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Every guy I've ever been in bed with was "straight". Yeah.

Seriously. That would be how they'd describe themselves. It's also the manner in which I projected myself. HOW did I bed exclusively "straight" guys? Friendship, respect, opportunity & extreme discretion. Notice that I said "BED"; - I did NOT say "Sex". See, out of the group of men - there was a percentage - relatively high - over 50% - who would - over time - become sexual (in a g0ys context). Most guys are, indeed, amBIsexual.

The supplimental section about G0YDAR has some great tips.

This is how I know that this "g0y" thing is spot on. I've lived it. And then this website explained all the details I'd already experienced. It truly is a GUY-thing (NOT a GAY thing). Most of these intense friendships took months - sometimes years to mature to sexual intimacy. Why? Because we were friends in the truest sense (which takes time) & the other guy always knew that I highly esteemed & respected him. And I liked to wrestle; - & When you bust into a massage on the guy you're wrestling - physical contact becomes completely normal & non-threatening. I started in Jr-High: Overnights, campouts, after-school activities, scouts, pool-parties: Any opportunity to wrestle & maintain extended contact with guys I liked.

And when I hit high school - a number of guys began to party & get drunk or stoned. I didn't; - but I discovered that these guys were generally easier to massage out of their clothes while the combined buzz of their high would incapacitate them with a relaxed demeanor while the massage took them down. Guys with highly sanguine personalities are generally more socially relaxed to begin with. When you combine gentle wrestling, friendly massage & tickling on a virile male body at peak testosterone - any guy NOT getting laid w. any frequency  - is going to experience a hardening dick - especially guys buzz'd or stoned.

One point I want to add emphasis is when you're in bed behind a locked door with a guy-friend with a dick that is visibly inflating - you don't want to waste time NOR do you want to be perceived as disrespectful. The simple phrase, "Impressive dick, Bro..." said in a tone of admiration will set at ease virtually any guy who happens to be growing wood in your vicinity. That phrase in particular - has extreme psychological power. it consists of an adjective that expresses admiration - directed instantly at his penis; -And adding the word "Bro" sends the message that you consider the guy an accepted, bonded friend on par with a Brother. In situations where you might need to be more discrete (such as in the locker room), you might rephrase to: "Impressive, Bro.".  When a buddy can be naked around you without any sense of self-doubt or shame, - you've reached a massive milestone in the friendship. This is self-evident.    

You alone probably know the extent you can take comments, friendly touch, buffooning-groping or gently escalated, continued physical contact. Remember the saying: "A friend will give you a hand; -but a BEST-friend will give you a hand-job..." & say it with a smile in your voice. "I love my friends but don't want anything to do with playing is assholes.", is a comment that sets a proper tone in virtually any situation that requires you to articulate why you're so "friendly", yet do not represent the threat of a masculinity-destroying ass-fucker. Most guys are "BI" & most of those are innately -  g0y (even if only subconsciously).

And remember that every guy with hair under his arms has a nearly unstoppable need to pump a shotglass of jizz out of his dick several times a week. It's been said that the longest wait-time you'll ever have with a buddy is between meeting the 1st day until helping him work that 1st load of cumm out of his seizuring cock. And the shortest time wait time will be the 2nd time you do it; - Provided that he knows that you are made of respect & absolutely will not ever disclose what's going on behind the locked door. Trust, respect, discretion: G0Y.

But all of that information makes it seem somewhat "mechanical" - which is so sad - because friendships are chaotic, spontaneous, built of whim & intimacy & stunningly wonderful beyond the scope of mere words (which is undoubtedly where I will fall short here).

Being g0y - the spectre that people tend to fixate on is the fact that g0ys are guys who love male aesthetics. The lie told for the last 100+ years is that such appreciation of male aesthetics by other men is "unusual". It's not. This is why fitness publications are loaded with images. Duh!

Being g0y goes beyond even that. When you understand the nature of love from several perspectives then it makes sense. I.E: Every parent who has a son who hits puberty & goes beyond knows what I'm talking about. You want him to find friends who'd NEVER hurt him, NEVER imperil him NEVER abandon him. You want him to find love that will never leave him to despair nor crush his feelings. But when you see the self-absorbed narcissistic, disease-spreading aspect of the gay-male community - that spectre leaves nothing but dread & despair. G0YS understand! The "300" from Sparta were absolutely - G0YS by definition.

So imagine the buddy who'd step in front of him to take the proverbial "bullet". There are men in my life who I'd give body parts to if they needed it. Is that the kind of friend you'd want for your son/brother? He can be completely naked around me - without shame. That includes emotional nakedness w. acceptance as well. I would never imperil him. If he gets injured - he can call me 24/7 and I will find a way to help him - even if I need to travel a long distance & spill my resources out on him, or fight to protect him from evil men. And even if he decides to marry a woman - I will stand as his "best man".  I speak this from much experience doing these very things. 

G0YS have a paradigm between our ears that is thousands of years old, & echoes back thru time to Greece, Israel & other parts of the civilized ancient world. We don't give ear to the mindless modern mantras of the manslaying minions of the murderous masses of "manginas"! G0YS are polyamourous & don't abandon previous relationships for new ones. This mindset does not equate to moral laxness, but an open possibility to grow new friendships into deep intimacy without threatening the integrity of previous. There is no foot-stomping nor declarations among g0y-friends of "Me! Me! Only Me!". G0YS think in terms of "extended families".

And when the religious retards try to raise moral objections about that mindset; - I take great pleasure in educating about what their own Bibles teach: I.E: That many of the patriarchs had multiple wives. Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Yes, concubines. Excessive? I think so, but apparently not so to exclude him from being a righteous man - according to the Scripture. And his father, King David, had several wives, concubines AND it's clear from the text that he & the son of King Saul (prince Jonathan) were best friends bonded at the balls! And when Jonathan was killed in battle, David penned the following song-lyrics: "I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother; you were very dear to me. Your love for me was wonderful, more wonderful than that of women." - 2Samuel 1:26

The page top says "Beautiful hide". Men generally recognize well developed male physiques & appreciate male aesthetics - & this appreciation almost universally translates into a feeling of wanted to be connected with it.  +63% of men experience this desire for a connection: sexually. That fact (say "fact") has been under attack & falsely accused of being "unmanly" for about 800 years, - starting with immoral men who dress like women, call themselves "father" & sexually-abuse children. When a symposium was held recently asking the open question of whether the Catholic Church was a force for good; - Stephen Fry (the actor) made a well-reasoned statement that brutally summarized the issue quite succinctly!

But, of course there is another major force that continuously accuses the integrity of male to male sexual intimacy - and that force is the pornography industry. And it is that force and the twisted images it has produced -COMBINED- with the accusations of false religion that has projectile-vomited the endlessly-repeating lie that: "Men who love men want to turn Danny into a Donna and plunge the contents of his rectum onto a public buffet."! Some may wince at the imagery that statement conjures and ask if I intended my words to relay such feelings; -To which I'd answer: "No, the imagery is actually worse than that but I had to tone it down for the sake of decorum.", -because what was once fringe pornographic imagery was misrepresented by false religion to represent the "status quo of gaydom"- until, it actually DID. And men of good conscience who happened to love other men/too, stepped back into the shadows in utter disgust as to what mainstream religions & gay-porn had portrayed them as!

And in the early 21st century, the g0ys movement hit the Internet & told both groups to shove their false characterizations about genuine male/male love - back up into the same orifice that they kept their non-functioning heads in! In an e-mailed comment, one G0Y said: "I thought I could try and change how people thought about gays, try and show them that just because someone liked another guy doesn't mean he is a flamer. I really tried, but the stereotypes are too deeply rooted. I've always found myself disgusted when a guy acts girly, or is in drag, or even the idea of anal sex. I finally understand why."

Lots of guys who have spent time on this website "finally understand why". It's because experience in their lives with other guys - usually in their teens finally become illuminated in the light of a philosophy built out of masculine-respect, gentleness & discrete intimacy. And the image of honorable dignity revealed is a stark contrast to the debased vulgarity of men perilously pretending to be women & that their asses are "manginas"! 

So, despite the fact you've never spoken of it openly: That summer when you were a teen eagle-scout & you ended up sharing a tent with your buddy who was about the same age; - & over the course of the night/s all of the clothes came off & pecs to pecs, balls to balls - you ended up emptying your nuts together too many times to count & waking up chest-to-chest w. legs intertwined most mornings: You know it was totally respectful, honorable & has been considered part of the best male/male friendships for thousands of years! It's a GUY-thing, a G0Y-thing (NOT a GAY-thing). According to Kinsey's research, almost 40% of guys have done it & well over 60% want to! And last time I checked the numbers, +60% wasn't a minority!

That is a totally different scenario than a pair of guys in various states of indeterminate androgyny & drag, - giving "it" to each other up the ass, rupturing hemorrhoids, & spreading diseases that they often don't even know they're carrying! That's "gay"!

In light of 3000 years of history, the proverbial "eagle scout buddies" have nothing to have any sense of shame about regarding their relationship. However, the 2nd example (purple paragraph above) have committed acts once considered capital crimes in the same jurisdictions that smile upon the actions of the eagle scouts!  Ethical men don't ass-fuck other men! The 2nd example consists of guys wanting to blur the line & say it doesn't matter.  Well, it does matter (because disease, death & injury matter)!

The difference between the (2) groups is so extreme that virtually every civilized culture in recorded history has considered the former virtuous, butt the latter, criminal! But in the last 100 years, the relentless river of lies spread via the religious-reicht & pornographic media have foisted a gigantic confusion upon society - & divorced the notion of morality being discerned by the extremely visible & different results of the activities of each group! G0YS has restored sanity by examining specific behaviors & judging each based on the outcomes the actions manifest! And by doing so, has killed mindless dogmas - some centuries old! And neither the purveyors of "gay pornography", nor the rants of false religion appreciate their giant towers -built of bullsh!t- being pulled down in the light of closely scrutinized history, reason & medical-science! No apology.

Of course, for generations of scouting, the term "Morally Straight" has been used in a number of creeds. So, let's kick aside the twisted set of lies that equate "morally straight" as being on par with "sexually-STR8" or "celibate". Because, once a guy is 1-2 years past puberty, sexual release becomes a psychological impetus & need.  Teens statistically think about sex several times an hour because without having it - their libido becomes a virtual OCD messenger. A hungry person thinks about food several times an hour too. Only fucktards can't see the reasons; -& LIARS (usually political or religious) pretend the condition doesn't exist. Even the most studied Apostle in the Bible (a Hebrew Rabbi) recognized that unaddressed SEXUAL-NEEDS would override a person's devotion to God. Only a society overseen by lying fucktards disregards such well-settled facts about humanity!

So, let's set the calendar back about 3000 years to Grecian-Sparta. Warrior training began when puberty set in and by the age of 14-17, most "boys" (said tongue-in-cheek) could & would disembowel anyone who disrespected them. And they had been sexually active with other men since their training began! This wasn't some "gay-orgy" mentality, either! It was a well established social construct we refer to as "Pederasty" that men looked at with great respect & fondness of memory! ANAL-SEX WAS ILLEGAL! That famous movie, "300", neglected to mention that those "300" were 150-PAIRS of tightly bonded young men ("Tightly" including sexually as a presumed component)! Most guys are AmBIsexual. 30 centuries ago, everyone in the Mediterranean knew this! Remember: ANALSEX was ILLEGAL - considered a capital crime! "G0YS" abounded!   And did I mention that RESPECT, overflowing RESPECT - is absolutely necessary & integral to putting other men at ease about your overarching big-picture intentions. And showing such levels of respect increases your INWARD attractiveness as a person.  What I have discovered personally is when you show yourself to be a respectful person who does not treat others callously but with thoughtful, continual kindness then you can make frequent physical contact with men & rather than shun it - they will seek it out. But this posturing is dependant on you rejecting the current "Straight/Bi/Gay" paradigm & inwardly replacing that nonsense with the quiet perspective of G0YS: Men are by nature - generally ambisexual, and to deepen a shallow friendship to one where real intimacy is shared requires time, masculine-respect & kindness - including escalating amounts of physical contact.  Most guys become interested in building this skill set at the onset of puberty. See G0YDAR.