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Since beginning to observe the dynamics of what makes a relationship work and what works in the long-term vs. the short; --The one rock-solid observation I've made is the same one that writers have been noting since writing began: The external tells you little about what lies beneath.

Now, this isn't an essay that will attempt to get you to disregard the external-appearances of yourself or others.  What it will be an attempt to do is (3) fold:

  1. Take a solid look at the man in the mirror and evaluate his motives & philosophies -especially the way he views other people.

  2. Take stock of the fundamental g0y philosophy that advocates strategically building deepening-relationships from existing friendships.

  3. And then examine those (2) goals together vs. the main-stream message/s broadcast by the "overall gay-male" community.

The stud-image/s shown above are actually a computer model cast out of light in 3D - with absolutely nothing beneath the skin in reality.  And yet the brain of the beholder tries to ascertain what sort of man the machine really is.  Hmmmm.  Trust me: It's the stuff sociopath's are made of.

You might encounter "him" in cyberspace in some "game" as "he" comes across the grid with his weapon pointed at your avatar. But despite the appearance: He has no appreciation of anything; -And the world he exists in consists of only rules for finding the target and a drive to engage it.  It can't be reasoned with. It can't be bargained with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse or pain. And it absolutely will not stop; -until you're dead.  I think that it's the same mindset behind the scripts of most "gay-porn"! Laugh, --but consider the deeper issues.

Isn't that the reality behind the mindset of the man who lives for his own pleasure at the expense of others?  He may appear stunning on the outside for a while -but a man who thinks only of himself will share - only when it benefits him equally or the more. Such a man may be the carrier of any number of diseases that he caught unaware from other such men and instead of a gun, -his loaded penis is just as perilous; -And instead of approaching with a battle cry; --he gains entrance with a mouth offering flattery & suggested-vulgarity.  He's the very form that Satan himself prefers to use, abuse & lay waste to.  It's just an animal-skin. What sort of creature lies just beneath it - takes discovery.

There is an old proverb that is translated: "Some men's sins are obvious; -While others trail behind.".  It is those that "trail behind" that are often the most insidious because the damage they cause is often concealed for some time until afterward.  Such is the practice of AnalSex. Some +5000% more perilous than any other form of sexual contact, --those who catch STD's as a result of it are often unaware that they've been infected or even "killed" until months or years pass!  And being unaware, --they become a party to continuing the cycle of spreading STD's until the past catches up.  And then it's too late.  Damage done.  

With it's predisposition for AnalSex, -the GayMale community has literally become the butt of the joke to the left. The irony is that having a fetish for playing inside the former - leads to being lowered into the latter (big enough to accommodate a coffin).  Hence the illustration takes on a new message: "Playing in this hole leads to that hole".

Of course, -once a man discovers he has contracted a disease that is currently difficult to treat or impossible to cure, --the actual nature of the man beneath the skin will become known by the course of actions he chooses that affect other people.  And there is no shortage of HIV+ "GAY" men who haven't altered their behavior a bit since discovering that they're +POS.  Such are self-absorbed, callous & indifferent.  A Hebrew Rabbi described such a person as: "Their lives are filled with all kinds of sexual perversions, wickedness, and greed. They are mean. They are filled with envy, callously-disregarding-life, argumentative, deceitful, and vicious. They are gossips, slanderers, (haters of authority) - hating God too;  -And haughty, arrogant, and boastful. They think up new ways to cruelly use others for their own ends. They disregard their parents wisdom, ignore common-sense, break covenants, and don't care to show love to their own families nor mercy to others. Although they know it's a righteous judgment that -those who do such things deserve to die, -they not only do these things but also approve of others who do them!"  

The speaker says: "Please Don't Wipe Your Arse on the Artwork."; -- And all the Out & Proud 'GAYS' -upon hearing the command, -recoil in offense and declare the command-issuer to be "Intolerant & Homophobic".

The 'GAY'-Male community seems preoccupied with making the beautiful, -hideous. Seriously. If I'm lying, -then why all the preoccupation with trying to make anal-sex acceptable? GAYS play in SH!T and call it "sexuality".  Then they try to understate the well-documented outcomes of that bizarre fetish (& others).  And that's Fuck'd up.  It's just so, eh: GAY.

The G0Y predisposition is very different. And notice that I say "PREDISPOSITION".  It's the PREDISPOSITION of G0YS to be Alpha Males in the regard that we who do not tolerate SH1T on ourselves, our buddies nor our beds.  The G0Y predisposition is toward RATIONALITY & RESPECT; --So G0YS do not try to twist what is vulgar into some sort of "fetish" for the sake of having a faux self-esteem.  If you're playing in SH!T and ripping out your collective AssHoles while spreading diseases explosively --then any "pride" you may have is grossly misplaced & undeserved.  The term "FAGGOT" is quite literally, reserved for such -as a warning to others.

As soon as I was old enough to enjoy the naked-aesthetics & company of a hott buddy all night, --the mindset that accompanied the closeness & affection was one of extreme respect & appreciation.  To say that I LOVE my buddies is an understatement, --but in the spectre of what "GAY" has done to taint M2M friendships, --I feel a need to qualify the term "LOVE" so that the victims of misinformation understand that "Love Works No Ill".  It's patient & kind. It's forgiving and unselfish. It seeks to build up the other person. It does NOT rip out arse-holes, nor does it smear SH1T all over others, nor does it P!SS in another person's face, nor casually call those close-by demeaning names, nor does love spread diseases nonchalantly.  Love does not wipe it's proverbial arse "on the artwork of humanity".  And people who do disregard those principles are NOT acting out of love.

Like a lot of guys, I discovered "sex" early into my teens.  I came from a conservative household where there was NO pornography in the house -so my realization of what was going on between myself & a few good friends was a realization arrived at in the aftermath of watching a buddy's soapy erection in the hot-tub seize his complete attention & rob his composure as his ejaculation reflex forced a gusher of creamy man-sauce from his lathery dick head into the air and all over my gently gripping hand upon succumbing to gravity.   The experience motivated him to gently grasp my dick & it took about 3 seconds to bring about the same experience from my personal perspective.  At first, it simply didn't dawn on me that it was "sexual".  I only knew that the less clothing my buddy was wearing & the more of his naked skin I got to feel provided some sort of intense motivation to extend the time & intensity of the experience.  He obviously was feeling the same way.  And what I felt was that what we shared as friends was completely private & was absolutely priceless.  The ability to stay overnight at each other's houses unsupervised in the same bedroom all-night was like being able to have unlimited access to somebody's credit-card, --only waaaay better.  I'm not too sure but I think that I did actually lick some of his freckles off over the next year or so.  People knew we were "best friends".  Strangers asked if we were "brothers". In public we were high-5's & handshakes with casual welcoming hugs with those palm-to-palm buddy handshakes that guys occasionally do.  But at night when we were alone-together, -it was shared showers & sleeping together in the raw with lots of cock-docking while cuddling & when truth-or-dare turned using the mouth in place of a hand while gently jacking the other guy; --things just were never the same once we discovered fellatio.  The guy was priceless and we both knew to the core of our beings that what separated us from the "gays" was the fact that we knew that it was completely wrong for a guy to b1tch another guy and that willfully crossing that line meant that a person had fallen into some sort of morality wasteland that made a guy into something less than a man.  Assfukking made a man an enemy of humanity itself; -- It was the line & sooooo obvious.  And the diseases the act transmits so readily have been known about for decades.  The thing I would never want to do was hurt any person I made love with by taking stupid chances and the fact that I was so naturally opposed to anal-anything never made those sort of risks a serious concern.  I've only been with a handful (or 2) of guys during my lifetime (but sometimes, -it was with 4 a week).  A few of my best buds attended the same college and by that time -I rented an apartment & had my own room.  Between existing buds, parties and college-athletics I made a lot of friends and a few of those were friendships that became "best", too.  But what it never was - never - never was it "casual sex".  Every new buddy in my bed was like an opportunity to discover the hidden gentle awesomeness of another guy from the way he responded to being touched to how his composure broke down as he'd spill his seed in climax (& then how he'd relax in the afterglow of it).  I loved learning the feel of different skin and the different textures of hair that covered each guy's body.  From the smell of a signature cologne on a sweaty passionate torso - to the shape of a guy's fingers & toes (even the amazing variations of different guy's dicks); --It was all like the ultimate art lesson with living statues that responded in kind & appreciated being loved, admired & respected by another guy whom they felt likewise about.  Like priceless artworks that were also my friends; --There was nothing "casual" about getting naked with a stud-bud.  They were the buddies that I shared their hopes & dreams with & friends that inspired the content of my prayers --even till this day.  And it's that deep set of feelings of respect, trust, discretion & appreciation that seems to be missing from relationships today --especially in the so-called "gay-male community".  If you see people as a meat-market on parade, and other guys as just 1-nite-scores; --Then you're probably a sociopath - a waste of skin & inevitably self-interested, absorbed & likely - arrogant as sin.  You probably give & take 'it' up the arse, too.  Anathema.

But about my very 1st bedable-buddy: As time would eventually tell; --he liked both sexes -while I only loved guys.  He has played the "straight" card -even into the present, --but is actually very "G0Y" in the way he interacts with a guy on an intimate level.  He'd tell you that the "GAY movement" has damaged what best friendships can naturally become because "GAY" tries to reframe the content of best-friendships in a context that most men do not relate to -often quite the opposite.  Fully appreciating a buddy from balls to brows has nothing to do with gender-bending nor AnalSex; --And even the mere hint of mixing the concepts is grossly offensive & disrespectful to masculinity.  And that is the gut-feeling of most men -because it's simply true. And in teenage guys -where social status & the perception of their image is 2nd-to-none; --The notion of being grouped with a bunch of arse-pounding girly-guys (image below) is on par with cutting your social-balls off.  Some may say that I'm merely creating a straw-man out of a stereotype, --but look for yourselves & you'll see that the so-called "stereotypes of gaydom" are actively & loudly promoted by the "gay-community" itself.  If you don't want people to associate your group with x-dressers, gender-benders & arse-fukkerz, -then perhaps your membership should stop promoting those very things first.  

Unless, of course, the stereotypes are the TRUTH.  And if they are the TRUTH, -then you can't complain about the debasing use of distorted stereotypes. In metaphorical terms, I tell a lot of the gAys who criticize g0ys:  "Quit trying to sell everyone on how good your pig sings by bashing his critics as being "biased & intolerant".  Your pig (like most) has repeatedly earned his tuneless-reputation, and men of common-sense grow tired of your appeals to ignore their own ears."

Can you imagine how society would react if we treated children on par with how the gay-male community treats men? Imagine mealtime: "Just eat around the sewage, Billy. Maybe you shouldn't take that out of the bag before you eat it. Use a plastic bag every time! Gotta wrap that rascal hot-dog! You don't want to get sick ... again..."  And then, -they'd wonder why kids were terribly ill & malnourished!  They'd probably throw fund-raisers to raise the awareness of how eating food should be done while it's still inside of a plastic bag & them try to sell everyone on how good it tastes that way!  They'd have a name for the practice, such as: "Full Mandible Maturity".  Eventually, they'd probably get to the point where they'd want people to shove thanksgiving dinner up their ass as the "gay way to eat".  This absurdity about proper form & function, - being perverted into a "cultural oddity" is precisely what prompted THIS EPISODE OF SOUTHPARK. And please take a moment to recognize that it was an ASSociation with "GAY" priests that framed the entire absurd episode. Of course, -a thinking person gets the point and will reason, "If it's a bizarre notion to stick food up my arse; --Why would I put a dick there?"! Butt I digress.

The bottom line ... is simply recognizing the contrasts between a group of men who love men & reject acts that put men in peril, -vs. the group of men who choose to proxy the arse as if it's a vagina ("mangina") & as a result, --have the highest levels of sexually transmitted infections of ANY demographic and the most medical-need for arse-surgery to repair trauma resulting from such UNnatural act/s. 

Moral behavior is NOT an abstract principle. It can be clearly gauged by the outcome of certain actions and groups can be likewise labeled - based on the outcomes of actions that they promote. It really is that simple to discern.

Sociopaths don't change; -- It's beyond their nature:

Sex by itself is about pleasure - connected to a biological "reset" mechanism that takes the "edge off" for a while. Since pleasure is a factor - the same dynamics can & do occur that are feelings connected to drug use and MISUSE. Sex can be associated with feelings of euphoria & "power". Because of these well established facts - g0ys believe that sex for the sake of itself moves in one direction only: ABUSIVE.

The "sexual revolution" that characterized the 60's & 70's had several faces. Some of those faces were masks that concealed an old form of evil - now ready to go on a rampage among the indiscriminate. It was UNRESTRAINED LASCIVIOUSNESS: LUST. Let's not be melodramatic. This has been around since the dawn of human history in many forms. Sex, however, like drug use, -provides a platform for this form of excess to root itself deeply. It literally says: "Hurray for me as I screw you"!

When inhibitions are totally removed - what manifests itself is every form of BDSM you can & can't visualize. It's appetite has no limits. And, those who are snared by the practices it spawns are ALL hallmarked by a single characteristic: The pursuit of pleasure outweighs the value they place on the humanity of those around them -& even their own well-being!  This is the mindset of the sociopath. It is, quite literally, without conscience.   

The "gay" revolution WAS and still IS punctuated by sociopath commentary. At the pinnacle of the "gay" message is the lie - that men who love men, buttphuck as the predominant expression of M2M intimacy. To the sociopath - the one who esteems his own pleasure above all else, - that message needs no discerning voice. Because sociopaths don't care about respecting the humanity of others.  

However, anyone who looks at the statistics surrounding related health issues soon discovers the acts of the sociopath are not the ideas nor inclinations of the vast majority of the public. However, as any study of mental dysfunction will reveal: the sociopath is an expert manipulator and skilled liar. The sociopath has an insatiable appetite, - and you are on the menu. 

Unleashed from the prison of moral compasses - the sociopath has flourished in the pornography business & at the art of human exploitation.  The goal of the sociopath is to get his way -& this is accomplished by sending a continual message that morality is an abstraction -so he insists that "His way is right & so is your's; - Pay no attention to who gets hurt"!  And because the sociopath knows no restraint - his menu extends all the way to children - cutting right thru the teenager as well. Sociopaths long to make complicit drones. Those who know no moral restraint seek satiation by the same.  They thrive best in situations that foster INequality: BDSM. Dom/Sub.  Top/Bottom. Prostitute/Jon. Clergy/Laity.    

"Love is the mortal enemy of the sociopath and empathy is the window love views the world thru."
-Gimmel Yod

Love does not work ill toward its neighbor.  Therefore, love always acts on knowledge that actions may need balance.  Love cares if  hurt is being done - even inadvertently.  Sociopaths may mislead & skew an education; -- but love will take steps to correct the course.  It is this reason why some men who have considered themselves "gay" for some while often embrace g0y principles upon hearing of us.  What g0y-converts will tell you is usually the same message with some subtle differences within the subjective life of the teller: "GAY" is a paradigm that has been shipwrecked by sociopaths and those naive enough to "tolerate" the lies of the sociopath without challenging them. 
Since the beginning of time, civil societies have labeled AnalSex as a tort - even criminal; - Yet the sociopaths of pornography have spun the lie that AnalSex is merely another form of "sexual expression.".  In the "gay revolution", the sociopathic peddlers of porn & smut now insist that "GaySex" is on par with "AnalSex".  Dissent of their death-message is met with accusations of "hate speech" & "homophobia".  Unfortunately for the sociopaths: G0YS are immune to such accusations and our existence exposes the lies and liars for what & who they are.  After all - you can't yell "Homophobic!" at [two men arm in arm] who just happen to be denouncing AnalSex!

And the result? For the 1st time since the "Sexual Revolution", men who experience Same Gender Attractions (SGA) have a giant option called "g0y" set before them! G0YS are the "moral high-road" for both health & perception reasons.  We provide the context in which men can reframe their entire thought process regarding masculinity without needing to accept the gender-confounding lies of the sociopathic "gay male community's" self-anointed spokespeople.
For example: G0YS know that it is a FACT that +60% of all men experience some form of Same Gender Attraction. Since +60% is a MAJORITY, g0ys can quietly presume that it is the statistical NORM for men to love men & that those people who expend the energy to "come out" are wasting their time - believing a lie that they're some sort of "minority". G0YS know that men have no more need to "come out" then they have need to announce that they possess a penis! G0YS are subversive. We often pull others aside & quietly let them know that +60% is NOT a "MINORITY". G0YS can undo a life of shame & denial with a single statement of truth (because the truth can set people free). 

G0YS reject "gAy" because the "gAy" sociopathic spokespeople cannot regulate their very own behaviors! G0YS reject gAy because it is dominated by pleasure-seeking, disease-spreading, immoral arse-phucks. Our position is based on over 4000 years of legal precedent. Theirs???

So, to the teenage guy who is beginning to realize that he has feelings for his buddies; -- the FACT is that a substantial number of them probably feel the same things back at ya! They're not afraid of loving their buddies... They're afraid of being associated with a bunch of gAys who have embraced the faux-paas of a woman by adopting an active or passive interest in analsex as a "defining gay act".  Specifically denounce the buttphuckers loudly; -- & your buddies will relax into your gentleness when directed toward them.  

Again, to the teenage guy who is beginning to realize that he has feelings for his buddies: Get some insight. Gain some understanding. Grow your confidence - knowing that you are in the MAJORITY. Gather into your personal group of friends those guys, - eh, g0ys - who are willing to embrace the truth. Read the g0ys website. This website is a great link to send to them from a "private" e-mail address you establish -not in your name. 

To the older guy who has been dealing with these feelings for a bit longer: Read the g0ys website. Process those ideas that resonate the best with you. The epiphany is an extreme one. Undoing years of self-loathing & undeserved abuse, judgmentally & often religious persecution as g0ys lifts a weight from the inner being that - even many words can hardly describe.  CERTAINTY of the WHY gives MORAL CLARITY & SELF CONFIDENCE. We hope to empower you. Join us.

It doesn't matter how well manicured the outside is. Because if the inside of the man resembles a demonized pig's mentality, the actions will likewise follow; --Making the beautiful, hideous!