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So, - you've seen the MAIN G0YS website? Maybe you're interested in forming a g0ys group of your own. Some guys do this to serve local interests of g0ys in their area, & others do it because they feel pulled to serve a particular demographic of the population - sometimes with some minor ideological distinctions to the primary g0ys group. A method has been designed to allow the motivated g0y to run his own g0y group - while getting a listing-link from the MAIN G0Y's group! Whatever your "slice of G0YDOM", we want you to feel included, but not constrained by the feel of the hard-line'd brand of g0y ideology that some think exists on the main g0y's site located at -or the direct group links.  However - it takes some effort if you want to make your own group that will meet our 'x-ref standards'.

G0YS into cars; -G0YS who are Kinsey-3's; -G0YS into computers; -G0YS who are agnostic; -G0YS who are ticklers; -G0YS who dig wrestling; -G0YS who are Latino; -G0YS who are
Libertarian or Tea-Party
Supporters, etc...

This is how we intend to accomplish this:

This document contains a page of links - recognized from the Main G0YS site. These links are to g0ys sites that conform to the basic minimum philosophy of and have done the following:

1) Submitted their URL to the Main G0YS site for consideration for list inclusion.
2) Have a RECIPROCAL LINK on their "site" back to; -clearly identified as a "GR0UND ZER0 link to G0YS 0rigin"
3) Contains a LINK to this URL - available for browsing by members.
4) The group MUST BE MODERATED if it allows member postings.
5) Take some time to flesh out your opening page with a good picture
(Borrow one of these if you lack an image library of your own) & a full allotment of text. If you're not ambitious enough to make your group's 1st impression attention-grabbing, -then reconsider starting one to begin with. After all: People only join what catches their interest. If you form a YAH00 group, here are some configuration criteria.

If your group meets the criteria for inclusion in this list, those visiting the g0ys group will be able to locate you on this list (hub-spoke) approach ... and those visiting any other g0ys group will be able to find other groups - including the main g0ys site. 


G0YS Affiliated Groups
If you find a group in this list that clearly is no longer adhering to g0y principles,
drop us an e-mail to inform us of the defunct URL.

G0YS Group/s:

You may be here because you feel completely alone in your situation. After all, you're basically a regular guy who behaves like any other regular guy. You may even date women or be married. But, deep inside, you deal with strong feelings of real warmth + genuine affection for other guys too. You've seen the media's take on the "gay" community; & not only do you N0T relate to that image, but you find many of the practices repulsive to your basic value system. The truth is, you're a guy who really loves masculinity & appreciates those traits in other men, while simultaneously finding actions that effeminize masculine men to be grossly distasteful We are the g0ys! Join us!

Supplemental, Satellite & Special Interest Groups below: ARCHIVES

Note: Over a decade ago, Yahoo ran a large number of groups. G0YS grew explosively thru these often rising to the tops of categories formerly dominated with "gay" groups in a mere fraction of the time!  However, due to lax internal security at Yahoo, a number of the g0ys groups were tampered with & defaced from WITHIN Yahoo itself. One day - over 30 g0ys groups simply vanished affecting thousands of members! Vandals within Yahoo reset database flags to hide groups from primary search listings - rendering them invisible. Groups were sometimes reclassified without authorization and almost all group opening page graphics were modified without authorization into completely unrelated theme matter.  I warned Yahoo over a decade ago that their lax internal security was going to cost them and several years later a gigantic class action lawsuit against Yahoo proved my predictions to have been very accurate. So, g0ys has left the Yahoo platform. Today, the Yahoo g0ys groups are merely listed for archival purposes & it appears that Yahoo is soon going to shut all groups down eventually. It's a testament to Yahoo's internal half-assery & how a technological giant made itself into a laughing stock of the Internet community via mismanagement.

G0Y Alternative Group

Welcome to G0yAltGroup; a forum for respectful sharing in a manner supportive of our beliefs for guys who understand, accept and support the g0y philosophy. For those who may have found the "Main Group" a little on the "Strict Adherence to Protocol" side...

G0Y_Secrets: Hooking_Up
M2M Insider Tips

As the movement has grown, there has been great interest among members in finding other G0YS. However, due to the large, unique demographics that G0YS compose -a fast-track technique has been established to enable G0YS to find G0YS with similar interests -while effortlessly building public awareness (a side effect) of the group's existence in certain locales. 


Extending the benefit of the doubt to the directors, writers, producers, etc: The probable reason that this dimension of Greek culture seems to be omitted from these blockbusters is because society seems unable to divorce itself from the images of AnalSex & effeminacy in ref to M2M intimacy. Although neither existed in Greece during the time-frames of these epics; -Movies like "Birdcage" & "Brokeback", combined with the decadence showcased at annual "pride-parades" ...

40'ish G0YS

This group was created after examining a number of statistics gleaned from the main goys site & the affiliated groups. There is a growing group of men who are 40ish & have made strong identification with the g0ys movement. It is indeed a very real phenomenon. Please try to stay within a 7-year window membership age-range: (33-56)


There's a joke ... Q: "What's the difference between a straight and gay guy?"
A: "A few beers!"
LOTS of guys know that the "joke" contains an element of truth! But, most guys don't relate to the stereotypes of the term "GAY" at all, because it has "UNmasculine" stigmas inferred by the mere use. However, studies show...

Africa(S) G0YS
on FaceBook!

G0YS is growing internationally! See what's happening in Africa!

& G0Y!

There's nothing like having friends like Amish & Mennonite neighbors to give the term "A roll in the hay" some real meaning for guys growing up in Amish country. Some of most solid guys I call "friends" are from those parts & what I know for sure is that human nature is the same where-ever you go. I also know that these guys often endure tremendous guilt-trips about their M2M feelings.

Anal Abstinence
is G0Y

While the specific "rules" around some sorts of abstinence are purely cultural; -There is a large body of medical, scientific evidence that shows clearly that (1) sex-act (fetish, actually) in particular should be on the "perpetual list of abstinence": AnalSex!


Acts 2:38: The key Scripture used as the example of the response to the gospel. For the person who takes the time to follow the symbolism from the Old Covenant into the New -the evidence is absolutely staggering! However, let's not forget Gal 3:28!

Athletic Guys into
Guys: Answers

I attended schools all over the globe. Military kid. I was a serious athlete. Like a lot of guys, -I'm secretly Bi, but play the straight card. For a long time, I thought I was totally the only guy on earth who had these feelings. In the states, most guys are so afraid of being called a "FA6" that they don't dare p1ss in the urinal next to another guy...


You know it's sorta like a game: Hooking up with the most masculine guys while avoiding anything the reeks of "GAY". We're the guys who've figured it out. Guys generally like guys/too. HOWEVER, real guys RESPECT MASCULINITY & NEVER play the female role (NO TOPS. NO BOTTOMS. NO shit)! Mystery solved!


While there are lots of "fetish" groups, this really isn't one. It's more of a curiosity that developed sifting Internet material on what website developers use as niche marketing. I want to gauge the responses of guys that think that "nice feet" make "the package" & why.

Beyond ExGay!
G0YS works!

I have an 0ld Bible (+100 years). It doesn't contain a single word that even hints of "HomoSex". Only newer Bibles seem to translate using such terms. Hmm.


This is the AUTHENTIC Brotherhood Of Men (BOM) group. It has survived extreme attacks from the left & right. You see, the BOM (an offshoot of, is a group for normal guys who just happen to also be warm on other guys (Same Gender Attractions). However, unlike the low-brow groups that label themselves "BOM", -THIS GROUP fully RESPECTS men & does not cross lines that confound gender, nor treat men as proxies for women.

Brazil G0YS
& Beyond

G0YS is growing internationally! See what's happening in South America!

Flaws Discussed

In regard to the script/book, the most serious error with the plot was the way in which the Male/Male sexuality was portrayed: AnalSex. In the timeframe the book was penned, the fact was that ArseSex was a MINORITY PRACTICE -- even among "gay men".

Real Bromance

Sanity: Most guys would agree that it's a good thing to keep. But, -an astonishing fact is that upon hitting puberty, -most guys experience mind-numbing mental conflicts between what they feel & what they're told they should feel -in 1 area specifically: amBiSexuality

California g0ys

This is a group for g0ys. We are not GAYs. The attraction of one man to another is something we find no shame in & generally a universal need - not a fetish attributed to a small percentage of the population..


This is for guys in the Pacific Northwest (BC/Washington) who are into bromance & g0y (not gAy) experiences. We discuss healthy man-to-man sexuality that is intimate.

California g0ys

Welcome to SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA G0ys; a forum for guys who understand, accept and support the g0y philosophy

...catch a Soldier
by the toe...

I'm a barefoot'r, -sure. And to me,-the 'challenge' is to make friends - other guys (rugged, attractive guys) & progress into the 'raw' from the ankles down & eventually in the other direction too. Using a new massage-like technique called "K-Rush"...


Even before H-school, I got into hott-rods, hott-saunas & hott-guys. Saunas were great after sports or working out because of the bareskin-factor. Hott-guys because of the hormone-factor.
The fact is that 2 out of every 3 guys likes scoping hott guys. Yeah. True. Problem is: Most are scared shitless of being called "gay". I figured it out early: If you don't give/take "it" up the arse, then you're N0T "GAY". 

0ver 18

Aggression, erections, muscles, sports, sweat, strength, sexdrive & testosterone: MALE. It's what I AM & it's what I LUV. What's nuts is that we live in a culture where people automatically think about "butt-phuck'n" when someone says "gAy" - so we're staying away from the 'gAy' label! My idea of getting to know a buddy is not by climbing up his arse!

Discrete G0YS...

A whopping +63% of ALL guys experience some degree of extreme attraction for some of their peers & the pressure to "get the feelings straight" is overwhelming, & very often, -the battle is completely private (unshared & unspoken). Why? Bluntly: Nobody wants to be associated with being a "FA6"

Guys Into Guys

You happen to Luv Guys, but, You feel embarrassed for the gay-guys in "GAY-PRIDE events" because they seem too shallow to have a healthy self-shame about what they're representing "gay as". If you are repulsed by the terms "GAY" or "HOMOsexual" because of what they have become ASSociated with, -then this Group may be for You. If you would NEVER consider using another guy as a female proxy (b1tch) -nor ever be used in such a way yourself, -then this Group is probably 4U!

Most Masculine

Imagine: On personal-ad systems where people line up dates just barely within the species & where fisting, felching & farting are interests that "arse-pigs" boast about; -Along comes a new genre of ad where guys of character are looking to make friendships with other like-minded guys & then see where things lead. What was specifically omitted was AnalSex & gender-bending! BrokeBack without the ButtSex? Yeah! Guys into the heart -not the Butt!

 Dads into Dudes!

This group was created & exists for the LITERAL father (has dick & used it in the conventional sense; thus has children to prove said dick works) who may have had relationship/s with other men; --Or for the guy who has had relationship/s with said men.

Delphi G0YS Forum

For men who use Delphi Forums. 
One of the Internet's Oldest!
Visit us!

Same-Sex Attractions
Link To Depression

"RASTER" was a 19 year old college student with a 3.7 GPA and a pre-med major who put a gun to his head at the break between semesters 3 & 4. Nobody knew why -except for me. He'd talked about his "struggle" with me since 8th grade on. He was a guy who happened to love guys & didn't fit any of the "gay" stereotypes. 


Conservative, ROTC, Republican (OK -Libertarian since I did the research), & in a REAL MAJOR. I happen to luv Guys. However, I have no desire to be part of any group headed by socialist, liberals who promote the notion that we need to tolerate every viewpoint or lifestyle-choice as if it's all equally "valid".


We were all "str8"! Just ask anyone! Conservative, Religious, Boy-scout: STRAIGHT!
Until the drinking started. I designed this group to help inform men that same-gender sexual interest & activity is normal! The astonishing FACT is: +63% of the population experiences some degree of Same Gender Attractions ... 

Male_Models offshoot of the "G0YS Men's Empowering Movement" (See Links to the left). This group is dedicated to assisting Black/Latino/Indian/Etc men who have superior physical traits to get the recognition...

+8000 Hott Guy Images

Here's a large library of hotties optimized for viewing on displays with 1024 pixels along one dimension. Excellent for using to promote g0ys with -or casual admiring of the male form & buddy-affection.

Exodus International

As a long time Christian, I am absolutely appalled at the heretical & UNChristian theology of Ex-Gay groups such as the likes of Exodus. Just as the Apostle Paul debunked the false-Gospels that had infiltrated Galatia about the need for circumcision in Christian theology, -so it is that a similar message needs repeating today about so-called "ex-gay" ministries! Good news is: G0YS destroyed Exodus International with our apologetics using the Scriptures!

You're sharing "it"
w. your buds...
Yeah -we know!

Some time ago -a secret got out. It involved a few of my very best friends. We thought that we'd taken every precaution to conceal the matter, but -someone was onto us (although not 'Us' specifically)...


Мы стартуем с нашим порталом для мужчин. Далеко не всё сейчас работает, как задумано, но в ближайшее время заработает непременно. Нет предела совершенству, а сильно задерживаться с запуском нам не хочется — столько важного и интересного намечено! Тем более, что сегодня — День влюбленных, а любовь в жизни г0ев играет основополагающую роль.

We start with our portal for men. Greatly delayed the launch of us  - so many important and interesting things planned!

ExGay Male
100% G0Y

Most ex-gay ministries speak about homosexuality as if it's on par with alcoholism. Then they begin a (pick a #) step treatment program. And the results? Dismal. But should it surprise anyone if you model a program after one that teaches "Once an addict ... always an addict", - that you'll be forever counseling 'addicts'?  Is there another way to look at this issue; -- Perhaps a way that doesn't compare it to addiction?
Bluntly: Yes.


The "gay" revolution WAS and still IS punctuated by sociopathic commentary. At the pinnacle of the "gay" message is the lie that suggests that buttphucking is "GAY-SEX". To the sociopath -the one who esteems his own pleasure above all else, -that message needs no discerning voice. However, anyone who looks at the statistics surrounding related health issues soon discovers that act to be that of a sociopath or his ignorant victims; -Not the erotic-ideal of the vast majority of the public.

Safest M2M:
N0 Condoms!

Like riddles? Here's one that might save your love life (& your life in general)!
Fact: In order for a condom to "help prevent disease", it must 1st be used in a manner that increases the risk of disease!
Fact: There is a group of men who are sexually active with men & have the lowest rates of STDs -despite the fact that they rarely -if ever use condoms! Why/How can this be true!?

M2M Cuddle

Talking about most normal guys -consider what the following researcher had to say about growing up:
"I grew up in a neighborhood where boys having 5ex with boys was the rule, on a regular to occasional basis. As an almost unbroken rule, the 5ex involved mutual masturbation as well as oralsex. Analsex was generally non-existent.  In such "equal" (friend & best-friend) situations, one does not seek to dominate another (nor even think of it), as in 'just' using one's friend for one's [selfish] gratification.

So: You're a regular guy who happens to love masculinity (& other guys), -& you probably can't stand the term "GAY" because of the imagery ASSociated w. it; -Right? As far as you're concerned: Lov'n a guy has nothing to do w. playing the female role or being "b1tch'd" (used as a female proxy). You probably find the male body to be completely awesome & you have a strong attraction to guys who are studs in both form & mannerism. You're all about respect & you know that guys (in general) take offense to being "scoped by FA6S" because no guy w. a sense of masculine-pride wants to be around anyone who wants to plow his arse!

Hunting Masculine
Guys on the DL

G0YDAR may very well be the most rewarding "sport" you've ever participated in! This group is part of the rapidly growing men's movement called "g0y" -hence the term "G0YDAR" (see Related Link); -For the guy who is seeking intensely discrete friendships with guys on the DL (DownLow) who also highly esteem traditional masculinity & generally shun the general imagery of what "gay" has come to represent. It is much more like a strategy-sport, then the vulgar displays of the "scene" where being "cheap & easy" is showcased by the "pos & sleazy".

Techniques for
Men On the DL

Because the g0y movement is all about respect of the masculine, -you can discard every "gay" stereotype you've ever been exposed to. Among g0ys, there are no tops/bottoms, nor any butch/femmes, no 'camp', no gender-phuck & no AssSex (yuck)! G0Y relationships with guys are ALL friendships first. A g0y never sees another guy as an cheap score, piece of meat or disposable relationship. To a g0y, love & friendship are two parts of the same. Lots of guys have friendships that they'd like to move to the next level, -but they don't want the "spectre o'fagdom" to spook their luv-target; -Hence, the need to escalate the relationship with discretion & forethought. The great news is that odds are good that your buddy may be open to the same thing!

HYP'D on the

The Brotherhood of Men has taken the initiative & made something available exclusively for our members! It's an all-natural, after shower skin toning & massage lotion that is based on water chemistry & has a viscosity so low that it almost feels like the skin under your hands is gone! Also great for those M2M private times ;-)

g0ys NOT gAys
ON Bikes

Nobody identified with "gay" & because we were into motorcycles & the mindsets that go along with riding, getting licensed & hanging out with other bikers, -we rarely ever ran across milquetoast or effeminate guys. And, no guy I was ever tender on was the sort who wanted anything to do with butt-phukk'n anyone!  Building friendships over several years; -I learned that lots of those same guys had mixed feelings for guys they admired & respected. It turns out that almost 70% of guys feel these same things...


What you're about to discover is completely Scriptural. We challenge you (in the spirit of the Bereans) to challenge our theology as you read for yourselves. Regarding sexuality & gender issues, the whole world has been deceived; -& sadly the "church" as well. The toll has been devastating on too many levels.


Guy friends who learn some of life's most potent lessons with their buddies - almost always inadvertently & always in an atmosphere of gentle trust & deepest respect. These encounters are not your basic "gAy" phuck buddy stories - but detail the actual (& sometimes fantasy) accounts of the guy who makes the ladies swoon - discovering that his male friendships can sometimes be as rewarding & intimate in their own ways.


...most guys have a real problem with the idea that another dude wants to plow their arse! And by their own numbers 70-90% of self identified gAy-guys are into the butt-nasty! That's not my prejudice; -It's their admission & most guys consider the practice that of a weak moral constitution. Considering it spreads diseases like the plague - nature seems to detest the practice too. "GAY" is a shit-stained word; - so we're staying away from the 'gAy' label!


I was brought up "Baptist". I was serious about my faith in the LORD too -probably because I had some, internal "pressing sexuality issues" that troubled me greatly; -& I remember clearly believing that "God was my only hope...


G0YS (spelled w. a ZER0) are normal guys who often deal with extremely intense feelings of emotional, and even physical affection for other men; -But, we don't relate to mainstream "gAy-male" culture; -finding many "gAy" stigmas/practices completely at odds with our values. In general: We completely shun degrading fetishes such as AnalSex or men playing the 'female role'. If you knew how many guys felt this way, -you'd be astonished!

 Guys Gyms
& G0YS

Most men form friendships with guys they know wouldn’t disrespect them or socially demean them. Over time, as trust deepens, men get more relaxed in each other's company. As long as contact remains respectful, -many guys will open themselves up to touch/massage. Many will gradually accept the fact that they can see all the dimensions that make a guy loveable...

Scriptural Study

& Music Archive!

For a very long time, the issue that was the biggest in my life was the fact that I experienced "Same Gender Attraction". We all know what most sects teach about that & the 6-verses they use to condemn it. For years, I asked God to give me resolution -to overcome the "problem". In 2002, my prayer was answered & I defeated the "problem" theologically by defeating bad theology!.


While neither of you really identify with "gay"; -The fact remains that it's the most intense friendship you've ever had with anyone & you have certain "feelings" that society asserts should only be had for females. Well, before you decide to march in any parades (or worse); -Let me cue you into some interesting facts.

FR0T: It's Hott!

The form of intimate contact called "FR0T" (or Bone2Bone). For many reasons, it is the most stimulating form of full-body contact enjoyed by men & it is by FAR the safest! Most men experience it for the 1st time as teens when sleeping close to another guy & slow gentle contact escalates. FR0T: It's the RAGE, not a stage!

Love a Straight Guy?

...studies have PROVEN that +63% of the population actually experience some degree of same-gender attractions! The "BI's" are the greatest in number! Shocked? Most people are. So if you're a guy who has eyes for a buddy who's "100% STRAIGHT", -Don't be too sure. Most guys FAKE STR8.


This group was formed for the group of guys who:

1) Don't Identify with "gay",  2) Scope guys in the guys locker room,  3) Love male traits
Studies show that this describes over 53% of all guys! How can this be true -& still not be a "gay thing"?

Real Men Don't
Endanger Others

To me, getting to know a buddy was a slow increase in friendship over time that on more than a few occasions turned intimate. It was always about respect, discretion & trust. It was NEVER about GENDER-BENDING. Frankly, I have always been disgusted by "men" who act like women, treat other guys like "women" & bend-gender in acts like x-dressing. However -most offensive to me & my buds is the stereotype that men who love men -buttphuck.


I loved wrestling -all forums; -& for lots of different reasons! Early on, I also knew that I was into guys: Hot, muscular, aggressive, hunky, physical types who loved to wrestle too.

Friends that
Make Luv Happen

What usually happens is that a couple of friends get so close that they're completely at ease with each other. Then a circumstance will occur where they end up in close physical proximity in which 1 or both realize that they enjoy the closeness -in a totally respectful, but also gentle & erotic way. Over time, feelings intensify & usually either or both will take steps to be closer -longer. It's about a deep, mutual appreciation, admiration & affection.

Weights -
Hookup M2M

I knew I was into guys. I couldn't stand soft, lisping, wimps though. Guys that acted like girls or wanted to get their arse plowed? WTF! Not my kind of Bro!  I had an older cousin who was a total stud. Gym devotee & constantly with awesome guys. Blew my mind when I found out that the guys he was with were warm on guys like him! They just seemed so NOT-GAY! Nobody knew this (except me). He told me stuff -he'd figured me out!

G0Y Health and Fitness

This is a forum for G0Y men to discuss health and fitness issues. We hope to make this a place to share workout successes, nutrition information, grooming help, and other wellness ideas.

Say "N0" to GAY!
Be a G0Y!

Upon hitting puberty, lots of guys discover that they're attracted to other guys. About 2 out of 3 experience this! Nobody admits it though (nobody wants to be called a "fag"). So, a weird thing happens: Lots of guys think that they're the only guy dealing with these feelings - when it's the majority! Messed up, eh?
Well, like I said, -nobody wants to join the "gay club" because nobody wants to have people say shit about them. Well, now there's a new thing...


RAPIDLY silence a guy's 'touch-inhibitions' -so he'll be open to future physical-contact? Endorphins are the key! The question is: "How do you slam a guy so hard/fast with his own endorphins that it rips his inhibitions away?" The answer was in an article I read about an alternative health technique called "K-Rush" (Also See Related Links).

Iowa (IA) G0YS

This is a group for g0ys in Iowa to come and chat hang out ...


As a jock, I'm part of a discrete group of guys who like guys /too; -& I've got the nads to admit that guys are better.
Guys know or at least suspect this; -Because most guys are selectively BI. Yeah, -many deny it & that's OK -because Ass-Fuckers have totally contaminated what it means to be a guy who honestly appreciates masculinity.
See, real men know that it's shameful for a guy to expect another guy to play the 'female-role'.


Most men don't relate to the term "GAY" at all! Many consider themselves BI, curious or "nearly straight -minus the few exceptions". So, forget everything you see on TV & read about men who love men. "GAY" has become a word that represents a fringe minority of guys & probably NOT you!


When I 1st heard about the K-Rush technique, -I recognized it as a minor variation of the "technique" I'd been using for years to lower the inhibitions of guys -in order to determine where they were at at the core of their receptiveness to male sensuality.

Scriptural Trivia on
SameSex Conflicts

The astonishing fact is that the Scriptures have never condemned same-gender intimacy when you examine the manuscript. What is condemned are actions that harm & defraud others. Among such illegal acts are AnalSex, prostitution, & all such acts that exploit or harm others. When the text forbids "man laying with mankind -as he lies with women", -you 1st need to establish what constituted "laying with women" -according to the manuscript!

LasVegas G0YS!

We believe in respect for masculinity; developing FRIENDSHIPS FIRST; following a code of conduct that brings honor to the male gender. These friendships may progress - based on mutual trust and deepening emotions - and culminate in ...

Log Cabin

I'm a registered Republican. I like what the Party claims to be about. Unfortunately, what the party is supposed to represent doesn't seem well represented among current Republicans in office. Currently, it seems more like the Republican't party. The problem isn't the platform. The problem is that virtually no Republican actually adheres to the Party plank. Big money owns the party; -Same as the Dumb-o-cracks. It's called 'Fascism". Time for change!

Luv Men. Can't
Stand Arse Phuckrz

For a long time, if you happened to be a guy who enjoyed intimacy with other guys, -the only labels were "BI"&"GAY"(shudder). Unfortunately, because of stereotypes pushed by "gay-media"; -If you decided to wear either label, -people presumed that you give & take "it" up the arse. For a large percentage of men, -that imagery is so offensive it defies denouncing language!

 M2M Ethical Hi-Road

The overwhelming fact is that most men find the stigmas & stereotypes connected to the term "GAY" to be repugnant to their sense of ethics! Many men are disgusted by the concepts of AnalSex & GenderPhuck. Those traits have been so closely promoted as integral to the "gay lifestyle" that many men who happen to experience SGA, utterly reject the "GAY label" because fear of "gay-stigma" overrides their own need for closer male bonding. The social consequences have been disasterous.


Recent studies show almost 2 out of every 3 guys are scoping other guys! G0YS: It's a movement between men -based on discretion, privacy & respect -that NEVER treats a man as female-proxy! G0YS take the openness of the locker room into the bedroom, & we give guys who really love masculinity the foundation to gently hook up with the guys they admire the most...

MAINE G0YS Alliance

This forum is the g0ys way of reaching out to other men who find themselves in Maine (for whatever reason), & are desperately seeking answers & resolution to their feelings (answers that they will probably never get from the religious/political inbreeds at the capitol). Consider setting up a State-wide g0ys group yourself! In another country? Great! Set one up wherever you're able to manage it! See the top of the page for details!


This group was created as a place for men to get together & discuss issues that are common to men, but often ignored or even denied to exist! A primary motivation has been a body of research that has come to light within the last decade about the general nature & depth of male bonding...

Men Into Men
& Yeshua

You're a guy - perhaps even a Messianic guy who happens to luv other guys in every sense. Perhaps you're into women too, -or not. It's being 'into guys' that seems to be a theological impasse. How do you get around THIS issue & adhere to your faith?


Tanto en México como en diferentes países de Latino américa ha habido un crecimiento en la práctica del ser g0y en nuestro país. Con tantas variantes como adecuaciones culturales que ha habido que hacer, pero algo que define claramente ésta práctica, es la no-penetración anal en la relación sexual de la pareja.

G0YS, not gAys -
in the Military!

This group is N0T for the cadre of pervs who want to treat "Danny like a Donna" (if he's in makeup & heels)! Semper-Fi NEVER treats a Bro as a bitch! If you're a guy in the .mil who's looking to ButtPhuck - then you're in the WRONG place (Such 'men' should consider the 'dishonorable discharges' group)! The [.mil] =RESPECT! Get it?

Mormon G0YS?

If you're in turmoil & in any sect, -you need to decide NOW if you will embrace truth -even if the message offends your Sect's leaders. As it is written: "Let God be true & every man a liar". Remember that Jesus' biggest troubles were caused by the "experts of religion". So, what if I was to show you from the Scripture itself how terribly wrong ANY SECT IS that speaks against relationships based soley on the gender of those involved?

Montreal G0ys

Living in Montreal, I'm sure there are some g0ys around here who feel the same way as me. So please speak up and don't be afraid to join this group!!

Most Men are

While the figures show that MOST men are amBIsexual (BI), the fact is that most do NOT relate to the term "GAY", whatsoever! So relax: Nobody here expects you to give or take "it" up the ass! Quite the contrary! Real men don't buttphuck anyone! That shit's "GAY"(pun)! We LOVE & RESPECT MASCULINITY (our's & our buddy's). We are not victims of {gender-[confusion/wars/phuck ,etc]}. Most of us like women too; -but BrokeBack betrayed us all the moment Butt-Fucking entered the picture!

Best of Male Bonding

This group is for guys into extreme mud sports & machines to connect with other guys & discuss their interests. All BS aside, it's a fact that lots of guys in extreme sports are looking for a few buddies to connect with on any number of levels: Professional &/ Personal.

Jack'n '0h!
It's 100% Homo!

If the meaning of the Greek term "HOMO" means "LIKE", and "HomoSex" means: "Sexual intimacy with one like yourself", -then the stark, in-your-face logical, conclusion that MUST be derived from Jak'n-0ff is that it doesn't get any more "HOMO" then when it's you jack'n: YOU!


This is a place for guys in Northern Virginia who experience some degree of attraction to other guys (even if they might be married to a woman), and have limits on what they think is acceptable between buddies. They understand and accept the philosophy found at (spelled with a zero)...

Original BOM

From the ORIGINAL Brotherhood Of Men (BOM) group. However, unlike low-brow copycats that label themselves "BOM", -OUR GROUP fully RESPECTS men & does not cross lines that confound gender.

AnalSex = EvilFukkerz

It's a practice that health agencies have rated as +5000% more risky than 0ral! History records the huge death toll of diseases that killed millions who failed to keep shit away from food & drink. Butt, "GAY-MALE" culture holds, as it's most "sacrosanct act", a practice rooted inside rectums & shitplay:


The movement's Greek letters are Phi Rho Tau. These are phonetic elements - pronounced: FR0T (A term popularized by the ManToManAlliance as well as Seeing the letters in combination (usually on the logo) is a subtle cue that the person wearing such a symbol is part of the brotherhood.  There IS an unspoken code among men that seldom finds expression verbally; - & M2M affection has become the victim of bad press as "gay pseudo men" have turned the unspoken tenderness of M2M bonding into a slurred showcase of foul-play & gender confounding foolery! 

Humboldt, California Froternity

The movement's Greek letters are Phi Rho Tau. These are phonetic elements - pronounced: FR0T (A term popularized by the ManToManAlliance as well as Seeing the letters in combination (usually on the logo) is a subtle cue that the person wearing such a symbol is part of the brotherhood. 

EX-gay? The g0y solution: It's for REAL

 I thought for sure that I & those people who fell thru the "Ex-gay cracks" must be missing something in the Scripture - so I studied hard for well over a decade. I also began to study Law. A little more than 4 years ago, God gave me the solution.

Gal 3:28 -Amen To SameSex Attractions?

For a very long time, the issue that was the biggest in my life was the fact that I experienced "Same Gender Attraction". We all know what most sects teach about that & the 6-verses they use to condemn it. Groups like MCC didn't have convincing apologetics. In 2002, my prayer was answered & I defeated the "problem" theologically. I eventually discovered that a Jewish Rabbi (PhD) had developed similar theology.

G0YS Respond

"As a Christian g0y guy, -I realize that there is a moral necessity to live life without stooping to the instinctive levels of the basic dung-beetle. As a Christian & a g0y: RESPECT is the covering I put over all of my relationships. It's not who you love, but how it expresses itself. Love works no ill. It's that simple."


Get started right.
Find out about the: g 0 y s.

Los hombres gay han mentido a todos los hombres. Dicen que: Si un hombre ama a un hombre, entonces uno debe ser como una mujer y el papel femenino. Y esto se ve cuando los hombres utilizan sus propios cuerpos como si tuvieran la anatomía de una mujer.

pasco county g0ys

I decided to create this group to afford local g0ys from my area, of all ages, to have an opportunity to find friends and other g0ys to talk/chat with, and even possibly meet. Since this is a new group, please be patient with me as I build it.

Pinoy G0YS

This is a group for Filipino G0YS (w. a zero) who wants to find other Filipino g0ys. We can chat, email, have new friends...


G0YS, however, don't act in ways that would degrade of disrespect their buddies' masculinity. G0YS don't bitch men! G0YS are about building best friendships that can get as close as friends want -without either being afraid of that somebody is going to disrespect his manhood. G0YS are about building friendships so close that buddies feel comfortable sharing together what they'd normally do alone (Understand?)! G0YS is a new way of thinking about close friendships that doesn't model M/M bonding -after M/F.

 Real EX-gay?
The g0y solution:

I suppose you could say that my personal testimony is sorta dry compared to that of some others. However, despite my seriousness about my faith, -I had a problem that I thought for the longest time - literally had no solution & would ultimately make me one of the "worst sinners imaginable". You see, I'm a guy who loves guys.


If the excesses of Marti-Gras became the conventional way in which the media tried to portray most marriages, -do you think people might get offended? Likewise, the media has used "gay pride" events to frame most same-sex relationships. Except - there is one difference: "Gaycentric" media & p0rn seem to have the same spokespeople. As a result of it's inability to police itself -the loudest & uninhibited "freaks" are often the self-appointed spokespeople for all things "gay". The term itself has morphed into some sort of "package deal" that goes waaay beyond who you bond with.

Rescuing M2M
away from "GAY"

Despite the fact that I'm a guy who happens to love other guys, -like most men; -I'm totally offended by the way the gay-male community represents itself: Like a bunch of 5th grade girls who lack any discernment whatsoever as to who joins the group (from paed0philes to p0rnographers) all under the umbrella poorly deemed as "tolerance".

SameSex Attracted Male Ministry

So, you're in ministry. You've run the gauntlet of academic requirements; -Invested heavily in "Godliness" & maybe you're even married (with children?)! However: You've been wrestling w. "feelings" your whole adult life. You may even have what you consider "incidents" in your past w. other guys. You've asked God to change you. Begged? Maybe you went through "therapy" (perhaps very discretely?). But, deep down - those feelings for other guys still hang on. Want REAL answers?

SameSex Attractions
Christian Men

It is likely that Adam is the one who told Eve that merely touching the fruit would bring death. Since the original commandment had only prohibited eating - the addition to God's word was the catalyst that set upon humanity the curses that accompanied the "knowledge". Sobering revelation - isn't it! What does this have to do with Same-Sex-Attractions (SSA)? As the commandment forbidding "eating" was lawlessly expanded to mere touching (& with the lie came a curse); - Likewise has a prohibition against a specific sexual act been lawlessly expanded to encompass matters not intended!

Seduction: Men

So now you have a roommate & he's hott. The goal is to build a genuine friendship that deepens to confort w. physical contact ASAP. From there, you'll discover if he's part of the ...

Senior g0ys

We enjoy the company of another man: the warmth and bonding that occurs when two men truly connect with one other. We find the gay scene inappropriate for the way we feel. We are not effeminate nor do we present ourselves in that manner.

Tackle Wrestle
Tickle Touch Nuzzle

A group for G0YS who like physical contact sports & the closeness they bring us to other guys whom we admire. If you're in the locker room - partly because you like hanging out with other studs; -take some comfort knowing that about 6 out of every 10 guys is there for exact same reason!

Teen G0YS

G0YS (spelled w. a ZER0) are normal guys who often experience extremely intense feelings of emotional, and even physical affection for other guys; -But, we absolutely DON'T relate to mainstream "gAy-male" culture; -finding many "gAy" stigmas/practices completely at odds with our values. In general: We completely shun degrading fetishes such as AnalSex or men playing the 'female role'. If you knew how many guys felt this way, -you'd be astonished!

true north strong & free g0ys

This is a group for men in Canada who are g0y, not gAy, into bromance, that means we support intimate, loving, and s3xual expressions between men, but insist upon equality and respect for our manhood, and friendship first. We reject cruising, anonymous s3x, a*n*a*l, fetish, and any activities which are anti-intimate.

Truth-Is All Guys

I went to a religious school where the truth was supposed to be held in high esteem. Lying was a "sin". Looking back: Lying was the standard.

+50% is N0T a "MIN0RITY"

Athletes, military, blue/white collar, "Bi"-guys, - even dudes who formerly thought of themselves as "gAy"; -- Now all say "g0y"! The list of guys discovering grows! Many are also deeply spiritual men who have discovered how wrong traditional religion can be. G0YS: It's about strong male bonding, health, affection, empathy and intimacy between men of conscience who esteem respect, dignity and privacy - as integral to the inner man. We place friendship first and welcome its intense deepening in an aura of trust.

Almost Everyone is BI

It shocks lots of people when they learn that over 60% of the population digs their own gender to some degree! Over 50% is "BI", but how much over 50% is not clear! And, recent studies of the Scriptures reveal that God has never had issue with the gender of people who love each other - butt only certain acts that tend to hurt, demean & spread diseases! Yeah - Roman's 1, the most widely cited "anti-homo" Scripture doesn't forbid sameSex intimacy, butt actually forbids AnalSex!

Most-Guys are Bi

So, you're a guy who likes guys & is morbidly afraid that someone will find out, or -that you're the "only one". I've been there. Know what happened?

g0ys in recovery

This group is for anyone who identifies as g0y and is also in recovery or seeking recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual addiction, or other type of addiction or struggle, or codependency and issues related to being in relationship with someone else who struggles in these areas.


If you're a guy who was also a "Scout" and you have 1 or more male friends whom you bonded so deeply with on a physical level that you shared tents, sleeping bags, body heat & even erotic moments (that you have kept discretely just between yourselves); -Then this group was made for you.


If you're a regular guy who just happens to love the effects of testosterone & hates everything that would disrespect/debase masculinity -then this group is for you! Because I'm a hottie & an athlete, -I learned early on that the antihomo talk in the guys' locker room was a smokescreen that...

Texan G0YS

Don't let some femme'boy with a taste for SphincterSlime call you a "gAy"! GAY is a 'package-deal' that most guys reject! There's no shame whatsoever in loving solid, genuine-guys w. total respect for their masculinity. Love guys & keep your morality intact! GAYS don't 'get it'; -G0YS do! Texan G0YS are hott!


There is an old Arabic saying: "Women are for marriage. Guys are for fun." And although Islamic law seems to set hard standards for morality & modesty; -There is an underculture among many Islamic men that quietly exploits a giant (& respected) loophole in what seems to be almost a "homophobic" social code.


Welcome Ukraine G0YS! If you fit into Ukrainian culture by birth, language or education - then you need to visit this website! Alec Santee has done a wonderful thing by creating this website! More men should do the same in their own cultures!
«За мужскую любовь без геев и анала!»

UnReal Tournament
For G0YS

This group was formed for any g0y who wants to interact with other g0ys on the game grid. With any luck, you won't suffer deresolution in shame.

Xian G0YS & Beyond

Have you already been shunned, disfellowshipped or excommunicated? Do you carry a spiritual burden inside -about who you find attractive on a physical level ...about who you love? Want real answers - from the Book itself? Here!

Yeah-We Know
You Like Guys Too

About +70% of ALL Men keep a secret! Each thinks he's virtually the "only one"! The fact is (& 50+ years of studies confirm it) that most guys think good look'n guys are "hott". Most guys love being close to hott dudes (& the closer -the better). But most guys never admit it. They hide behind women & pretend to only like chicks -all the while as they scope their hottie buds & wish the friendship could be a lot more "bonded".

 Yesterday's GAYS?
Today's G0YS!

He said we were making history. We were. That was over 50 years ago. Things have changed. Computers. Digital cameras. Me. And the one thing that I saw 1st hand, was the d[evolution] of the so-called "gay community".

Hey G0YS:
Show us your-

The choice to join is up to you, but you may want to seriously consider creating an ALTernative profile for use & contact via this group.

Potential Meeting Sites
CAVEAT: Below sites are NOT guaranteed as "Genuinely G0Y" -conforming...


How do you find G0YS on these sites?
Note: Very few of these dating sites actually hold to g0y principles. Good luck...

Post a personal ad there. 
Within that ad, be sure to mention that you're a 'G0Y' - seeking G0YS
Include a LINK or URL pointing at (spelled w. a zer0)
        Besides being a great way to plug, that link also lets guys know what you're about
      before they waste your time or theirs!

Many systems don't allow URLs in ads - so write something like "G00GLE G0YS" 2learn more.
Picture ads get lots more hits.

Let your Personal ad do the work!