Ground ZER0 in the "UNgay" Paradigm Shift!

It reminded me of a rat poison recipe...

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Parallax Error:

Imagine a love story between a handsome man & beautiful women. In the book - The relationship happens casually - over time at a job. Because of the nature of the job - feelings soon deepen, -- & the isolation of the jobsite offers passion's easy fulfillment under the most romantic setting of stars, - yet - each of the characters are somewhat shy about taking that 1st step.  Finally - in an event where bad weather forces them into the same tent - the guy passionately takes the final steps to embrace & gently confront the lady with his feelings -& soon out of her clothes.  He then assffucks her & both consider it satisfying, -& equitable.

As the plot develops - she eventually has a civil union with a very nice woman; --And he eventually builds a life with a really swell guy (whom he also assffucks). Yet - despite their everyday lives with their same gender loves -- they occasionally find an excuse a few times every year or so to hook up under the stars & presumably .

Years later, the book is made into a movie.  Critics call it the "defining movie of Straight Love".  It wins awards & propels the careers to the actors who found the "courage" to liberate such a story of "Straight-Love" - onto the big screen.  Lines from the movie soon become social cliché's & the intellectuals of society print in their publications how "groundbreaking" & "heartfelt" the script was - touching the lives of "straight people everywhere" with "their story".

Ad Nausea...

Sometimes things simply don't line up correctly.  Sometimes you have to flip your brain on & reach conclusions that [gulp] put you at odds with the "social engineering experts of the day".  Sometimes, you need to look at the great spinning icon of "progress" & pronounce an opinion vastly different from the Emperor & his wardrobe designers. And sometimes - if you have 1st hand knowledge about a thing -- you have to honestly declare the "Experts" to be a bunch of back-slapping, self-aggrandizing, self-serving, mammas-boys that don't know their arses from a hole in the ground.  Because sometimes - something is terribly wrong, misrepresented & generally based on a prejudice, -- & people of good conscience need to stand tall to call the poker face of the "experts with an agenda" for exactly what it is: A LYING FRAUD.

The saddest conversation in Brokeback Mountain's script - from a Christian Perspective: "

JACK (singing) "I know I shall meet you on that final day, Water Walkin' Jesus, take me away . . ."

ENNIS (taps rhythm of song out) Very good.

JACK Oh yeah. My mama, she believes in the

ENNIS Oh yeah? Exactly what is the
Pentecost? I mean, my folks, they was Methodist.

Pentecost. I don't know. I don't know what the Pentecost is. Mom never explained it to me. I guess it's when the world ends and fellas like you and me march off to hell."

Why is this such a tragedy? Because "Pentecost" (Shavuot, the Jewish Feast of Weeks) is far from being "when the world ends and fellas like you and me march off to hell", Pentecost in the Bible's book of Acts is when God poured out His Spirit upon men so that they could be reconciled to Him & saved from the ills of human nature by the power of God himself - in the form of a new Spirit ... a new nature. Jack doesn't know this - even though he grew up in a "Pentecostal" home probably because he had been LIED to about the very nature of God & falsely told from a young age that same-sex attraction was a "sin" by some hell-fire & brimstone preacher who didn't really preach God's word but an edited, ruthless perversion of it. Jesus himself told the religious leaders of his day that they would not enter the kingdom of heaven because of their own hypocrisy & the fact that they effectively slammed the door of heaven shut in the faces of men by putting grievous moral weights on men's backs (falsely claiming that God said so) while not lifting a finger to help move those unjust weights! The new thing that Yeshua (Jesus) put in motion on Pentecost was an open invitation to all of the Jacks, Ennises & "whosoever will". Pentecost was the reason why Yeshua (Jesus) willingly went to the cross (& rose 3 days later).  It is a record of the greatest Gift that God has ever offered to humanity. Want to know more? Read Luke (to get the staging) & then Acts 2, 8, 10-11, & 19.

"And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly; -to love mercy & to walk humbly with your God." - Micah 6:8 Bible


BrokeBack Mountain: Was it the defining "gay" movie of the 21st century? I really am at a loss to see how this movie about (2) men (each married to a woman) having an ongoing affair with each other - can be considered a true 'gay' flick. After all, it strikes me as being about BIsexual guys with an anus-fetish. After all, if it was about 2 guys who were in gay-relationships outside of their summer fishing trips - in which they each hooked up with WOMEN; - Would we tolerate it being called a "straight cowboy movie"? Hey- over 60% of the male population experience some degree of same-sex attraction (yup); but to call that 'gay' is disingenuous when over 80% of those have some degree of opposite gender attraction as well. Maybe we need to better define what "GAY" means.

With a story that pulled almost all the heart-strings & with acting from two of the most successful actors of our day; - The movie will undoubtedly make history in redefining stereotypes. Just as this movie has been MISrepresented as a "GAY" movie - when in fact it's a "BIsexual" flick; --So also has a disease-carrying, dirty fetish (AnalSex) been nonchalantly attached to M2M (Man to Man) physical intimacy as if it is somehow a "natural act" when it is a SUBculturally conditioned, fetish-behavior and utterly rejected by the majority of the male population. I predict that this movie will be one of the most destructive sexuality-themed media events of the early 21st century. Just as rat poison is 99% good food and 1% life-snuff; - So is this movie 99% great story telling and 1% deadly miseducation. 

In the brief "sex" scenes that clearly depict a top/bottom (ass-fuck) paradigm - this movie has done a more complete job than anything else I've seen to date of biasing society's mental concrete w. the unnatural notion that man2man sexual intimacy consists of anal--penetration. We (g0ys) find that stereotype grossly offensive; -& several millennia of legal precedent stands behind our opinions (not to mention the plagues that enter any society that tolerates analsex [regardless of the gender of the recipient]).

BAREBACK MOUNTAIN (as it should aptly be named), will undoubtedly contribute to an increasing death toll as the venom of subtle deception works it's way into the minds of impressionable individuals who may be questioning more than merely the nature of their attractions.  Conformity & avoiding social awkwardness combined with the tendency to defer opinions in new matters to "experts"; --This movie will undoubtedly become a deadly social 'education tool' for guys who have little or no experience with male to male intimacy.  As the movie is released on consumer video - in numerous languages, -the passion & intimacy of male to male love that has been subtly contaminated with the "butt-fuck subculture of disease & death" in this tainted story - will likely become a defining "model" of relationship's form for men - who would not normally be inclined whatsoever to engage in anal-sex (minus the peer pressure & laurels the "experts" have bestowed upon BROKEBACK).  As one well-read ancient writer once penned: Such teaching spreads like gangrene.  Indeed! By grossly misrepresenting the majority of male to male intimate encounters, this movie has become the future roll model for spreading STD's in the "pursuit of love".  Hopefully, the release on DVD will be accompanied by consumer-end hacks that remove the scenes that constitute moral venom.

With the parts pertaining to anal sex edited out - the movie may indeed be one of the best pictures yet; -
- But I doubt that the video release will have the

'0mit butt-fuck scenes' -option.

The passion & love displayed in Brokeback is no strange thing to & the many men who discover they are g0y-minded. One of the observations made was that Brokeback in many ways echoed the kind of relationships that are very common among g0ys; - EXCEPT for the fact that g0ys completely reject the notion that AnalSex has anything to do with such relationships. While reading the critiques of the gAy community, -you'd think that they'd discovered something revolutionary in the Brokeback story. G0YS suggest that it's the "AnalMindset" that keeps the gAy-male community from widely experiencing the intimacy of Brokeback. It's a shame that Brokeback relied on this dirty stereotype of M2M - rather than the FACT that most men who love men would NEVER consider for a moment mixing the intimacy of nakedness & compassion -with the degrading act of the Butt--Fuck. The two are generally incompatible & the latter shunned by the majority of men.

You cannot mix the moral turpitude of AssSex with love & have the love remain untainted. Add a drop of sewage to a barrel of fine wine & you end up with sewage. Brokeback subtly showcases a LIE & then garners sympathy for it.  It is a tragedy - in more ways than usually considered. And yes, g0ys know that the original story was of asssex-design. However, the female author (hint, hint) was probably a victim of the prejudices (And it IS a PREJUDICE to imply that men who love men all ASS--FUCK) of her day when she wrote it. The studio could have taken some time & simply omitted those scenes, & quietly done away with the offensive arse--sex stereotype! omitted, -the movie would have been a much larger success than it was - because the actual audience of men who have been intimate with other men (or would like to be) approaches 70% of the male population! However, fewer than 10% of them want anything to do with the filthy, effeminizing act of AnalSex!  To such as those: A handsome guy doing the buttnasty has all the appeal of a cute puppy - freshly dipped in bloody diarrhea! ...I'm NOT pett'n that!

"The easiest way to destroy a society is to attach positive imagery to destructive behavior." - Gimmel Yod

Considering acting & "P0RN"?

Although not statistically a relevant topic, -I decided to include a brief essay here for the sake of those persons who are considering "baring it all" on camera. Let me start be saying that I'm not a prude in the least. Furthermore, I think the greatest pieces of art often include nudity.  Having said that, -I wanted to add that there is a fine line between nudity as art vs. nudity as exploitation. Before you let anyone talk you into doing the butt-nasty (or violating any of your principles) - consider for a moment that this website has a large number of members who all admit to loving the male physique -while simultaneously finding certain acts (such as ) disrespectful, dirty & UNmasculine.  If we wouldn't "go-there", then why would you!? If the simple answer is "money", then what does that attitude say about you as a person in general? If there are things that you refuse to do - regardless of "payment", -then that means that there are parts to you as a person that are PRICELESS.  Got self-esteem? You need to believe that the reward will come for doing what's right.  It may not be today -- but it will be some day.  I constantly audition visual material & am disheartened to see awesome looking guys with potentially awesome futures - decide to sell out for a few buck$.  Smooth-talking 'photographers" often try to slide "anal" casually into a conversation as if discussing items on a menu. It's a lie. The menu has poison on it. Don't fall for it. The photographer who suggests doing "anal" shots -- is a dirty, perverted phuck who doesn't care a rat's-arse about you.  His mission in life is to destroy your's. See him with the contempt he deserves.  And remember who it is writing this: A Kinsey-6 guy who loves guys & has NEVER ass--fucked ! NEVER! Many of my buddies are amBIsexual - some married; -& when we meet up neither of us feels guilt about the past because our intense friendships have always been masculine & honorable, solid; --& neither has ever played the role of a female proxy. Neither has ever been a "man-khunt". It matters. I've even photographed some of my buddies in various states of "disrobed" - even nude. Yet these same images are so tastefully done that one friend had duplicates made for his wife! What kind of friends do you want? What kind of business arrangements are you willing to compromise? My advice is simple: Your ethics are the most valuable things you have. Don't sell out.  Don't let some silver-tongue'd schmuck schmooze you out of them for a few buck$.  Don't be anyone's B!tch-4-Pay! 

There is a Latin expression: "0mnia Vincit Amor". Translated it says: "Love Conquers All".  Ergo: Let your art be Love-Based; Not DeBased. 
No need to be a prude; --It's OK to do nude. But I will forewarn: Say "N0!" to porn!
How to tell them apart: "Porn requires no heart."