"onathan: You were very delightful to me; your love was wonderful to me, exceeding the love of women."

- Actual BIBLICAL Song lyrics by King David of Israel! (See: 2nd Samuel  1:26)

Estimates are that fewer than 1% of people who identify as "Christian" have ever looked into the issue of sexuality any deeper than what their Bibles seem to say. Most are shocked when they are shown corruption (& fraud) in the translation/s on the matter. But, there's no shortage of people willing to repeat Satan-spawned lies about this very subject matter. Don't be a God-damned lazy lying hypocrite. Look for yourself. You'll be shocked & astonished - maybe even set free. Your choice.Astonishingly: Other than Positive commentary, the original language Scripture manuscripts say nothing bad about most forms of same-gender-intimacy! YES: Leviticus 20:13/18:22 declares a specific act to be a capital crime (& for a very, very good REASON). BUT, many "churches" have condemned themselves by misidentifying it!
"The first to state his case seems right until another comes forward and cross-examines him." -Solomon  (This WebSite calls centuries of lax, lazy, false-witnesses to a damning account!)

G0YS have a fairly negative view of many so-called:  'Religious-Commentators'. It's the...

...Bad theological posturing...

Demand due-diligence from others & yourself! What I learned was astonishing!

This G0Y'S Scripture study started over 3 decades ago! It has been online for nearly as long. No-one who has read it has submitted a rebuttal. Guilty religious clerics (the most culpable of the "blind-leader" class) can consider this expose' to be a harsh, rebuke: The old mantra that alleges God is opposed to all forms of same-gender intimacy is a damning LIE - Easily-debunked. G0YS exposes the bad theology (a/k/a "A Doctrine of Demons") which grossly misrepresents the Scriptures by moving a critical boundary established in Torah; -A sin so grievous that it damns those who spread an indiscriminate message; - Parroting a deadly mantra that destroys innocent people as the guilty! And virtually every cult mimicking "Christianity" does this.  Your "Local church" too? Probably!  If you're a victim of this lie; - Read on & be exonerated!

I'll take this moment to break some extremely bad news to those same self-righteous apostates called "clergy" who have been working (whether thru politics or other venues) to break, hinder, sabotage or destroy the relationships/loves of same-gender attracted people: If you have ever: Obtained or issued a marriage-license, or incorporated a "church" (to name 2 seriously grievous sins) - then Paul is talking about the likes of you in Romans 1:22! The fact that you are intellectually bankrupt regarding fundamental civics will provide no defense if you've been using Scriptures such as Romans 1 to accuse all same-gender-attracted people. Romans 2:1 doesn't budge! What will become obvious is that those sitting in judgment are often setting themselves up to be their own accusers on that last day.  God is N0T mocked; -& because you claim "authority" in your ignorance; -You'll be judged! The sad fact is that most so-called "Christians" living comfortably in western civilizations are so steeped in idolatry that they embody the phrase: "The blind leading the blind"! These hypocrites who seek to lead others - ultimately into a pit - are culpable!

For myself, -I needed sound theological details. No "half-assed-theology" was going to appease me when I had a lifetime of serious questions. No "writing it all off" as an "obsolete Old Testament" - as so many lax churches do! I demanded that the theology be rock-solid & fit with the big picture of Scriptural themes, & principles; -- The "WHYs" matter! No shallow self-justifications! Some people - upon weighing the huge body of evidence, are swayed into the truth. You?

 Prudery Warning: This site contains explicit images & language (in order to illustrate adult subject matter)!
Have you ever noticed that when most religious people want to talk about adult subject matter that they want to discuss it without discussing it!
G0YS take a different approach! "Seeing then that we have such hope, we use great plainness of speech"- 2 Cor 3:12

People who stand in the way of the intimate relationships of others for no other reason than gender composition, are, in fact, DAMNED by the very Scriptures they falsely claim to be following!

Read carefully. Take the time to consider WHAT you read. Knowledge can free you. You can't "Pray Feelings Away"! (But the Truth will free you from "religious" lies!)

And what do people say who've found this in-depth, reconciling freedom? READ OUR MAIL

If you happen to be a same-gender-attracted person who also deeply respects the will of God - but has suffered due to the false messages of the "caustic-clergy" that label ALL same-gender-attracted people with the same broad-brush: Let me show you how the Scriptures comfort you but warn them: "Some of your own people hate and reject you in my name. They insincerely say, 'Let the LORD show his power & we'll see Him make you truly happy.' But those who say these things will be put to shame.” - ISA 66:5b. Yeah, those who tell you that if you give up the notion of love & obey their rules = you'll be blessed by God ...Those people are LYING and they are going to be SEVERELY punished for those lies! What so many people can't seem to believe is the scope of such lies!

Stunning Fact: The outrageous fact is that every time you read the term "HOMOSEXUAL" in the Scripture, -you're looking at a LIE (a blatant mistranslation)! The original-language source texts never even hint that such a word is to be used in translation! Bibles with blatant lies? Seem preposterous?  It's easy to prove! Some translations are trying to destroy you! I cannot understate the accursed seriousness of this trend of releasing translations of the Scriptures that are CORRUPTED & do NOT accurately relay the meaning of the text they allegedly "translate" (especially on this topic)! And at this juncture - millions of people have been LIED TO BY DESPOILED BIBLES - inflicting great injury to soul & spirit; - All in violation of the 3rd great commandment! The ONLY way to know if a translation of the Bible is accurately rendered is to read it in parallel with a source-language concordance -such as Strong's. Many electronic Bibles allow this and actually have Strong's numbers associated with the related translated text for quick reference. In an age where Bible translations are numerous - the great irony is that so many of them are awash with false renderings of the actual Scriptures.

It seems obvious that of all businesses that Satan would like to be involved in, -that the Bible translation business would be near the top. Let me cue you into a fact: He is! Today, it is quite simple to use a computer to check the original languages - whether Hebrew or Greek against any translation; -And the truth (although shocking) really does set men free (free from false religion & tainted Bibles)! For starters (but by no means the end of the list of reasons); -The most obvious fact is that the term "HOMO" is Greek ("ὁμο") in origin - meaning "alike" or "the same". The New Testament was predominantly written in Greek. Nevertheless, the term "HOMO" is NEVER connected with ANY sexual activity described negatively in the original Scripture languages! NEVER! Ironically - the term "HETERO" (which means the exact opposite of HOMO) IS CONNECTED to a form of sexual immorality.  In Jude we find the following:  "Even as Sodom and `Gomorrah, and the cities around them, having, in the same way as these, given themselves over to sexual immorality and gone after strange flesh, are set forth as an example, suffering the punishment of eternal fire." - Jude 1:7
STRANGE FLESH? The Greek term is: "σαρκὸς ἑτέρας" -- ETERAS SARKOS Notice the term Jude uses is the Greek: "ETERAS" (In English "Hetero" -a Greek-term-opposite of "Homo") in describing Sodom's sin!
Why? Because whatever Sodom was up to violated Leviticus 19:19 - (mixing different sorts). "
If the issue with Sodom had been SAME-sex attraction, -the author would have used the Greek term that was readily available: HOMO.  But, he didn't! Yet - despite the fact that the author chose NOT to use the term "Homo"
(but its exact opposite); -certain translators  twist his words into the very opposite of what he wrote! Apparently, they claim know more about the meaning of Scripture than the man who wrote it! How convenient for these "translators" to be of such authority as to put aside the actual word of God in order to keep their own tradition of prejudice!

Look at how SEVERAL modern "MISTRANSLATIONS" pervert thE Scripture of Jude 1:7

  • "...which like them committed sexual sins and pursued homosexual activities" - ISV: MISTRANSLATED!

  • "...because they committed sexual sins and engaged in homosexual activities" - GWT: MISTRANSLATED!

Despite the fact the original language text conveys the exact opposite terminology - certain translators have chosen to pervert the text in order to promote an "agenda". These heretics simultaneously ADD-&-REMOVE meaning from the text they translate pervert.
And the great confusion today regarding these matters is the result of the likes of the hell-spawn who do such things!
Truth now testifies against a generation of lying-translators from the seminaries who have poisoned the Scripture! And the Scripture itself quite literally damns them.  Again: ἑτέρας (Hetero) is the precise OPPOSITE of Homo (ὁμο)! Some Bibles LIE!

No Bible before the Revised Standard Version in 1946 used "homosexual" in any Bible translation! And this damning fact begs the question: So how did this LIE, this inverse-alchemy slither into the translated Scriptures! It took false translators several hundred years to gradually CREATE the "SIN of HOMOSEXUALITY" by systematically MIStranslating a handful of key Scriptures in ways not even hinted at in the original languages -even violating them!

Because the mistranslations they make to the actual commandment fraudulently expands the scope of the commandment to cover subject matter not named in the actual commandment; -Their sin is so grievous that the Torah itself considers it a capital crime & the penalty called for is DEATH (the same penalty as the commandment/s they perverted with mistranslation)!

Note: Many well researched modern scholars believe that the sin of Sodom/Gomorrah that Jude speaks of was the same as that during the time of Noah that produced the Nephilim! "Mixing different sorts" / Making chimeras! (Leviticus 19:19)

"Don't change what God has said! He will rebuke you & show that you are a liar." - Prov 30:6

"The judges must make a thorough investigation, and if the witness proves to be a liar, giving false testimony against a fellow Israelite,  then do to the false witness as that witness intended to do to the other party. You must purge the evil from among you." - Dt 19:18-19

"But the fearful, & unbelieving, & the abominable, & murderers, & whoremongers, & sorcerers, & idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire & brimstone: which is the second death." - Rev 21:8 KJV.

"One of my teachers at yeshiva decided to introduce me to his Rabbi – who was one of the big godol’um in Jerusalem; --someone who’s regarded worldwide as a po’se.

When he talked about the specific prohibition in Torah, -you know: against anal-sex; -& wanted to make that very clear to me.
And when I told him that I did understand that, & that "
I did NOT have anal-sex."
He was a little perplexed & said “
Then what is the problem? So you don’t have sex with men.”.
I said, "Well,
I do; -but we don’t do that.".

This is a godol, -learned in Torah – learned in so many worldly facts as well; -but he suddenly was at a loss. Anal-sex was gay-sex as far as he knew."

The tremendous lesson in this actual conversation - is how a well educated man can be blinded by a single false presumption. The Rabbi in this discussion was extremely well educated in matters of Torah & other things. Yet, prior to this discussion, it had NEVER dawned on him that 2 men might be physically intimate without violating the Torah. That possibility had never crossed his mind because he had always presumed that same-gender intimacy always cumulated with AnalSex (a prejudice that the existence of g0ys' movement instantly destroys). But here he was, -now baffled by a man who didn't violate the actual mitzvot - despite loving other men in full resolution! And yet the difference between violating this specific mitzvot or not, - is the matter between life & death itself! So, if one of the most brilliant minds in Judaism can be blinded by a single false presumption; - Then how much more, -Christians (who tend to be much less knowledgeable of specific matters of Moses' Law)! It has been said that "The Devil is in the details". I find that the Devil willfully omits the details & his hold on false religion is by misrepresenting (w. false presumptions) critical details of the Law itself!  The truth does indeed set men free!    

What's astonishing is the fact that the vast majority of so-called "Christians (even many Jews)" -especially the self-professed "experts" (& even those in so-called "Gay-accepting" churches) haven't properly identified what the Scriptures specifically forbid regarding M/M/F intimacy (& as importantly: WHY)! Rather than identify the specific Scriptural Male/Male prohibition (as every rabbi knows - is specifically against AnalSex); - These religious-hacks parrot the Devil himself - insisting that "God has forbidden it all"!  Yeah: The 1st recorded lie out of Satan's mouth expanded the commandment against eating from a very specific tree, - to forbid ALL of the trees  (Gen 3:1)!  The analog becomes more evident when you discover that TREES symbolize MEN in the Scripture.  These lawless ignoramuses also think that eunuchs are simply defined as men who've had their genitals cut (instead of more accurately being men who simply have no regard for sex with women - generally for a myriad of reasons). They haven't figured out who the men "born-eunuchs" are (Remember ... the ones Jesus spoke of). They forget that it was the eunuchs who overthrew Jezebel (2Ki 9:30-33); -& they certainly don't know that God himself has made covenant to faithful eunuchs (Is 56:4-5)! They think the Sodom story is about a city of "gay men"!  Then they want to analogize Sodom to cities like San-Francisco (when I.E: Washington D.C.'s pervasive paranoia makes it a much better analog)!  These lazy, wicked clerics vomit misquoted passages from the Torah (Moses law) without the least regard for the basics & processes of interpreting all fundamental law (which begins at the very letter in the original language)!   Arrogant, ignorant & promoters of deadly traditions; - Full of every skewed notion except a genuine understanding of Scriptural-principles (Say "Principles") & what being an ethically responsible person really IS!  Paul wrote: "For I decided to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified." (I Cor 2:2); -But these mentally lax men have adopted only the 1st part of Paul's point (before the term "except") as their life mission statement!   Should this surprise anyone?  Churchianity-cults abound & some are: old, huge & well established institutionally...  Probably yours - (that is a statistics based presumption).  Their theology is so bad and their attitudes so lazy that they don't even preach the same message that Jesus's disciples were (If your "church" is all focused on John 3:16 instead of Acts 2:38-39 then this warning goes out to YOU)! Today, having a PhD in theology means little - other than the fact that you can work hard to let someone else ultimately control the space between your ears!  So, if you're same-gender-attracted & suffered depression, -perhaps even been suicidal; - It's because you've been abused by liars & well crafted lies gradually inserted into the Bible itself!  Scripturally, the false-theology condemning same-gender-attraction is - what Paul referred to - as a: "Doctrine of Demons"- lies/deceptions in the translated Scriptural text - carefully crafted by malevolent spirits via lazy. prejudiced & complicit translators to deceive & destroy people The baseless mistranslation (Say "Mistranslation" a few times) of a handful of key Scriptures is evidence of a premeditated false DOCTRINE from an evil source and virtually every translation of the Bible is now poisoned with a set of lies! This website is one of the few locations that details the nature of that deception & how it was implemented via a gradual corrosion of translations & injection of false, presumptive theology over time. G0YS will show you in detail EXACTLY how Bibles have been poisoned & how that deception (accusing merely same-gender-attracted people instead of what the Scriptures actually condemn) was accomplished.  It's important that you be armed with the truth.   It's important that you realize these things because the fool-followers who act on obtuse, false & destructive doctrines will not be content until their actions toward you have destroyed your life's-relationships & opportunity for future happiness. 
Ironic note: Satan claims covenant
with ALL STATE-LICENSED churches. Such abominations are symbolized by the Laodicean Church in the Book of Revelation and Christ is NOT IN THEM (which is why the text describes him as standing at the door and knocki
ng)!  Scripture commands to "Come out from among them" & "turn away"!  This one key point proves that those people have NO "moral high-ground" and need to remove the wide-plank/s from their own eye/s before instructing others!   

Solomon said that in search of righteous men he found 1 in 1000.  I would suggest that figure applies to religious clerics as well.  998 blind men following the 999th (& which is the leader of the congregation you visit?)! 

The EXACT same observations that Jesus made about the Pharisees and their followers applies to them! Millions & millions of them can't seem to figure this stuff out -even with all of the Scripture tools and parallel research into the original languages in this time frame!  Why? Because they're lazy (a trait Jesus equated with wickedness) & find it easier to go with the flow of vain tradition & condemn the innocent alongside the guilty than to rightfully divide (Say "RIGHTFULLY DIVIDE") the meaning of Scriptures for themselves! Their seminaries churn out one generation of intellectually-numb, state-worshipping, life-destroying, viper after another! They are devoid of understanding (Isa 56:10) in the very matters in which they profess to teach (2Pet 2:19)! They lack the power recorded in the very book they profess (1Cor 4:20) and they explain all of their "exceptions" away - just as the Scripture itself warns that evil imposters will do (2Tim 3:5)!  These hypocrites deny basic human needs; - Try to make everything into a sin & push a false version of Godliness made in their own self-righteous images! Repeating a lie for decades, centuries or millennia doesn't transmute it into the truth! And in the very epitome of what it is to be a fool - they stake their eternal destiny in a matter that they profess to have no personal stake in! That's the ironic case! If they're right they gain nothing; -But if they're wrong they lose everything because they'll be judged by the same measure they judge with!

Of course this long train of unjustified abuses against same-gender attracted people by so many so-called "churches" has caused large demographics of people to dismiss & disregard 'Christianity' and often created a great contempt against the mere mention of the name.  The grievous prejudice against who, liars have asserted is merely a "small segment" of the population, - has in actuality,  negatively impacted the psyche's of a whopping +63% of humanity! And more so, - their lies have turned large numbers of congregation members into hypocrites - all in keeping up an appearance that has no basis in truth (- but only in the perversion of a handful of distorted Scripture passages)! And they wonder why the "church" has lost its effectiveness! This issue, more than any other of our time - has completely destroyed the testimony of the church & stained the name of "Christ" with obtuse, lawless & baseless judgments! 

Now this may seem ironic to some.  However, to those people who have studied the Jesus of the Scripture, - we understand that he taught that evil often pretends to be 'righteous' and the hallmark of evil, is hypocrisy.  Therefore, if the large factions (denominations) are indeed following a false version of Christianity (anti-Christos), -- then collectively they will be the very thing they claim to abhor.  Their key-doctrines will be based on mistranslations, and they will use a superficial 'study' of the Bible to allege their doctrines (of demons) are "The Words of the Lord"! 

Decades of study cumulated in this website. With that study (& a parallel study of law & legal principles), -came a level of understanding & theological discovery that made my previous associations with many so-called "Christian sects" seem astonishingly shallow. The result is a series of exposés that should shame & terrify those who push the sectarian theological-stench of the present day & dare label it as "Christian" (God is blasphemed among the nations because of the likes of you)! G0YS apologetics are a call back to Apostolic principles (Read Acts!) and an understanding of the workings of fundamental Law, Grace; -& what God brilliantly did in building humanity an astonishing nexus back to Him!  As it is written: "Let God be true & every man a liar".  Many here will soon learn that the "Liars" are the same 'Theological-Pillars' of whatever sect they call "Ecclesia".  You may need to place a hand on those pillars & calling on the Spirit of Yeshua thru your blindness - take a lesson from Sampson. God still raises the dead. Have you obeyed the gospel -- or do you merely think you have? 

You see ... False teachers who push a false-gospel asserting that salvation is found in: (Mouthing Platitudes to God + Loving the "right" people) don't represent God nor the covenant of God. If you let them convince you that their false, Imagination-Based-Jesus is the "real" Jesus - than evil will win and you will lose.  There is no evidence that God changes people's sexual orientation. Certain religious groups have been making a contrary false claim for decades & for decades they've either repented of lying about "conversion to straightness" or been discovered over and over again to be liars.  These fakers make their fakes by exploiting the fact that about 53% of the population is BIsexual & simply LIE about certain members of their groups suppressing the same-sex component of their attraction! And the reason why God doesn't change sexual orientation is because it's morally neutral & essentially a theological NON-issue

All that matters is faith expressing itself in love -Because- love works no ill toward his neighbor (& therefore fulfills the royal law in the Scripture).  What the g0ys movement has done is simply highlight those simple principles and broadcast a call to repentance:

In the USA, the Church of Satan is a 501(c)(3) federally-incorporated entity. I would suggest that this is the case - regardless of what the name happens to be promoted as. Who do all of these bow before? The STATE. And what did Satan claim ownership of when tempting Jesus? ALL the KINGDOMS of the earth. You might want to consider that.

"Morality isn't an abstract principle, and discerning such is as simple as observing the outcomes of actions over time." - Gimmel Yod

Promoting the LIE that the Scriptures forbid mere same-gender-intimacy also violates one of the fundamental principles of law: Identifying evidence of a injured party. Legally, that point is colossal - as ALL (Say "ALL") civil/criminal laws exist to provide justice to an injured party or prevent perilous actions from creating an injured party.  If there is no evidence of an injured party, the plaintiff's complaint has no legal standing (there simply is NO CASE)!  Leviticus 20:13 & 18:22 are mala-prohibita statutes that place a prohibition on the specific act of AnalSex because that specific act routinely and at great frequency creates severely injured parties.  Every competent Rabbi knows the specific nature of the commandment's prohibition and every health organization on the planet knows how perilous AnalSex is!  That is the 'WHY' behind the reason the Torah makes a capital crime!  To change that specific commandment into one that merely forbids same gender intimacy is to fashion a colossal lie; - One that perverts justice into a tool for the father of all false accusations!  One might say that the persecution of same-gender attracted people by the "institutional church" has been one of Satan's greatest achievements and most effective tool at rendering a corrupted, modified gospel that is destructive, powerless & ethically repulsive.  Such bigotry-inducing lies continue to make the entire notion of being a "Christian" a repugnant thing in the eyes of people with functioning consciences.   And when you hear commentary about "Christianity being dead" - remember that it was men like those pictured above that murdered the message; - And they did so by putting lies in God's mouth regarding same-gender-attracted people (among other matters). Those liars are going to answer for the destruction they have promoted and lives they've helped to ruin -before a God who is going to deal with their likes in keeping with His own word! On that day it would have been better for them had they never known anything of religion than to have established themselves as ministers of righteousness and then perverted it!  Propitiated right-standing has no value for the men whose own standards condemn the innocent! The account Yeshua spoke of - about the rich, religious guy who died and found himself in hell: That's them!

"Add a drop of fine wine to a barrel of sewage; -& You get sewage. Add a drop of sewage to a barrel of fine-wine; -& You get sewage."

The Scripture itself actually warns about this: "I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock. Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them." -Acts 20:29-30.

The majority of the men pictured in the image-bar above (& the 2 hell-spawn to the right) built their miseries, eh - "ministries" by grandstanding & fund-raising against what they refer to as the "gay-agenda".  But the fact is that the enormous animosity so many same-gender-attracted people have against "religion" is the result of decades of the caustic, abusive, lying, & out-of-context messages being pushed by religious vipers!  They will be called to account for generations of innocent blood being shed & the persecution & depression-induced self-destruction that their lies have brought upon - those who have not violated the mitzvot (essential commandments)!  Their own twisted religious tongues set their own destinies on fire from hell and as the Scripture says: "They will be measured with the measure that they judge", so that God is not mocked!  The 2 reprobates pictured to the right were running a slave-labor camp where they worked teenagers (WITHOUT PAYING THEM) under the guise of an ex-gay program!  The Scripture puts a death penalty on such abuses! And Saul/Paul wrote that those who support them are as morally reprehensible!

And yet there were parents & clergy that sent kids to such hell-holes! Jesus taught that it would be better to have a millstone attached to your neck & be thrown into the sea than to enact such harm to child; -So to all of the poisonous-preachers who have made a name by misrepresenting Moses' Law about same-gender intimacy and caused harm (directly or indirectly) to young people (& many others) as a result of preaching false condemnation: Of the likes of you, the Scripture says: "You travel over sea and land to make a convert. But when they’ve been converted, they become twice the child of hell you are." - Mt 25:15

Let me give you some information: Propitiated righteousness is of no value to you when the measure that you use condemns the innocent!  You're going to HELL Preacher-Poison-Message! And when you arrive - I hope your hell-cell plays back an eternal media-loop of your prude-petty, sociopathic-scoffing, & unrepentant reaction - as you read this website!

Let me reiterate this point again to be clear: The gigantic GLIQTETC... movement that is so hostile towards "Christians" and all of the antichristian sentiment projected by those groups and their supporters - is the DIRECT RESULT & SUBSEQUENT DAMNING FAILURE of the modern "Church" to rightfully divide the Scriptures on the issue of acceptable sexual expression among like genders!  "Gay Pride" is the secular backlash & the precise result of THE "CHURCH" violating the exact principle that Paul warned against & he prophetically named the resulting sin that would occur w. the violation: "PRIDE"! 

Religions are often the mantras of fools. Any absurdity can amass huge followings without a shred of scrutiny!"- Veh

Contrast that outcome to that of the g0ys movement when news of "G0YS" hit the television airwaves in Brazil in 2014: Yeah! Attendance at the 2014 "Gay Pride Parade" in Sao Paulo Brazil dropped by a whopping +93% when the most popular talk show in the country (& others) ran episodes examining g0ys! 1.3Million+ people decided that "G0YS" was a term that fit them better, -& "Pride" attendance plummeted to about 5% of the regular turnout while exposure to the g0ys philosophy was still fresh in the minds of the populace! Let me make that clear: Less than 1 out of 20 attendees on average showed up to, what was - the previous year - the largest gay Pride Parade on the planet! The knowledge of G0YS -- simply the revelation that this is what men are by nature -- virtually killed the 2014 Pride Parade in Sao Paulo, Brazil! No "anti-gay" religious organization has ever come close to accomplishing what g0ys actually did. Why? Because the message of g0ys is that "Genuine love works no ill toward others" while the anti-gay religious bigots yell "Thou shalt not love!", - ignorant of what their own Bibles say in the original languages. Since the gay-male community is up to it's collective arse in analsex-spread illness -- the g0ys message struck a chord of harmony with the majority of potential parade attendees.

Got wisdom?

What would the world be like if the message had been what the Scripture actually teaches - that the GENDER composition isn't an issue (Gal 3:28c), but the principle is that "Love works no ill" and actions that cause injury to others are what real "sin" is!  Can you imagine if the message had simply been as the Scripture actually warns - instead of being rebelliously expanded to cover matters not expressed by the actual mitzvot (commandments)?  Had that been the case, -the church could have helped eliminate decades/centuries of what is called "homophobia" and kept itself relative to a globe needing sound guidance with knowledge & wisdom (instead of alienating itself with a fool's message that tasks huge numbers of people to "simply not feel")!  Condemning the specific, perilous act of AnalSex regardless of participant's gender could have helped save the lives of millions (Say "millions") of people who were deceived by those who promote the peril!  Centuries of tragedy & false persecution could have been averted if the church had merely focused on preaching the ACTUAL SCRIPTURAL warning against the act which every major health organization on the planet has identified as a massively-dangerous, colossally-perilous fetish (instead of lawlessly expanding the tightly-bound interpretation of Levitical law into a tool to condemn a group of people to whom the statute did not ever directly apply - I.E: Lesbians & g0ys)!  Once you realize EXACTLY what the Torah forbade, then Scriptures like 2Samuel 1:26 suddenly make perfect sense!

"Though Balak were to give me his house full of silver and gold, I could not go beyond the command of the LORD my God to do less or more." - Num 22:18

How do the ignorant pseudo-Christian bigots reconcile the fact that a key admonition given to married couples in the New Testament was drawn directly from an example of a same-gender couple in the Old Testament!  From the examples given in the Song of Songs, - we know that the Scripture always veils erotic language in symbolism.  Such language is never vulgar or direct, but instead - full of symbolism that only a mature, comprehensive mind can understand the implications thereof.  Therefore, when the text about David & Jonathan says things such as: "the souls of Jonathan and David were knit together, and Jonathan loved him as himself"; --You need to turn your brain to full-on and ask yourself the question: "What is it that a guy does that is an act of 'love unto himself'"!  Understand? !!!

"Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! Again, if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone? " - Ec 4:9-11

So devoid of Scriptural literacy are most contemporary "Dumb-Dog-Preechars" they don't even know that these Scriptural texts exist! And they are so blinded by the sins of their own baseless prejudices (Say "Baseless"- as being completely unfounded on ANY of the foundational texts, themes or reasonable, lawful interpretations) that they desperately try to rationalize these Scriptures into something other than what writings about loving, Scripturally-lawful, same-sex relationships clearly illustrate! Such men are lying, false messengers and they surround you! I.E: Anyone who CAREFULLY studies the relationship between King David & Prince Jonathan will conclude from the LEGAL CONSTRUCTS recorded meticulously within the texts that these guys made a covenant between themselves that had all the legal force of FAMILY and that covenant eventually survived a 3rd-party lawsuit for vengeance that wiped out the entire lineage of former King Saul - except for the WIFE of David (Miche'al - daughter of Saul). And spared Mephibosheth (2Sam 21:7) - the son of Prince Jonathan who had been Paramour to King David!  If you need a Scriptural citation for legitimate same-gender life-covenants (a/k/a "marriage"), - the account of David & Jonathan's love leaves no legal doubt!  LOOK IT UP & READ THE FULL MATTER FOR YOURSELF! You are accountable!

I cannot overstate the imperative: If you are same-gender attracted; -The people telling you that you need to "repent" of your mere affections are prejudiced ignoramuses (usually worse) bent on destroying your relationships & emotional health under the false guise of "holiness"! If you were to sign up to lobotomize your emotions, they're your 'Nurse Ratched'! All of their alleged "Bible-proof" is out of context, mistranslated and without a single shred of actual Scriptural backing (Always check the original language manuscripts because so many Bibles have been poisoned by mistranslation in this matter)!  I have met more than a few people who were casualties of the lies (Real "sin" has real victims at the endpoint, -which is how you can recognize it)! Remember that if it's not SIN, then God is simply NOT interested in you turning from it! Your detractors will be passionate in their beliefs (just as all good cult members are); -But if you acquiesce to their irrational call for you to abandon love, -then they will ultimately sabotage your future happiness as they attack your relationship/s (That is their end-goal - to DESTROY your loving relationship/s) & demean your feelings. They will accuse you of being "demonized" as they themselves act on a doctrines of demons all the while chanting mantras such as "Love the sinner; - Hate the sin"!  The implied gigantic lie is that same gender affections are inherently "sinful".  They often feign "tolerance" in the name of "love" but their ultimate end-goal is to destroy relationships & break loving covenants!  Solomon wrote: "The kindest acts of the wicked are cruel."Pr 12:10b And this principle summarizes the theological gangrene that is the "God loves you and hopes you'll figuratively castrate yourself someday" message!  They may as well say: "God, who IS LOVE wants you to personally abandon the notion of it."!

The Devil is a shape-shifter! And this leads me to my next warning: The old-snake sociopath is shedding his skin and changing the posturing of his method of abuse! In fundamentalist, religious circles -it has been the long-time practice to put same-gender-attracted family members out onto the street.  However, -that approach is exposing those old hate-filled abusive prejudices of the false church for what they are.  That exposure negatively affects their membership and their collection-plate$. So, a new posture-shift is being employed. Remember Solomon's words: "Even the kind actions of the wicked are cruel."; - & this is exactly what we're dealing with. This "new" approach alleges to make churches "safe" places for people/children who are same-gender attracted. However, these frauds still teach the same old lie that accuses same-gender affections as being the root of sin (Instead of focusing on the specific scriptural, perilous act of Anal-Sex as being sin)! The "ex-gay" misery, eh ..."ministry" has slithered out of its old skin and into this new "friendlier" model.  It no longer promotes the lie that orientation can change (that would be too obvious). But, make no mistake: The same message of self-rejection & subdued-disgust will continue to be broadcast at all same-gender affected people from within this new friendly, "loving" church "approach". Think of it like a padded cell lined with hopelessness. It's a way for same-gender attracted people to waste their lives living out a perverse hope that feelings which are NOT inherently sinful with magically "go-away" anyhow. Very often, these false "Christians" operate under the notion that they're bringing the "gospel" to the "GLIBTQetc" community. Let's see what the apostle Paul has to say about their "gospel message" that puts human relationships on the altar of sacrifice (when God mandated no such thing): "I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach another gospel (other than the one we preached to you), let them be under God’s curse! As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under God’s curse!" - Gal 1:6-9

Evangelicals: Have you been fit for your millstone yet?
"Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to stumble, it would be better for him that a huge millstone should be hung around his neck,"

If you've observed that the "Gay" community seems to have a disproportionately high number of narcissists compared with the population in general - you're correct. This is one of the reasons why the "gay community" is so incorrigible & unrepentant - even when confronted with facts by their "own" regarding their self-destructive aspects of their behavior. Remember - AnalSex is the grievous act (sin) specific to this disease & death toll.

If you ask most psychologists what conditions turn children into narcissists, these professionals will tell you (2) things:

  1. Sending the message that LOVE is CONDITIONAL - dependant upon meeting certain parameters.

  2. Sending the message that some character traits are so horrible that to personally acknowledge them is worse than death.

BOTH, the political & religious reicht send these messages loudly & often - hammering youth into so many of the narcissists that become the unrepentant shills for the "gay" community.  That's the case. People who claim to be "righteous" actually create the most unrighteous people that society must suffer out of their own children! Repeatedly telling children that loving the "wrong" gender is evil" destroys the psyche of these children as they enter puberty & discover their own same-sex attractions!  Righteous people are diligent enough to explain that certain actions that imperil other people are the actual evil the Scriptures warn against.  

The self-crowning traits of a narcissist & most other severe personality disorders are: a completely selfish attitude & total lack of empathy. "Spirit gives birth to spirit."...Indeed! The wind dry of empathy from the parents becomes the whirlwind of antisocial personality disorders manifested in their children! 

Having children that are open to the charge of being wild & disobedient (lawless) will disqualify a parent from the position of an overseer according to the Scripture. If you want to know what the penalty is for producing narcissists & sociopaths ... you may want to sit down before reading:

“Then the Lord said to Samuel, ‘Behold, I am about to do a thing in Israel at which the two ears of everyone who hears it will tingle. On that day I will fulfill against Eli all that I have spoken concerning his house, from beginning to end. And I declare to him that I am about to punish his house forever, for the iniquity that he knew, because his sons were blaspheming God, and he did not restrain them. Therefore I swear to the house of Eli that the iniquity of Eli’s house shall not be atoned for by sacrifice or offering forever (1Samuel 3:11-14).

According to the Torah, a millstone may not be taken as collateral for a debt. Jesus's use of the millstone in his rebuke implies that the sin is so grievous that it destroys entire families & cannot be atoned for! The curse on Eli's entire house is an example!

To the: "Religious Fundamentalists": Have you been fit for your millstone yet?

In II Samuel 12 - there is an account of a prophet (Nathan) who confronts the King (David) about a great injustice:"
The Lord sent Nathan to David. When he came to him, he said, “There were two men in a certain town, one rich and the other poor. The rich man had a very large number of sheep and cattle, but the poor man had nothing except one little ewe lamb he had bought. He raised it, and it grew up with him and his children. It shared his food, drank from his cup and even slept in his arms. It was like a daughter to him. Now a traveler came to the rich man, but the rich man refrained from taking one of his own sheep or cattle to prepare a meal for the traveler who had come to him. Instead, he took the ewe lamb that belonged to the poor man and prepared it for the one who had come to him. David burned with anger against the man and said to Nathan, “As surely as the Lord lives, the man who did this must die! He must pay for that lamb four times over, because he did such a thing and had no pity.”
Then Nathan said to David, “You are the man!"
" - 2Sam 12:1-7a (Read the entire chapter)

Nathan goes on to remind King David that God had set him up as a King & yet David repaid this great favor by covertly stealing another man's wife & sending battle orders so that the guy (Uriah) whose wife David stole - was killed in battle with the enemy.  But it's the nature of the story that Nathan used that speaks so loudly. You see, arrogant religious people who promote the LIE that God is opposed to same-gender relationships are not content until they have destroyed the hope of ALL relationship/s from those people who are same gender attracted. They do this by loudly misrepresenting the Scripture - pronouncing threats & judgments against all people who are merely attracted to their own genders & by applying social pressure in such ways to prevent young people from having even (1) relationship (or breaking them up whenever possible). Not content in their own circumstances - they can't stand the thought of somebody else having "even 1 little ewe".  And a higher than average percentage of these judgmental bigots have been through several spouses themselves! That's right! According to Jesus Himself, many of them have committed adultery between wives 1, & 2, etc ...  (ADULTERY being a capital crime in the Torah)!  So, while the Torah condemns (to death) about half of these bigots because of their adultery; - These same hypocrites want to destroy (by putting lies in God's mouth) even the potential for same-gender attracted people to have even (1) intimate loving relationship! These hypocrites purpose to steal & kill the proverbial ewe! “As surely as the Lord lives, the man who did this must die!" - King David    

Here's are some general "rules of thumb" for safety:

In the movie, "Collateral Beauty", the protagonist believes that there are (3) proverbial "WHY'S" that motivate all men to do everything they do.  However, when the personification of "LOVE" shows up to argue; - "LOVE" declares itself to be the "ONLY WHY"!  It is the truest and most profound line in the script!  And pseudo-religious liars want you to abandon LOVE (the very thing that even God himself declares to be) with a LIE that accuses your's as being contaminated!  That is the magnitude of what they are trying to STEAL from you with their LIES against all same gender intimacy!  According to Scripture, it is YOUR ENEMY - A LIAR - who comes to STEAL, DESTROY & KILL! And exactly as Yeshua told us: A man's enemies will be the members of his own household and a time will come where they will kill you & think they are doing God a favor.  Just as Satan masquerades as an angel of light so his ministers masquerade as righteous persons! How's that paradigm shift coming?

Editorial Insert:

I was a teen in a "Christian" home in the 80's. I was active in my church & nobody at the time suspected that I preferred the company of guys. In that timeframe, society, overall - was extremely biased & hostile toward people who preferred their own gender. That bias was actually a side-effect of lax, lazy & indiscriminate "churches" abroad  - pushing the same agenda of lies as exposed here - into society under the falsehood that it was the arbiter of 'moral authority'.  Satan's modus-operandi has always been to claim that his lies are from the mouth of the Law-giver -thus promoting evil in God's name.  Back then, it was much harder for the average person to check the translation of their Bible against the original language texts & discover the truth - because most did not carry a concordance (So, lies injected into the Bible by lazy, self-condemned translators spread like gangrene).  Like the majority of men, I [do/did] NOT want anything to do with AnalSex. Hence, the stereotype/s - about what "gay" men were all about - were something that I found absolutely morally repulsive. Just because I liked guys didn't mean that I wanted to play in anyone's ass or take on bizarre affectations. So, between media-images of men who wanted to be their sisters (on the political left), and the anti-gay fund-raising of the religious right; - I found myself completely surrounded by hostility and negative stereotypes.  But, because nobody suspected that I was personally grappling with any of these issues, - I was in an ideal circumstance to see/hear the biases, & life destroying prejudices promoted by the "church" up close without being directly persecuted by the lies they pushed. And when Exodus-International formed & began to push the lie that sexual orientation could be changed - it opened up a Pandora's box of "ex-gay" ministries that still linger on till this day in some form.  Over time, the gigantic lies being promoted by Exodus were being exposed - so the "Ex-Gay" tone has changed over the years but the message is exactly the same life & relationship destroying line of twisted-translation based theology: "Your feelings for your same gender are inherently 'sinful' so don't have any intimate relationships. (And if we find out that you have these feelings - we'll take steps to see that you don't have any meaningful part of the 'ministry' other than spreading the same lie)."  Those hypocrites would NEVER consider taking their own advice and forsaking intimate human relationships. This assertion is self-evident when you consider how many have (for reasons of adultery) divorced & remarried - not to mention the extreme number who engaged in casual pre-marital sexual relationships (but now want to tell other people how to live their lives).  Can you imagine their outrage if laws were considered simply forbidding remarriage beyond the 1st one! These same hell-spawn have never lived under the threat of losing their employment or housing because of their actions (or simply because of how they "felt")!  That's right - if they find out how you merely "feel" about your own gender (your actual actions being irrelevant) they'll take steps to destroy you. And then there are those who preach the exact opposite of what they practice: Total  hypocrites! They insist that you to "abstain" when they [did/can/will]-NOT! This hypocrisy is, seriously, - one of the traits of a sociopath! Yeah: SOCIOPATHS can't empathize with the feelings of others! They probably didn't check the sociopath box when they applied for the position at the local ministry or election application!   In true sociopathic fashion, those pushing the entire ex-gay lie avoided any real empathy with their victims (fake empathy abounds) and the crisis's we were forced into if someone discovered how we merely "felt". And I know 1st hand how badly things can go because in the early 90's, I confided in a "preacher" the nature of my "secret feelings" for another guy, & he took almost no time to betray my trust and tell a religious family member.  What resulted was the gradual absentia of my lifelong friends as the "rumors" spread.  So I moved away.  The irony was that I had absolutely no desire to join the "gay" community's support systems.  I didn't like the stereotypes, & found the mere notion of AnalSex to be disgusting, nor did I have any confusion as to my own gender. Simultaneously, sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS were exploding throughout the "gay-male" population (a direct result of tolerating AnalSex).  You see, actions are what matter and what I was in my thoughts & actions was ... "G0Y"- but the word & the distinctions it underlines - did not exist at the time. And in my 20's I began to discover other men who had similar feelings. Because I presented myself without odd gender-bending affectations, most people simply presumed I was str8.  And I was more than happy to let their presumptions of my str8ness persist.  As I began to make new friends, - I discovered that Kinsey was right (long before I read his work).  Every so often, I'd discover that one of my "str8" friends was not so "str8" after all.  These friendships that turned "bromantic/g0y" were with men who presented themselves as str8 - but were actually somewhere in the middle.  And the astonishing thing was the high percentage of men who are discretely available to intensely intimate friendships with a guy whom they TRUST & RESPECT & who returns those same factors.  Most men are Bi. And this fact is why the LIES pushed by the religious right have such power.  Because "Bi" men can easily play the str8 card, and the false notion claiming that society is "mostly str8" coupled with the gigantic stigmas connected (via negative stereotypes) to same-sex intimacy - created the perfect storm of fear & denial - resulting in a giant, wide-spread hypocrisy (because men simply don't realize how astonishingly high the percentage is of men who can love men - as men).  Today I'm still Christian but unlike so much of what flows like raw sewage out of the seminaries, - I've embraced a view of a lawful, rational, brilliant & compassionate God (the One in the Scripture when you actually study for yourself) and I've reached the conclusion that it's Satan who steers the ship of most religions all the while speaking a shallow, warped message of "holy & righteous living" as every principle of true Godliness is rejected in actual practice

Soft-spoken liars are the most dangerous liars because in their own false hypocritical humility - they broadcast a gigantic lie in a sincere tone of voice!  These false teachers will also compare same-gender affections to destructive/perilous sins as adultery or bestiality in hypocrisy & bad-faith. They're unwilling or unable (due to a reprobate mind) to rationally make logical comparisons between behaviors that cause harm - in contrast to actions that don't.  They're devoid of any useful wisdom, - & they do not merit the titles they append to their names nor the recognition they seekBlind leading the blind, - forever deceiving and being deceived!  These are as clergy (Say "clergy") who will put on a dress (they'll call it a "robe") and then criticize men who wear dresses!  These senseless, law-twisting & scripturally-illiterate hypocrites are where atheism gets some of its best anti-God strawmen meme's. As they open their mouths to accuse & condemn the feelings of those who simply love their own gender, - they are actually prophesying their own destruction.  Lies are their native language and they flow so astonishingly fast off their tongues as they speak that not even most lawyers know where to begin to address the scope of their pseudo-religious misrepresentations! Be prepared to cull them out of your life due to their grievous, unrepentant sins - just as the Scripture says to.  These are the kind that may slander & threaten to "excommunicate" you. I tell you that you must excommunicate them -even if you need to excommunicate their entire group so that you stand apart!  It's better to stand alone in righteousness than follow an evil leader & his minions on their way to hell!  You may wonder how you can successfully challenge people to change their thinking. Send them HERE. You'll know those who Yeshua (Jesus) identified as the religious-damned because they will literally not lift a finger (to click a trackball, mouse, touchpad, keyboard, nor even touch a screen) to lighten the falsely-twisted burdens that they so willingly impose on others blasphemesly in the name of God!  

Then there is the argument some unethical clergy use in an attempt to diminish the entire weight sex has on the psyche of most men. They'll raise a bad-faith objection worded something like, "You seem preoccupied with sex.". Their lie implies that they themselves are unaffected by the consideration. The obvious fact is that they are SO PREOCCUPIED WITH SEX that they have a nearly insatiable need to control how much other people get! There are certain natural rhythms men have. One of these rhythms is for sexual activity. Delaying or interrupting this cycle creates a mental imbalance & preoccupation with the subject matter (the level of preoccupation grows in intensity to the point it is on par with OCD). Dealing with this imbalance also explains why most guys are amBIsexual. In a sane society, male amBIsexuality is seen as a fact of basic existence. Only in the realm of false religion & mistranslated Scriptures has this basic fact of male-sexuality been obscured. Any man who tries to downplay the need for sex on the male psyche is either a liar or a ball-less b!tch-be. They want you to cut your nuts off. Tell them to "lead by example". St. Paul the Apostle (Gal 5:12) would have told them to do the same thing (no joke)!

There is currently much talk among religious denominations whether to "accept" people who are same gender attracted. The notion is totally arrogant & upside-down. The theological examination of the subject matter shows that the vast majority of "churches" have been steeped in making sinful false-accusations & destructive heresies for centuries! And all of this lying, wisdomless sh!t is flowing out of the seminaries & thru your TV, radio, & social media! The required t'shuveh (repentance) and resulting reformation needed is gigantic & extends far beyond the issues around human intimacy!  The answer, is NOT to seek reformation of the churches as they stand today. Why? Because they won't. They're steeped in idolatry, worship at the altar of Lucifer's-state, & are in love with the towers they've each proverbially built on Shinar! The answer is to get away from them while NOT abandoning your walk with the God of the Scripture or the study of His principles (He never had a problem with the gender composition of any couple to begin with)! You MIGHT find hope with any "Christian" group that openly repents, drops ALL denominational labels and official denominal ties, & does NOT reincorporate with the state. Those are very loud starts toward true holiness & the frauds will generally never take those giant steps because their members are so helplessly inured in the system that they will fight to protect it.  Anything other than true repentance (acta non verba) is merely lip service.  In the name of common-sense: Don't beg a group of apostate bigots to "accept you". It should be the other way around! Walk away & be thankful that Romans 8:28 has worked in your favor by allowing you to do so! Consider starting your own ministry!


Here's the greatest irony: The very people whom the seminaries puke out like a polluted river of Pharisaical traditions; - Those who's very 1st act is often to bow before Lucifer himself & incorporate a "ministry" (I am not exaggerating); - Those who mindlessly attach a state license to marriages, are also those who bow before the Devil a third time & kiss the ever over-reaching ass of the state in every manner of support via paying tribute (often in taxes they don't even legally owe) ... ultimately supporting every evil under the sun: THESE DUMB DOGS ... Laodicea's laity ... want to tell others (& you) how to live a "holy life"! Figuring it out yet? You'd better!

The essays herein will give you -the reader- lots to consider. They cover every traditional argument against same-gender attraction and use the raw Scriptures to easily devastate the shallow beliefs against it & discredit (fully) those who promote a demonic doctrine of baseless bigotry.  I dare you to challenge the conclusions -Scripturally.  When you're done - you'll have figured out who really controls many of the "mega-churches" and the progeny of most modern seminaries!

"...there is not here Jew or Greek, there is not here servant nor freeman, there is not here male and female, for all you are one in Christ" - Gal 3:28 
[Paul's writing destroyed prejudices!  No wonder power-seeking "fundamentalists" wanted to kill the the likes of him! His thinking was revolutionary -even, sadly, - today!]

"And it came to pass, when he had ended speaking to Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul." - 1Sa 18:1
[Yes, King David, a man after God's own heart, -- loved Prince Jonathan!] Do you think I'm exaggerating?
"I am distressed over you, my brother Jonathan. You were very delightful to me; your love was wonderful to me, exceeding the love of women." - David (2Sa 1:26)


Q: Why should I take the word of G0YS.org on these matters?

A; You shouldn't. Neither should you unquestioningly follow anyone else. Jesus equated LAZY as WICKED. This simple teaching on His part essentially means that YOU are RESPONSIBLE for understanding the foundational principles of what you BELIEVE & are NOT licensed to merely "take someone's word" on any issue! After all: Mindless followers are what get people into trouble daily! Do you believe that God said a thing? You'd better have done your homework on the alleged supporting Scripture/s.  Study to show yourself approved; --A workman who needs not to be ashamed having rightfully divided the word of truth (Because there are lots of lax, lazy demon-sloths WRONGFULLY dividing it)!
See, there are some people (many, actually), who claim that God has said that 'homosexuality is an abomination and that those who practice it are worthy of death & hell-bound' (or words to that effect). That's their testimony, witness & conviction. That's how they'd judge. But not having read the Scriptures in context; --they're also damned dead-WRONG... And Moses himself issues a serious warning to the likes of them:

If a false witness makes a statement against a man, saying that he has done wrong, Then the two men, between whom the argument has taken place, are to come before the Lord, before the priests and judges who are then in power; And the judges will have the question looked into with care: and if the witness is seen to be false and to have made a false statement against his brother, Then do to him what it was his purpose to do to his brother: and so put away the evil from among you. " - Dt 19
So, next time you hear some religious holier-than-thou shouting that "same-gender attracted people are all going to Hell" (or words to that effect); - What you've actually heard is that person declaring where they themselves are destined; - & you can in good faith, -disregard their message/s.

G0YS hold to a more comprehensive & detailed theological model that argues -using the Scripture itself - that God specifically forbade anal-sex (because it's an extremely perilous act), -but lax, indiscriminate men twisted the specific prohibition - beyond the legal-letter & lawlessly expanded it to allege that same-gender affections were what was forbidden (a giant lie patterned like the very 1st thing the Devil is recorded saying: "God has said that you can't eat from ANY of the trees..."- Gen 3:1b)!  G0YS point out numerous Scriptural citations to support our [gender-blind/anti-anal] posturing; -- but more importantly, g0ys point to the overall themes & purpose of the law in the Old Testament + the 'Law of Christ' in the New.  G0Y'S [gender-blind/anti-anal] position on the issue of sexual affections should make any "Christian" or "Jew" swallow hard seriously contemplating the citation from Deuteronomy 19 above! Oh, and even scholarly Jewish Rabbis agree with the g0ys (How ironic is that)!

We encourage you to download the most feature-packed FREE Scripture resource we have found to help you study for yourselves.

So, this website happened.  It's here for (3) primary reasons & yet one more:

  1. To clearly & fully explain to people who are in similar situations to mine - what the Scriptures really say on these related issues; & reach out to other guys/g0ys who desire a relationship with God but are hung up on the whole "anti-same-sex" paradigm pushed by false preachers.  I have not yet been able to find a doctrinally-sound "church" group in this regard. Many hate (Yes, it's effectively HATE regardless of what they claim. Acta non verba.) same gender attracted people for merely existing. But if I do happen upon one ... I'll let you know here.  The good news is that your walk with God is exactly that, & doesn't require a mere human being wearing a holy-robe or a fancy-hat to make the connection to God on your behalf. Read that last sentence until it sinks in because EVERY CULT that has ever existed attempts to put some fallible-man or organization as your mediator between you and God! According to Scripture, Yeshua (Jesus) is your direct mediator/High-Priest! Acts 2 is for You, my friend.

  2. To REBUKE those preaching the same deadly "anti-same-sex" messages that I heard while growing up; - Messages that can't change a man's stature an inch & are nothing more than arrogant, hypocritical & failed appeals to make yourself acceptable before God through a bastardization of Moses' Law.  It can be reasoned that Jesus taught that those preaching ex-gay messages were 2-fold children of hell (So I don't expect such as those to repent.) 

  3. To REBUKE institutions that are supposedly "Gay-is-OK" but water the Scriptures down.  These are generally, as morally bankrupt as the former. They just express their folly as a hyper form of libertine theology that preaches a message of "acceptance" no matter who gets maimed or killed by the perils of deadly actions such as anal sex.  These churches make a mockery of sound doctrine & promote the exact same mistranslations about the Scripture as the former. However, rather than offer any real textual analysis or apologetics, - these dens of dumbassery simply discredit the entire Torah as "outdated" (as if sound principles ever go out of date)!

  4. To provide a full, complete legal basis to DAMN those who are the targets of points 2-3 above - by providing them with undefeatable apologetics that will testify against their non-repentance on the day of judgment. As one g0y observed: "I read through the theological rebuttal on the (G0YS) site, I was dumbfounded and then elated. The theological ruminations of the main apologists for the Gay Christian movement are so hollow, that I could never accept them as the basis for my Christian walk. But the explanations on the G0YS site actually open up Scripture and tear away the centuries of cultural Christianity that has nothing to do with what God is actually saying." Exactly! The apologetics within this G0YS website show how translations of the Scriptures have actually been corrupted & how that corruption has found its way into MANY translations (Bibles)! Is your Bible trying to KILL you? For many people: YES! It is! G0YS have no problem describing when a translation is full of SH!T & showing you WHY (The WHY matters). Those who fail to be critical of bad theology (& poison translations) have FAILED to be responsible watchman. According to the Scripture itself: They will give an account with their own souls. So when God lights your unrepentant ass on fire, - do remember how you scoffed at this website.

So then, if the so-called church (being apostate) is generally, NOT the source of the solution; -Then is the answer found in the "GAY" community? The answer is the same: Generally NOT. Why? Because the Scripture is very clear that life isn't found in friendship with "the world". The Scripture's message is a call to repentance, - not to finding a group that will coddle your spiritual shortcomings because you share a common trait with them! The "narrow road" is exactly that. "Do you not know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God? Therefore, whoever chooses to be a friend of the world renders himself an enemy of God." - St. James. It's important to recognize that fact.  The ultimate question comes down to: Are you looking to be friends with GOD or with the "World" (& it's various systems that demand conformity with evil)? And at this moment it should become obvious to you why the g0ys message is so hard pressed on all sides. G0YS REBUKE false religion -AND- we also REBUKE the callousness of libertine, dangerous pleasure-seekers who imperil others in the name of a "good time". What is the message G0YS speak that BOTH groups (religious right & libertine left) hate? This: "The gender composition of a couple does not matter; -Simply don't engage in actions that are proven to cause injury." The religious right hates the 1st part and the libertine left hates the second part. But in light of all of the apologetics, medical citations & other arguments used on this website: "What part of the G0YS message is untrue or unreasonable?" Consider that question carefully because it may reveal lots about yourself. 

If Christianity is to receive a rejuvenation it must be by other means than any now being used. If the church...is to recover from the injuries she suffered, there must appear a new type of preacher. The proper, ruler-of-the-synagogue type will never do. Neither will the priestly type of man who carries out his duties, takes his pay and asks no questions, nor the smooth-talking pastoral type who knows how to make the Christian religion acceptable to everyone. All these have been tried and found wanting. Another kind of religious leader must arise among us. He must be of the old prophet type, a man who has seen visions of God and has heard a voice from the Throne. When he comes (and I pray God there will not be one but many) he will stand in flat contradiction to everything our smirking, smooth civilization holds dear. He will contradict, denounce and protest in the name of God and will earn the hatred and opposition of a large segment of Christendom.

- A.W. Tozer

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