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"Do not move the ancient boundary which the patriarchs placed." - Pr 22:28

From the defense to the offense!

Defend yourself with the truth and you'll suddenly become an offense to evil! Understand what the ancient texts actually say, & why the "holier thans" pointing fingers at all same-gender relationships are guilty of the very thing they accuse others of! Furthermore - according to the Scriptures, to falsely accuse someone of violating a commandment is as serious a sin as the penalty of the sin the accuser falsely accuses of. False accusation of a sin that carries a death penalty carries the same penalty for the false accuser! Yeah - many people (g0ys) have been falsely accused of sin by people to whom the Torah would sentence to death - for the sin of false accusation! I would assert: That a person who has tolerated such vile lies hurdled at them -yet has not killed their false-accuser/s has shown some impressive forbearance - (because Moses' Law teaches that they're within their rights to do so  rather than tolerate being treated like one who commits capital crimes)! Got your attention yet? My point is obvious: The Scriptures make it clear that LIARS who FALSELY accuse others - are EVIL and are to be dealt with according to the same measure that they use! Are your church-elders (even pastor/priest) hypocritically headed to the hell they preach against? Probably! If so: Excommunicate them from your life!

NOTE: G0YS' apologetics does not attempt to justify nor defend the bankrupt theology of the likes of the MCC church!  As mentioned elsewhere, - the morally-vacant theology of the MCC type churches attempts to water down the scripture or use "excuses" to justify why they treat the principles of the Torah as "obsolete".  Their failure to identify the specifics of WHAT the Torah forbade (& WHY) -- makes the remainder of their apologetics non-sensical, self-serving & heretically destructive.  Do not confuse or confound the theological position of the G0YS men's movement with that of milque-toast MCC-'esque anti-scriptural rants!
As one reader wrote
"I read through the theological rebuttal on the site, I was dumbfounded and then elated. The theological ruminations of the main apologists for the Gay Christian movement are so hollow, that I could never accept them as the basis for my Christian walk. But the explanations on the G0ys site actually open up Scripture and tear away the centuries of cultural Christianity that has nothing to do with what God is actually saying."

When the term "GAY" was coined, --it originally meant "Same Gender Attracted".  G0YS have no problem with THAT simple definition. However, -as time passed, the term "GAY" became connected with cross-gender behaviors (which is why "intersexed" & "transgender" ride in the gay-pride passenger seats) & soon after - perilous acts such as AnalSex. In many places, the term "GAY-SEX" has come to equate "ANAL-SEX". G0YS completely reject that notion and find the ASSociation repugnant to our innate morals.  Please keep those distinctions in mind whenever you read a G0Y commentary critical of "The GAYS".  It is  not the original use of the term, -but what it has morphed into, -that g0ys find reprehensible (& "reprehensible" is perhaps, -too soft of a descriptor).

RIP "Raster"
(Not his actual name)

When I was 19, I received news that one of my life-long friends had put a gun to his head during the college break. He left a note that raised more questions than it answered regarding "Why". WHY would a 19 year old guy who was popular in school, intelligent, athletic & pulling nearly a 4.0 average in a pre-med major end himself? It took several decades for me to put together the "WHY" based on memories that had seemed insignificant at one time but amassed more weight as I became more informed over several decades. Despite all of the positive traits,   Raster didn't date. He also came from a fundamentalist "Christian" home & attended a church as a child that was very anti-"gay". The memories that I carried that eventually came to prominence in my mind were several adult jokes Raster had told to a group of us (including the teacher - who seemed unamused) in 8th grade. It was years later that I realized that these were the type of jokes a person would likely get from an adult "gay" publication (jokes often used by men to help subtly detect other men who liked men). And when I finally figured out  that Raster had been reading "gay" porn in Jr. high & had remembered the jokes - then I applied Occam's razor and the big picture became self evident to me quickly.  Raster was likely a completely closeted guy who had, upon entering college, - no personal life & used his intense pursuit of "education" as a cover story as to why he didn't date. Intelligent, friendly, & popular it seemed he had everything to live for (except for the fact that a completely vacuous hole in his personal life was a negative force that outweighed everything else positive). I believe that   Raster drank the proverbial kool-aid of the prejudices of his day against same-sex attracted people. I also suspect that such prejudices were strongly reinforced within Raster's home because I know for a fact that others were. You see, in 4th grade,   Raster had called me a "Jew" - meant as some sort of character sleight. The comment didn't have the impact he had intended because I didn't mind the label. However - it does beg the question: "Where does a 4th grader get the notion that the term 'Jew' is an insult?". It comes from bigots in the close family. Apparently those same bigots didn't take seriously the promise God made to Abraham: "I'll bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you."! Raster was a great guy who was under tremendous academic pressure & (I now suspect) happened to secretly love guys in a time frame and location where that fact was simply intolerable, & regardless of everything he had to his credit in the open; - that secret he kept represented a negative that, in his own eyes, destroyed his value as a person. And it doesn't matter what a person's status, grades, sports accomplishments or acquired  possessions are - if the future appears to be one of loneliness, rejection & no love.  And so, believing a lie (one still told today - & the hallmark of a false religion) created such a grievance in the spirit of a beautiful guy - that in his mind - living life wasn't worth it anymore. So to his bigoted family & his lax, lazy, lying religion - I have but one quotation to share to them and ALL like them - from Yeshua (Jesus) himself: "Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to stumble, it would be better for him that a huge millstone should be hung around his neck, and he should be thrown into the sea's depth! -- See that you don’t despise one of these little ones, for I tell you that in heaven, their angels are very familiar with my Father's face!" - Yeshua Ha'Machiach

"If majorities of religious people embraced the g0ys message I'd be concerned - because false religion dominates the human condition & is dependent on lies to maintain oppression & control over people!" -G0Y Veh!
"Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?"