep a far enough distance so that they don't trample you as they rush to their rank, rancid destination.

Religious Abuse?

"Fools scoff at wisdom; -& think it's all something to laugh at." -Veh

Rejecting both the notions of AnalSex & GenderFuck too; -Most guys strongly relate w. G0YS!
We merely ask that you, the visitor - look for yourself, -& draw your own conclusions

G0YS - an explosively popular awakening among men in general -  sweeping the globe (as seen from periodical articles, public broadcasts, etc; - from all over the world). Our well reasoned positions regarding basic, male/male sexuality have taken to task both: religious "fundamentalists", -and- the "liberal gay leftists".  G0YS are among the healthiest men of any demographic on the planet, & sexually transmitted diseases are a virtual non-issue. How can this be when the gAy male community is up to its collective arse with STD's at a rate +4300% higher than the general population!? G0YS, by our very nature, reject ALL anal-fetish related acts! And, we strongly discourage physical intimacy with anyone who rejects our position.  This behavioral filter lowers a g0ys risk of perilous sexually transmitted diseases to less than: .0003%  (vs. the men who call themselves "gay")!  Our statistics are derived from figures provided by the C.D.C, the W.H.O. & the A.R.C. regarding the extreme perils of anal fetishes: +90% of ALL sexually transmitted infections among men (STD's/STI's) are spread via ANAL VECTORS!  G0YS' life-philosophy is: "Love is interaction which seeks the betterment of the other (& does no harm)."; --An Ancient, Obvious Truth. Demographically, G0YS tend to be libertarian or anarchist, pro-life, soberly-minded, culturally rounded, analytical, logical, alpha-personalities & intellectually - above average.  And that's a great group of men to identify with. 

In 1948, Alfred Kinsey published research that indicated that over half of the male population had experienced one or more sensual/sexual encounters with other men.  Despite controversy surrounding some of his methodology, -- mounting evidence continues to confirm that his scientifically conducted findings were indeed, - accurate.  Likewise, since this website went on-line (2003), it has drawn the fire of criticism from many directions & has been misrepresented by many who would rather slander, than offer a rational argument for their posturing.  And yet in 2017, an article by The Independent reports that over 49% of British men between the ages of 18–24 identify as something other than “heterosexual” when asked to place themselves on Kinsey’s sexuality scale. So, the question is: "Are most guys actually amBIsexual?"; -To which the answer is "Yes" (Here's why<link>). 
It's been 14+ years since g0ys began to loudly denounce traditional "wisdom' about basic male sexuality, -but the proverbial am
BIsexual-cats are rapidly getting out of the straight/gay dichotomy-bag very quickly.  And, when anyone takes a long serious look at history - it turns out that the g0ys' phenomenon is very well documented and stretches back over several millennia; - While a subculture of peril-bent-deviants (the odd stereotypes of semi-viri that modern society labels "gay") has also existed and has been given commentary in ancient writings as well.  The tragedy is that modern society has lost sight of the extreme differences that results from behavioral patterns.  G0YS is a movement that allows most men to realize that the cluster-fuck of "anything-goes regardless of the outcome" group called "gay" probably doesn't represent them - primarily due to ethical considerations (based on the outcomes of behavioral patterns).  So, g0ys coincidentally, divides the moral from the immoral (using the outcomes of group behaviors as the clear litmus-test between the two).  In simple terms: If you treat other men in such a manner where your behavior puts you in demographics where sexually transmitted diseases are thousands of percentage points higher than in the general population (so men suffer trauma disease & death as a result); - Then you are IMMORAL -- NOT G0Y.  So then - this g0y phenomenon is not about pettiness, -but about matters of life and death and what it means to be a civilized man (regardless of who you love).  And if you can't acknowledge the clear Black/White distinction: Then you're even dumber than most monkeys.  Indeed, -it has been clearly demonstrated that the lower a person's IQ is - the more likely they are to get coerced into engaging in perilous behavior such as AnalSex. This also explains why people who are on drugs that impair mental function (such as alcohol) are also much more likely to engage in extremely risky behavior such as drunk-driving or the aforementioned.  "Stupid is as stupid does." - F. Gump
"With both the anti-gay and pro-sodomy groups stridently opposed to the views of the G0YS, -it makes you wonder why neither group can rationally accept the g0ys' time-proven message of: love & respect of the masculine - framed in honesty, dignity, health & self-control." - Unbekannt G0YS are about: Trust, Respect, Health, Compassion, & Commitment to Masculinity. You too?

The mind job: You think that You're the "Only One"?

MapLeft: Each red dot represents a region that has internet users who have accessed this website recently.  You may be here because you feel completely alone in your situation.  After all, you're basically a regular guy who behaves like any other regular guy.  You may even date women or be married.  But, deep inside, you also deal with strong feelings of real warmth + genuine affection for other guys too.  You've seen the media's take on the "gay" community; & you do N0T relate to that image, AND you find many of the practices of so-called "gay-men" -repulsive to your basic values system.  The truth is, you're a guy who really loves masculinity & appreciates those traits in other men, while simultaneously finding actions that effeminize men to be grossly distasteful.  You probably look forward to holidays with your buds -- especially those times when you can horse around, wrestle & even be a little tender -- like when you've had a few beers (or maybe just got done pinning the guy down wrestling) & you find your arm around him - in a casual, reaffirming hug. You're the definition of "respectful", but you want to be closer, too. At the same time, the notion of ass-sex is the farthest thing from your mind; - An act absolutely repulsive to your masculine ethos.  The mind-blowing truth is that the odds are greatly in your favor that the majority of your buds feel the same feelings for a few guys they know - in various degrees! Your peace of mind will actually come by understanding what's truly good & natural behavior, -as opposed to "shameful disrespect" masquerading as "progressive gay-culture". Are you ready to live a more abundant life by learning to apply wisdom to your thought process -while rejecting the fool's errands society's educated fools task the naive with?

93 Percent Of "Straight" Men In This Study Said They've Cuddled With Another Guy

Contrary to the beliefs of the "gay-press" regarding so-called "straight-men" who "suddenly are cuddling with each other"; - This behavior is not new, but is gradually "coming out of the closet".  The reason it went into the closet in the 1st place is precisely due to the stigmas of "gay sexual behaviors" (primarily AnalSex) that established extremely negative stereotypes early on in what many call the "gay revolution".  Male closeness is now becoming more visible - not because these men have any compulsion to label themselves "gay", - but due to a desensitized social view of relaxed male intimacy.  Make no mistake; - Many of these friendships are bromantic & will eventually manifest privately as G0Y (without AnalSex) because when +53% of the population is selectively amBIsexual (as is the claim of g0ys.org) this behavior will appear more often as the "shock-factor" of same-sex intimacy dulls & starves those outlets of the media that have capitalized on it for so long to sell newsprint.  While I don't know when the Greek model will become the social norm again, -I do know that human nature does not change and that the truth of what Greeks knew about male sexuality millennia ago will become the standard eventually. And as that time approaches - the "loud queeny AnalSexCentric spectre of gaydom" will be pushed back into the shadows of disease & disgrace - as men quickly discover that they don't need condoms, lube or a proctologist-on-speed-dial, because experience will make obvious the fact that: The best emotional and sexually satiating intimacy between men doesn't involve jackhammering another man's ass like a proxy for female genitalia. See Article...

"As a G0Y: Loving Guys never involves fetishizing shit-holes." - AllGoys

So, once a guy discovers that many other guys are also receptive to M2M intimacy - (rejecting the spectre of AnalSex) -- he often has an extreme epiphany, - in which he realizes that his feelings of deep compassion for some of his peers are totally normal, ethical & part of natural, masculine affection.  And, these same guys generally do N0T relate to the bizarre alphabet-soup (GLIBTQetc...) culture they see the mass-media portray as: "GAY"!  Such men are 'G0Y (spelled with a ZER0)'; -- & the mind blowing truth is: We (g0ys) represent who the majority of men historically areAnd because that's the truth - you won't need switch off your higher brain functions, nor compromise your ethics, nor accept gender-bending behavior forced on you, nor abandon a relationship with God (as some men have been falsely led to believe).   

For those with questions along Theological lines -see the "God Hates" section to the left! 

G0YS - making waves in the media!

G0YS is currently a GLOBAL phenomenon. That's a documented fact -as many people are translating the simple, core g0y philosophies into their own languages and impacting their own cultures. Major "GAY" publications are taking note of the G0Ys movement (such as the South African "GAY PAGES" as shown to the right).  Some are curious; -others confused & yet others even welcoming (especially in areas where STD's like HIV have ravaged the population).  Some "GAY" publications & commentaries are outright hostile toward g0ys --especially in those regions where "GAY" has been welded to the specter of AnalSex (a fetish that g0ys totally reject). 

What men all over the world are discovering is that g0ys are -and have been- the MAJORITY of "normal guys" all along! That's the real story!

Since the 1970's, the term "GAY" has morphed to become a gender-bending & disease-spreading, circus-show (one that g0ys thoughtfully distance ourselves from).  

+60% is +3 out of Every 5 Guys!  No "Minority"!

You love the contact & would like to be closer, but you have these fears that people might think you were a "homo".  However, you have no desire to put anything up the other guy's arse, but the fact remains that you'd really enjoy cuddling up with the dude; - slow rubb'n on him & generally make him feel good from brows to balls You're into masculine guys but you're not ... "gay" -- at least not like the media portrays "gay" as!  You don't care about any media programming with the word "Queer" in it; nor do you relate (at all) to men who prance about with the same mannerisms as the guys in movies such as the: Bird Cage. Statistics show that over +60% of the men around you deal with similar feelings! That's 3 out of every 5 guys (and it may be as high as 2 out of 3)! Whatever the case, -it is the MAJORITY of men. Take a few moments to meditate on that last point. MOST GUYS FEEL THIS WAY. It's not a "minority" as you've been so often told (The minority consists of the guys in high-heels with dildos stuffed up their asses)!   What has occurred is that the stigmas & negative stereotypes surrounding the term "GAY" (a product of a vile, shameless & vocal minority) have shamed most men (via the mass-media) into denying the scope of their actual feelings for certain other men - and obscured the fullness of their sexuality (hiding it behind relationships with women).  Virtually ALL men are amBIsexual to some degree. Repeat it until it sinks in and changes your world view.  Yes. I'm saying that virtually all guys find attractive men to be desirable as close friends (& more).  That is the FACT that most guys are lying about. "I'm straight" - says the prepubescent 11 year old boy.  And his peers believe it! Why? They're naive. An 11 year old knows nothing about sexuality (his nor anyone else's). 3 years from now, -he'll probably be doing a circle-jerk with his male buddies. And if he turns out to be a criminal -- in a decade or two, --he'll probably be renting the prison-bitch for a cigarette pack; --All the while professing openly how "straight" he is (based on the bizarre notion that as long as he's not the one being mounted ... that he's somehow still magically 'straight')! 
Wake up, brother! People lie all the time; --& in this matter of sexuality --they often lie when the truth would serve them well.  The terms "Gay", "Straight", "Bi", "Lifestyle" & the like, -are inherently meaningless; -& often describe fictional states of mind that are constructions of prejudice, vagaries, ignorance & dogma.  The MAJORITY of men who profess to be "TOTALLY STRAIGHT" are lying. It's that simple.  MOST GUYS FIND ATTRACTIVE GUYS TO BE ATTRACTIVE. Did I say "MOST". I actually meant, "MOST"!  Pick 5 men at random. Statistically, 3+ of them (by their very natures) are g0ys!  I've got a friend named "Todd", a guy (& vet) I deeply respect; -Who once commented to me in private: "You know that phase guys go thru when you're trying to figure out if you like guys or women...".  His honesty stunned me and to this day & I've never outed him by the comment. What he presumed was that his experience was normal for everyone.  As a Kinsey-6 guy, I've never had that dichotic dilemma.  But, I now understand the perspective of Kinsey-0 guys who think that "straight" is the default. That's their experience.  The fact is that most guys are BI, -while the men on the endpoints - even when their numbers are added together, are still the minority!    

"Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? - ISA 43:18-19


Another fascinating observation is of the number of groups (especially porn oriented) appearing on the internet that exploit the term "g0y" - spelled w. a zer0; --without actually holding to the core g0y-philosophy! What a bunch of "0xyMorons"!  Remember, -we warned you about their existence! Sorry, but the pure-light of g0ydom was bound to attract the proverbial "bugs"...

"Haters gonna keep on HATING Ass-Fucking..." - g0ys.org

The locker-room trash-talk about 'FAGS'
isn't about basic masculine affection! 

This website examines many stereotypes about guys who are affectionate on other dudes (M2M Male-to-Male Affection); -- & it smashes the "gay" stereotypes with a line of thinking that is backed by an ancient paradigm; - The astonishing truth being that guys who luv guys are in the majority & most often do N0T identify with the cultural thingus labeled as "GAY" by the media!  You see, there is a growing body of study (I/E: above Kinsey stats) showing that it is completely natural for most men to feel warmth, affection & compassion toward other men.  However, in a society where the modern-media almost exclusively shows men who "love" men as effeminate, milquetoast, nellie, & into anal sex, -- the LIE that is loudly broadcast is that "Normal men feel affection only for women, but men who are tender on other men are into "ASS-SEX"."  That message (a gigantic fukk'n lie), is relatively new - since the post-mid 20th century.  And it is the Gay-Male media that is the loudest promoter of that lie. And that message - the LIE - causes a great deal of social confusion. And most men actively avoid any association with the "gay label" for this very reason.

So, -what are these protesters actually protesting?

Consider the image to the right: It was taken in Latvia at a demonstration and the sign says: "Homosexuality is immoral" across the top. But, what is the IMAGE associated with "homosexuality" on that very same sign? AnalSex! And WHY is the ButtFuck the "gay mascot"? It's the mantra of the gay-male community. The image of AnalSex is so morally objectionable (for many sound, rational, medical reasons) that people often completely forget about the existence of LESBIANS while engaged in the debate about "GAYS"! Consider that fact for a moment. LESBIANS (who, generally, don't fuck anyone) have the lowest rates of STD's of any demographic (except - maybe, g0ys)! And the signs displayed in the image to the right certainly do NOT seem to be targeting lesbians. Hmm.   

Prior to, & well recorded in history, are cultures of men who loved masculinity, - and were N0T into anal-sex nor the feminization of other guys.  And the truth is, that there are lots of guys who luv other guys & would love to cuddle up (not with everyone, but w. the buds they appreciate) without anyone getting it up the ass! However the stigma of "gay sex" & the media images around what "they" say about men who luv men "do", - scares the social-balls off of most guys, & prevents them from being openly affectionate toward other guys! Ironically, the "gay male community" has become the loudest icon AGAINST male to male intimacy!  It's what happens when society lets fucktards frame the argument.  And men all over the globe in a movement called "g0ys" are declaring the harsh distinction between "g0ys" vs. "gAys".  And when people hear about that distinction - amazing changes occur in the behavior of entire populations!

Sadly, there is a paranoid section of society (eternally on the proverbial witch-hunt) that has become so disconnected with the reality of natural affection, that any demonstration of same-gender-affection is seen to be some sort of 'foreplay' & a butt-fuck precursor.  The proverbial inmates, -for a major part, - have indeed, taken over "the asylum"!  G0YS stand as a firm reminder that most men reject the "gay-male butt-fuck paradigm", -- especially among men who happen to love men/too!

Without the divisive & fictional concept of a 'heterosexual-norm', - modern fallacies like "sexual orientation" become as farcical as the medieval concepts of a sun circling a flat earth!   The vast majority of the male population is amBIsexual (a/k/a "BiSexual") to some degree.  Deal with it. It's OK. Renew your mind!

Aren't you g0ys just being "Homo-Phobic"?

The term "phobic" comes from the root "PHOBIA" - meaning fear.  Being guys who love guys/too, it seems fairly obvious that we're not afraid of guys who love guys.  What g0ys see as a paramount issue is the SELF-INFLICTED-REPUTATION that has swallowed the gay community & the need to distance ourselves from that reputation. Why?  Stigma (See analogy to the right).  
For example
, what does dressing in drag have to do with being a guy into guys?  Clothing is a cultural thing, so why do so many people associate cross dressing with "gay"?  In other words: If "gay" is merely about who a person is attracted to - as so many people blindly assert; -- then why make the connection with Drag, or other Intersexed behavior?  The glaring implications of this common association mindset are obvious.   The psychology of many "gAy" men into "drag" is a fixation on what is perceived to be feminine.  However, the fixation is more often about "form" than actual function.  This MIS
sPERCEPTION, -- that places "form" on a pedestal, - invariably leads to sexual expression that is likewise - more about form - than function: ANAL.  This is a psychosis - & an unhealthy, fetish-driven fantasy-life.  To reiterate: What does being a guy who is sexually interested in guys - have anything whatsoever to do with gender-bending in any way shape or form?  Answer: Absolutely nothing; - & g0ys find the mixing of the concepts to be offensive.  We are men who love men[.] It has nothing to do with the feminine.  Implying otherwise is simply a LIE. 
Human nature being what it is -- we don't expect many gAys (up to their collective arse-holes in lie-based fetish-fantasy), -to embrace what is g0y: Quite the opposite... And you know ... g0ys really don't care.

G0YS detest the concept of playing in another person's ass.  We're not the only group that feels this way;  -And you'll notice I used the gender-neutral term "person", & not "guy", -- because whether male or female ... AnalSex is a dangerous fetish.  Many people consider it immoral because the practice is by far the primary vector for spreading STDs globally.   This point is made in multiple places on this site because the stigma around the peril is predominant in the public psyche, -- butt guys into the practice of anal seem oblivious to that fact & exhibit a general callous disregard for the safety of themselves & others by their acceptance of such dangerous actions.  The language such guys use to address other guys into AnalSex is likewise gender degrading: "Girl", "Bitch", "Queen", etc.  Simply: more evidence that there are elements in 'gAy' culture that deride masculinity, & do not know how to treat men with respect in general. 

One writer observed that the 'gAy male culture' seems schizophrenic: On the one hand idolizing hyper-masculinity, & on the other hand seeming preoccupied with 'drag'.   Bizarre role models result in bizarre group behavior -- hence the preoccupation with anal-fetishes.  However, just a great meal does not involve a bowl of shit for dessert; -- Neither does making love to another guy have anything to do with his anus.  G0YS realize the common-sense fact that penetration only equals sex when with women & only when genital-to-genital; -- Never anal.  G0YS reject association with a culture that is framed in the mind of the public as a bunch of shit-tainted, ass-fuckers. 

We choose the term "G0Y" because we are men who reject all of the 'self-inflicted baggage' ASSociated with the "gAy-male community".  G0YS -by our very natures- find most gay-stereotypes ethically offensive & derisive to healthy masculine behavior. 

Human nature being what it is -- I don't expect guys into anal-fetishes to embrace what is g0y: Quite the opposite... And you know ... g0ys really don't care what those with a hom0cidal-feces-fetish think about us. 

There is a fundamental syllogistic fallacy (reasoning error) that can be described by following generalization: "Two separate categories are said to be connected because they share a common property."  That flaw in reasoning is promoted time & time again by people who insist that: Because (2) groups (g0y & gAy) share a common property (M2M sexuality), that they are connected (Ergo: Both "GAY"). 
G0YS insist that a common element doesn't make us any more part of the "GAY" community than "Ice" can be called "Steam" because both contain "Water".  Philosophically, the fact that the term "gay" is nebulous (lacking a clear social definition), -constitutes the basis of 0ur need for a distinction  -because today, many people (both from within & without the gay community) associate the term "gay" with forms of behavior that many people find morally reprehensible - even criminal.  The inability of the gay-community to police itself or set any standards within, constitutes a caveat that constitutes the basis for g0ys to make the distinction between "US" vs. "THEM".

Some people, (who cannot seem to understand our sense of incredulity & disgust about the reputation that "gay male" community has brought upon itself) accuse g0ys of being "self loathing" or words to that effect. So, once again - I'll clarify our position to those who make such assertions: We don't loathe ourselves. We loathe YOUR complicit arse.  If you don't understand the difference between "us" & "you", -I'm sure that there are several great books for preschoolers available -with big colorful pictures that will help explain the difference between those pronouns. 

So then: G0YS are not "phobic" at all.  It's a healthy aversion away from the group that calls itself "GAY" ("GAY" wanting to claim all same-sex affections as it's own, and then, coincidentally, submerge them all by ASSociation into a moral-cesspool of perilous-fetishes & genderfuck). Most men happen to strongly agree with g0ys on a gut level -whether or not they're open in admitting it.  If this is not you or you feel some need to defend "all things gay", then you're in the wrong place. Clear enough? Click here to exit this site...

Most men keep the aspects of their best friendships extremely private:
(...& Yet Another Editorial Contribution) 

I've had a the opportunity to experience first hand what so many men won't admit happens among themselves & other guys.  Since becoming sexually mature, I've realized that I bonded emotionally with other guys & I enjoy the physical aspect of close relationships.  I'm attracted to an honest, masculine personality.  "Effeminate men" are a turn off -- no matter how good they look (If I wanted a girlie, I'd date one).  Associating with athletes regularly, -I was always around "tough guys", & in the mind of most of my peers, -- I was one as well.  My experiences with so-called "straight guys" (who turned out to be "g0y") are fairly numerous, & started early on.   Unlike the 'gay culture' (portrayed in the media as all about "painted nails" & the next piece of tail), -- my private, physical relationships with my buds was never considered "casual"; --& the level of friendship's bonds remains the deepest & most intimate even till this day. I consider them all members of my extended family.  As a contributor to the article on this site about "G0YDAR", I can tell you that this is N0T about "seducing straight men".  It's about befriending another guy so deeply that he drops his guard & lets you discover that he was g0y all along.  I'm amazed at the number of "gAy" guys who will accuse the G0YDAR essay of being a "manual to seduce straight men", -- and in the next breath they'll insist that sexual orientation is "fixed".  Yeah: They'll insist that you can't make a gay-guy - "straight"; -- while suggesting that the article on G0YDAR helps make straight-guys - "gAy"!  Hypocrites!
What g0ys understand by instinct - is that we don't embrace the stigmas surrounding what society says "gay" is; --Quite the contrary. Most g0ys are in 'deep conservative cover' & many are ironically, oblivious to the fact that there are so many other men like them on the planet.  It can be a painful existence feeling isolated - believing that you have nobody on earth to talk to about how "you" feel.  0ur's is the group that
G0YDAR shows how to find.  Kinsey hit on the 'g0y' phenomenon when he compiled his statistics in the 1940's.  When you read the statistics about men who have had at least one sensual encounter with another guy ... well, that's the mere boundary of G0Y (& it substantially exceeds 50%)!  It's a complex psychology, but so many g0ys are afraid of the 'gAy label" that they feign to be "totally-straight" -- that is until they meet another guy who overwhelms their feelings.  Such guys are simply g0y; -- & until this movement - many simply haven't had a term or a group philosophy they could identify with (the majority of so-called 'bi-sexual' men are indeed, g0y - because the truth is: Most men are, indeed, amBisexual to some degree).  And I want to drive that point home by adding that ALL of the men I've ever had a close physical relationship with are considered "straight" by everyone who casually knows them.  It is my experience and firm belief that the number of men who have physical relationships with other men do so in an environment complete privacy and far outnumber men who call themselves "gay". 
Most men are, indeed, amBisexual to some degree.  Get that FACT between your ears.  Society constantly tells a LIE saying: "Most people are straight and a few have same-sex attractions."; - But G0YS say: "Most men are amBIsexual to some degree and therefore G0YS outnumber 'gays' 5:1". Once you realize this fact, -it'll change your entire view of male sexuality. 

Attraction is not a simple thing.  It's multi dimensional.  Graphed (Yes, the mathematics now exist to graph an analog of the frenzied electrical connections in the brain), ATTRACTORS look like the image to the right. The complexity is almost infinite, however, brain structures create similar attractors -virtual circuits -- although no two are identical & they can slightly change form over time as nature & nurture influence them.  Within the brain, this virtual object is the electrical storm-front that triggers a flurry of action, responses & reactions.  It even spawns more attractors that cause more activity!  Although this type of abstract analogy may be beyond the intuition of most readers, - let it suffice to say that actual mathematical models now exist to explain everything from variances in sexual attraction -- to why some people hate broccoli while others like it.  

G0Y -- is an attractor set - that many, many men understand intuitively without knowing the first thing about Kinsey, or chaos mathematics.  This website examines the 'shape' of being "g0y".  If you don't understand, -- ok.  Countless men already experience this kind of attraction, & the current social labels & group paradigms are ill-fitting to them.  We can help them to understand.  We are the G0YS! 

"The fact remained that despite the media's reporting of gay-pride & related events, -- despite all the images & the strange ways that  same sex relationships were painted by the press: I never saw a single broadcast or read a single article in any paper that came close to describing the tenderness, intimacy & mutual respect of the relationships I'd been having with other g0ys on & off throughout my lifetime.  For the most part, the mass media -- traditional & so-called 'gay', - completely misrepresent the reality of most intimate male/male relationships.  Society as a whole has swallowed the Falcon/Falwell lies so completely that in order to begin to understand the truth, you must first overcome a massive paradigm of deceit projected from nearly every media source." - a G0Y

G0YS: Our natural condition. There are N0 written rules:
Just Reasons, Revelations & Raw Testosterone!

One particularly odd phenomenon I have observed since g0ys became a global term - is that many people (usually "GAYS") seem preoccupied with what they call the "Rules of G0YDOM" - as if g0ys has a set of bylaws.  Apparently, many "gay" men can't imagine that there are men who find the notion of anal-sex to be completely antagonistic to masculine behavior.   Apparently, many "gay" men can't imagine that there are men who find the notion of gender-bending to be repugnant to their basic sense of being a man.  Apparently, many "gay" men can't imagine that there are men who find the notion of casually spreading STDs/STIs to be the hallmark of a morally-bankrupt character.  Those "gay" men must believe that men who don't do those "stereotypical gay" things only abstain because they are following some set of rigid "G0Y rules".  Such "gay" men simply can't fathom the notion that most men simply don't want to jump into the flood of abuse that the "gay" male community paints itself (say "paints itself") as being the embodiment of.  "G0YS" as described in this website (& this website is the very origin of the term "G0YS") - are simply men (in the statistical male-majority) who share a common set of typical characteristics.  You either share these traits or you do not.  Those who share these traits we refer to as G0YS.  No "Rules"; - But simply the innate reality of being G0Y.   Remember that simple fact. And, whenever you read an article, essay or see broadcasting in which a series of "Rules for being a G0Y" are presented; -- you'll know you're seeing something done by someone who doesn't understand even the 1st principle of being one of the G0YS (nor probably what it is like to identify as a man)!

"Wow! Parts of this site look/feel retro!", you say? Yeah. We've been around for a while, but if we spread out the blogs, essays, posts & other content in order to feel more "modern" - the site would span so many pages that your mouse might break clicking into them all! So enjoy the "blog'est nostalgia" & be thankful that the content is aggregated so densely. While the sure-secret to success has never been found; - the surefire way to failure is to try to please everyone.

"A word of advice: Hear all men out, but don't let someone dumber than you teach you metaphysical subject matter." - I.Q. Guru

This website contains lots of citations, statistics, stories, anecdotes.  Statistics can change over time. Some of the accounts are actual; -Some are fictional.
I leave the due diligence to the reader to judge what is fact & what is fiction and what statistics may need a fresh look.
Why use fiction to make a point? Because a wise person once observed: "Artists use lies to tell the truth, but evil men use lies to cover up the truth."
Think & Judge for Yourself.  Govern Yourself accordingly.